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Title Author Editions
Heat pumps R. D. Heap 2
An introduction to heat pumps John A. Sumner 2
Heat pumps for the home John Cantor 2
Coabsorbent and thermal recovery compression heat pumping technologies Mihail-Dan Staicovici 2
Heat pumps D. A. Reay 2
Industrial heat pump-assisted wood drying Vasile Minea 1
Heat pumps for sustainable heating and cooling Y. H. V. Lun 1
Heat pumps in chemical process industry Anton Alexandru Kiss 1
Heat pumps in industry F. Moser 1
Absorption chillers and heat pumps K. E. Herold 1
Installing heat pumps Jack Johnson 1
Heat pumps and houses Murray Armor 1
Renewable energy sources : how they work and what they deliver John Holden 1
Residential heat pumps : installation and trouble-shooting S. E. Sutphin 1
Vapor compression heat pumps with refrigerant mixes Reinhard Radermacher 1
Vapor compression heat pumps with refrigerant mixtures Reinhard Radermacher 1
Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps G. F. Hundy 1
Heat pumps Kazimierz Brodowicz 1
Heat pumps : fundamentals and applications Walter Grassi 1
Advances in Heat Pump-Assisted Drying Technology Vasile Minea 1
Heat pumps J. T. McMullan 1
Heat pumps Eugene Silberstein 1
Heat pump technology : systems design, installation, and troubleshooting Billy C. Langley 1
Heat pump technology Hans Ludwig von Cube 1
Heat pump systems Harry J. Sauer 1
Heat pump dryers : theory, design and industrial applications Odilio Alves-Filho 1
Domestic heat pumps : performance and economics P. Grigg 1
Domestic heat pumps John A. Sumner 1
CO2 heat pump : fundamentals and applications Xinrong Zhang 1
Air conditioning, refrigeration & heat pump technology : reference manual Mike Creamer 1
Water (R718) turbo compressor and ejector refrigeration/heat pump technology Milan N. Šarevski 1

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