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Environmental science and technology : concepts and applications Frank R. Spellman 2
The conundrum : how trying to save the planet is making our climate problems worse David Owen 2
A renewable world : energy, ecology, equality : a report for the World Future Council Herbert Girardet 2
Greening through IT : information technology for environmental sustainability Bill Tomlinson 2
Challenges and solutions for climate change Wytze van der Gaast 2
Intelligent transportation systems : smart and green infrastructure design Sumit Ghosh 2
Roadmap to greener computing Raoul-Abelin Choumin Nguemaleu 1
Rethinking climate change research : clean-technology, culture and communication Pernille Almlund 1
Reconstructing Earth : technology and environment in the age of humans Braden R. Allenby 1
Racing green : how motorsport science can save the world Kit Chapman 1
Nurturing UK cleantech enterprise : four steps to improve low carbon innovation Matthew Spencer 1
Nuclear 2.0 : why a green future needs nuclear power Mark Lynas 1
Novel biomaterials : decontamination of toxic metals from wastewater Shalini Srivastava 1
50 green projects for the evil genius Jamil Shariff 1
Microwave-enhanced polymer chemistry and technology Dariusz Bogdal 1
Smart homes and communities : fostering sustainable architecture Avi Friedman 1
Making healthcare green : the role of Cloud, green IT, and data science to reduce healthcare costs and combat climate change Nina S. Godbole 1
Interactive media for sustainability Roy Bendor 1
Identification of cleaner production improvement opportunities Kenneth L. Mulholland 1
Hot, flat, and crowded : why the world needs a green revolution ― and how we can renew our global future Thomas L. Friedman 1
Heterojunction photocatalytic materials : advances and applications in energy and the environment Kandasamy Jothivenkatachalam 1
Hands on energy, infrastructure and recycling : practical innovations for a sustainable world Emma Judge 1
Handbook of pollution prevention and cleaner production : best practices in the agrochemical industry Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff 1
Managed trade, trade liberalization and local pollution Alberto Gallegos 1
Supercritical water : a green solvent, properties and uses Y. Marcus 1
Sustainability : building eco-friendly communities Anne E. Maczulak 1
The greening of IT : how companies can make a difference for the environment John P. Lamb 1
Wheel of fortune : solar electric world Wolf Brinsbury 1
What we need to do now : towards a green new deal Chris Goodall 1
What we need to do now : for a zero carbon society Chris Goodall 1
Waste minimisation and cleaner technology : an assessment of motivation Neil Johnston 1
Toward more sustainable infrastructure : project evaluation for planners and engineers Carl D. Martland 1
The shape of green : aesthetics, ecology, and design Lance Hosey 1
The greening of petroleum operations Rafiqul Islam 1
The green economy and the water-energy-food nexus Robert C. Brears 1
Sustainable carbon materials from hydrothermal processes Maria-Magdalena Titirici 1
The end of the upgrade? : how O2 is adapting to a more circular mobile market Emily Coats 1
The cosmic microbe : towards a becoming life on planet Earth Heather Couzyn 1
The clean tech revolution : the next big growth and investment opportunity Ron Pernick 1
The clean tech revolution : discover the top technologies & companies to watch Ron Pernick 1
Sustainable transportation : problems and solutions William R. Black 1
Sustainable refurbishment Sunil Shah 1
Sustainable energy technologies for seawater desalination Marc Rosen 1
Grüne Markenführung : Erfolgsfaktoren und Instrumente nachhaltiger Brands Oliver Errichiello 1
Green technology and design for the environment : solutions manual Samir B. Billatos 1
Greening existing buildings Jerry Yudelson 1
Green technology and design for the environment Samir B. Billatos 1
Energy efficient distributed computing systems Albert Y. Zomaya 1
Energy and fuel systems integration Yatish T. Shah 1
Emerging green technologies Matthew N. O. Sadiku 1
Ecomodernism : technology, politics and the climate crisis Jonathan Symons 1
Current concerns in environmental engineering S. A. Abbasi 1
Climate change and clean energy management : challenges and growth strategies Henry K. H. Wang 1
Cleaning up the environment : hazardous waste technology Anne E. Maczulak 1
Cleaner technologies : environmental management accounting, investment appraisal and financing Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis 1
Clean tech nation : how the U.S. can lead in the new global economy Ron Pernick 1
Clean electricity through advanced coal technologies Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff 1
Chemistry of high-energy materials Thomas M. Klapötke 1
Biomimetics : bioinspired hierarchical-structured surfaces for green science and technology Bharat Bhushan 1
Biodiesel Production with Green Technologies Aminul Islam 1
Best practices in the petroleum industry Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff 1
An Introduction to Green Nanotechnology Mahmoud Nasrollahzadeh 1
Advanced energy saving and its applications in industry Kazuo Matsuda 1
Adsorption of reactive red 158 dye by chemically treated cocos nucifera L. shell powder Dickcha Beekaroo 1
Environmental hydrology and hydraulics : eco-technological practices for sustainable development S. N. Ghosh 1
Environmental innovation in China Xielin Liu 1
Environmental policy and technical change : a comparison of the technological impact of policy instruments René Kemp 1
Green energy : fundamentals, concepts, and applications Suman Lata Tripathi 1
Green technologies for the removal of emerging pollutants from water and wastewater Giusy Lofrano 1
Green tech : how to plan and implement sustainable IT solutions Larry Webber 1
Green nanotechnology Oleg Figovsky 1
Green investing : a guide to making money through environment-friendly stocks Jack Uldrich 1
Green innovations and organisational change : making better use of environmental technology Hanna Hottenrott 1
Green information technology : a sustainable approach M. Dastbaz 1
Green extraction in separation technology Ali Haghighi Asl 1
Green chemistry : an introductory text M. Lancaster 1
Environmental success stories : solving major ecological problems and confronting climate change Frank M. Dunnivant 1
Green building A to Z : understanding the language of green building Jerry Yudelson 1
Green approaches to asymmetric catalytic synthesis Angela Patti 1
Green IT : reduce your information system's environmental impact while adding to the bottom line Toby J. Velte 1
Green IT Rex Maus 1
Green Computing : Tools and Techniques for Saving Energy Bud E. Smith 1
Global crisis and sustainability technologies Kenji Uchino 1
Foundations of green IT : consolidation, virtualization, efficiency, and ROI in the data center Marty Poniatowski 1
Who owns our low carbon future? : intellectual property and energy technologies Bernice Lee 1


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