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France is a book subject adressed in 6,505 books and 8,206 editions by 4,844 authors

  • Books: 6,505
  • Editions: 8,206
  • Authors: 4,844
  • Period: -


There are 6,505 books and 8,206 editions on France between 1913 and 2023

Top Authors

The main authors on France by number of books and editions:


There are the 6,505 books on the France subject with a total 8,206 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
A tale of two cities Charles Dickens 37
The three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas 28
The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas 17
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert 15
Les misérables Victor Hugo 15
The Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 11
Suite Française Irène Némirovsky 8
The man in the iron mask Alexandre Dumas 8
Labyrinth Kate Mosse 8
Travels through France and Italy T. Smollett 8
Reflections on the Revolution in France : and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event : in a letter intended to have been sent to a gentleman in Paris Edmund Burke 8
France Celia Tidmarsh 7
Manon Lescaut Prévost 6
France Teresa Fisher 6
Perfume : the story of a murderer Patrick Süskind 6
To lose a battle : France 1940 Alistair Horne 6
Rights of man Thomas Paine 6
The lady and the unicorn Tracy Chevalier 5
The winter ghosts Kate Mosse 5
Marie Antoinette : the journey Antonia Fraser 5
The French Polity William Safran 5
The discovery of France Graham Robb 5
Eugenie Grandet Honoré de Balzac 5
Peaches for Monsieur le Curé Joanne Harris 5
Swann's Way Marcel Proust 5
Talleyrand Duff Cooper 5
1356 Bernard Cornwell 5
Blue of noon Georges Bataille 4
Venus of empire : the life of Pauline Bonaparte Flora Fraser 4
France since 1945 Robert Gildea 4
Living & working in France : a survival handbook David Hampshire 4
A distant mirror : the calamitous 14th century Barbara W. Tuchman 4
France since 1870 : culture, politics and society Charles Sowerwine 4
An act of treachery Ann Widdecombe 4
The Girl Who Fell From The Sky Simon Mawer 4
A short history of the French Revolution Jeremy D. Popkin 4
Karen Brown's France : charming inns & itineraries Karen Brown 4
Robespierre John Hardman 4
Merivel : a man of his time Rose Tremain 4
Obedience Jacqueline Yallop 4
Citadel Kate Mosse 4
Live & work in France Victoria Pybus 4
Submission Michel Houellebecq 4
Joan of Arc : a military leader Kelly DeVries 4
The triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 4
Rosie's war : an Englishwoman's escape from occupied France Rosemary Say 4
The Great cat massacre : and other episodes in French cultural history Robert Darnton 4
A history of modern France Jeremy D. Popkin 4
The merde factor Stephen Clarke 4
A traveller's wine guide to France Christopher Fielden 4
Paradise red K. M. Grant 4
Holy fools Joanne Harris 4
The Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre : the mysteries of a crime of state (24 August 1572) Arlette Jouanna 4
Waiting for Anya Michael Morpurgo 4
Cat Freya North 4
A motor-flight through France Edith Wharton 4
The fall of the French monarchy : Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the Baron de Breteuil Munro Price 4
Capetian France 987-1328 Elizabeth M. Hallam 4
France Anita Ganeri 4
The blessing Nancy Mitford 4
Twenty years after Alexandre Dumas 4
Sodom and Gomorrah Marcel Proust 4
Through the French canals David Jefferson 4
Through the French canals Philip Bristow 4
Narrow dog to Carcassonne Terry Darlington 4
Résistance : memoirs of occupied France Agnès Humbert 4
Travellers' France : a guide to six major routes through France Arthur Eperon 4
The French Theodore Zeldin 4
In France Pat McLagan 4
France J. A. Hunt 4
In search of lost time Marcel Proust 4
France in revolution Dylan Rees 3
The wave theory of angels Alison MacLeod 3
Transnational France : the modern history of a universal nation Tyler Stovall 3
The English Republican tradition and eighteenth-century France : between the ancients and the moderns Rachel Hammersley 3
Bonjour Tristesse ; and, A certain smile Françoise Sagan 3
Panther soup : a European journey in war and peace John Gimlette 3
Art in the service of colonialism : French art education in Morocco, 1912-1956 Hamid Irbouh 3
German history 1789-1871 : from the Holy Roman Empire to the Bismarckian Reich Eric Dorn Brose 3
Napoleon's master : a life of Prince Talleyrand David Lawday 3
Quentin Durward Walter Scott 3
Painted in blood Pip Vaughan-Hughes 3
Sentimental education Gustave Flaubert 3
Josephine : the rose of Martinique Andrea Stuart 3
Rick Steves best of France Rick Steves 3
France, 1814-1940 J. P. T. Bury 3
Eleanor of Aquitaine : by the wrath of God, Queen of England Alison Weir 3
France in modern times : from the Enlightenment to the present Gordon Wright 3
The White Cities : reports from France 1925-39 Joseph Roth 3
The Guermantes way Marcel Proust 3
Marie Antoinette : the last queen of France Évelyne Lever 3
The political theory of Christine de Pizan Kate Langdon Forhan 3
Conflict, commerce and Franco-Scottish relations, 1560-1713 Siobhan Talbott 3
Lost illusions Honoré de Balzac 3
The power of the centre : central governments and the macro-implementation of EU public policy Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos 3
In defence of the terror : liberty or death in the French Revolution Sophie Wahnich 3
Au contraire! : figuring out the French Gilles Asselin 3
Season of light Katharine McMahon 3
Toute allure : falling in love in rural France Karen Wheeler 3
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