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Title Author Editions
Introduction to forensic and criminal psychology Dennis Howitt 7
Introduction to forensic psychology : research and application Curt R. Bartol 5
Wrightsman's psychology and the legal system Edie Greene 3
Forensic psychology Adrian J. Scott 3
Psychology and law : a critical introduction Andreas Kapardis 3
Introduction to forensic psychology : clinical and social psychological perspectives Lenore E. Walker 3
Essentials of forensic psychological assessment Marc J. Ackerman 2
Forensic psychology : routes through the system James McGuire 2
Psychology in family and child law C. L. Van Rooyen 2
Sexual murder : catathymic and compulsive homicides Louis B. Schlesinger 2
Forensic investigation of sex crimes and sexual offenders L. Christine Rush Burkey 2
Supervision for forensic practitioners Jason Davies 2
Forensic psychology reconsidered : a critique of mental illness and the courts David Polizzi 2
Forensic psychology : fact and fiction Thomas Davis 2
Forensic psychology : research, clinical practice, and applications Matthew T. Huss 2
Physical abusers and sexual offenders : forensic and clinical strategies Scott A. Johnson 2
Introduction to forensic psychology : issues and controversies in crime and justice Bruce A. Arrigo 2
Clinician's guide to child custody evaluations Marc J. Ackerman 2
Picking up the pieces Paul Britton 2
Psychology and law : theory, research, and application Curt R. Bartol 1
Neither bad nor mad : the competing discourses of psychiatry, law and politics Deidre N. Greig 1
Psychology in the courtroom. Volume II, Psychological expertise in court Daniel A. Krauss 1
Nineteenth-century female poisoners : three English women who used arsenic to kill Victoria M. Nagy 1
PTSD and forensic psychology : applications to civil and criminal law Laurence Miller 1
Parenting evaluations for the court : care and protection matters Lois Oberlander Condie 1
Principles of forensic mental health assessment Kirk Heilbrun 1
Personality-guided forensic psychology Robert J. Craig 1
Psychology and crime Kevin Brewer 1
Psychology & the legal system Lawrence S. Wrightsman 1
Psychologie im Familienrecht : zum Nutzen oder Schaden des Kindes? Uwe Tewes 1
Psychological problems, social issues, and law Levine Murray 1
A love that kills : stories of forensic psychology and female violence Anna Motz 1
Risk assessment in forensic practice David A. Crighton 1
Psychology, law, and eyewitness testimony Peter B. Ainsworth 1
The handbook of psychology for forensic practitioners Graham J. Towl 1
Violence in animal cruelty offenders Tia Hoffer 1
Understanding sexual homicide offenders : an integrated approach Heng Choon Chan 1
Understanding sexual harassment : evidence-based forensic practice William E. Foote 1
Understanding psychopathy : the biopsychosocial perspective Nicholas D. Thomson 1
Understanding and preventing violence : the psychology of human destructiveness Leighton C. Whitaker 1
The verdict of the court : passing judgment in law and psychology Jenny McEwan 1
The psychology of serial killer investigations : the grisly business unit Robert D. Keppel 1
The psychology of eyewitness identification James M. Lampinen 1
The psychological foundations of evidence law Michael J. Saks 1
The measure of madness : inside the disturbed and disturbing criminal mind Cheryl Paradis 1
The expert expert witness : more maxims and guidelines for testifying in court Stanley L. Brodsky 1
Psychopathy as unified theory of crime Matt DeLisi 1
The dynamics of a terrorist targeting process : Anders B. Breivik and the 22 July attacks in Norway Cato Hemmingby 1
The criminal mind : a writer's guide to forensic psychology Katherine Ramsland 1
The clinician's guide to geriatric forensic evaluations Karen Reimers 1
The Psychology of Violence in Adolescent Romantic Relationships Erica Bowen 1
Testifying in court : guidelines and maxims for the expert witness Stanley L. Brodsky 1
Social control of sex offenders : a cultural history D. Richard Laws 1
Sleepwalking, criminal behavior, and reliable scientific evidence : a guide for expert witnesses Mark R. Pressman 1
Self-selection policing : theory, research and practice Jason Roach 1
Medizinische Versorgung in Justizvollzugsanstalten : die Besonderheiten anhand von Fallbeispielen nachvollziehen Georg Göttinger 1
Retrying Leopold and Loeb : a neuropsychological perspective David L. Shapiro 1
Mistaken identification : the eyewitness, psychology, and the law Brian L. Cutler 1
Jury selection Margaret Bull Kovera 1
Manhunters : criminal profilers & their search for the world's most wanted serial killers Colin Wilson 1
Dangerous lunatics : trauma, criminality, and forensic psychotherapy Brett Kahr 1
Forensic child psychology : working in the courts and clinic Matthew Fanetti 1
Forensic assessment with the Millon inventories Joseph T. McCann 1
Forensic art therapy : the art of investigating, interviewing and testifying Marcia Sue Cohen-Liebman 1
Forensic and criminal psychology Dennis Howitt 1
Experience, meaning, and identity in sexuality : a psychosocial theory of sexual stability and change James Horley 1
Evaluation for risk of violence in adults Kirk Heilbrun 1
Evaluating sexual harassment : psychological, social, and legal considerations in forensic examinations William E. Foote 1
Evaluating juvenile transfer and disposition : law, science, and practice Kirk Heilbrun 1
Deportation and the confluence of violence within forensic mental health and immigration systems Ameil J. Joseph 1
Criminal minds David Owen 1
Law, psychology, and justice : chaos theory and the new (dis)order Christopher R. Williams 1
Courtroom psychology and trial advocacy Richard Waites 1
Conducting Miranda Evaluations : Applications of Psychological Expertise and Science Within the Forensic Context Richard Rogers 1
Changing substance abuse and criminal behavior through therapeutic relationships Debra H. Benveniste 1
Behavioral forensics : using applied behavior analysis in psychological court evaluations Douglas H. Ruben 1
Bad (forensic) psychology : how psychology left science behind Robert A. Forde 1
Atlas of forensic and criminal psychology Bernat-N. Tiffon 1
Assessing risk : a relational approach Stephen Blumenthal 1
Abnormal, clinical and forensic psychology David A. Holmes 1
A treatment manual for justice involved persons with mental illness : changing lives changing outcomes Robert D. Morgan 1
Forensic psychological assessment in immigration court : a guidebook for evidence-based and ethical practice Barton F. Evans 1
Forensic psychology Joanna Pozzulo 1
Forensic psychology Laura Caulfield 1
Forensic psychology Solomon M. Fulero 1
Law, mind and brain Michael Freeman 1
Law & mental health professionals. Wyoming George L. Blau 1
Law & mental health professionals. Delaware Ann H. Britton 1
Key cases in forensic and criminological psychology R. Stephen Walsh 1
A short introduction to clinical criminology R. A. H. Washbrook 1
Investigating the truth : selected works Ray Bull 1
Introduction to forensic psychology : essentials for law enforcement Stephanie Scott-Snyder 1
Introduction to forensic psychology Curt R. Bartol 1
Getting started in forensic psychology practice : how to create a forensic specialty in your mental health practice Eric G. Mart 1
Forensic reports and testimony : a guide to effective communication for psychologists and psychiatrists Randy K. Otto 1
Forensic psychology of spousal violence Mauro Paulino 1
Forensic psychology for dummies David V. Canter 1
Forensic psychology for dummies David D. Canter 1
Forensic psychology and law Ronald Roesch 1
Forensic psychology : theory, research, policy and practice Jennifer Brown 1


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