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  • Book: Meat
  • Author: Elizabeth Clark
  • Bnb Id: GB8912931
  • Publication Date: 1989
  • Books on this subject: 423
  • Editions on this subject: 494
  • Authors on this subject: 365
  • Books in this series: 27
  • Authors in this series: 9


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The main authors on Food by number of books and editions:


There are the 423 books on the Food subject with a total 494 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Food fundamentals Margaret McWilliams 6
Introductory foods Marion Bennion 4
Is there a nutmeg in the house? Elizabeth David 4
Nutrition : concepts and controversies Frances Sizer Webb 3
Second book of food and nutrition Wendy Matthews 3
Food around the world : a cultural perspective Margaret McWilliams 3
Understanding food : principles and preparation Amy C. Brown 3
Out to lunch Paul Levy 3
Food and nutrition Anita Tull 3
An omelette and a glass of wine Elizabeth David 3
The value of food Patty Fisher 2
Food, consumers, and the food industry : catastrophe or opportunity? Gordon W. Fuller 2
Nutrition : concepts and controversies Frances Sienkiewicz Sizer 2
Food portion sizes Helen Crawley 2
Dancing on my table : perspectives on life and food Julie Biuso 2
The science of food and cooking ... Allan G. Cameron 2
Food in society : economy, culture, geography P. J. Atkins 2
The science of food and cooking Allan Gillies Cameron 2
The virtues of the table : how to eat and think Julian Baggini 2
I eat, therefore I think : food and philosophy Raymond D. Boisvert 2
The year of eating dangerously Tom Parker Bowles 2
Eat me : love, sex and the art of eating Alexandra Antonioni 2
Nutrition for dummies Carol Ann Rinzler 2
The perfect egg : and other secrets Aldo Buzzi 2
The new food lover's companion Sharon Tyler Herbst 2
Foundations of food preparation Gladys Citek Peckham 2
Elementary science of food E. M. Hildreth 2
Food Susan Powter 2
The man who ate everything : and other gastronomic feats, disputes and pleasurable pursuits Jeffrey Steingarten 2
The how and why of cookery Nancy May Haselgrove 2
Our troubles with food : fears, fads and fallacies Stephen Halliday 2
Pleasures of slow food : artisan traditions and recipes Corby Kummer 2
Food, economics, and health Alok Bhargava 2
Something to chew on : challenging controversies in food and health Michael J. Gibney 2
Hard to swallow : a brief history of food Richard Lacey 2
Food in France G. F. Carré 2
Meal management Faye Kinder 2
Table talk : sweet and sour, salt and bitter A. A. Gill 2
A greedy man in a hungry world : why almost everything you thought you knew about food is wrong Jay Rayner 2
A kipper with my tea Alan Davidson 2
A little dinner before the play Agnes Jekyll 2
Superfood pocketbook : 100 top foods for health Michael Van Straten 2
A pike in the basement : tales of a hungry traveller Simon Loftus 2
Krause's food, nutrition, & diet therapy L. Kathleen Mahan 2
Where shall we go for dinner? : a food romance Tamasin Day-Lewis 2
Food emulsions : principles, practices, and techniques David Julian McClements 2
An alphabet for gourmets M. F. K. Fisher 2
Bitter harvest : a chef's perspective on the hidden danger in the foods we eat and what you can do about it Ann Cooper 2
Spoon-fed : why almost everything we've been told about food is wrong T. D. Spector 2
What to eat? : 10 chewy questions about food Hattie Ellis 2
Food commodities Bernard Davis 2
Tasting tourism : travelling for food and drink Priscilla Boniface 2
Below the belt Clement Freud 2
Biochemistry of foods N. A. M. Eskin 2
Beryl Beryl Reid 2
Hugh fearlessly eats it all : dispatches from the gastronomic frontline Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 2
So what can I eat?! : how to make sense of the new dietary guidelines for Americans and make them your own Elisa Zied 1
Soils, land, and life S. W. Buol 1
Survival for everyone. Domestic James Mandeville 1
Preserving winemaking ingredients : how to 'put down' your flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables by drying, deep-freezing, bottling or chemical preservation, and how to make a whole range of unusual syrups, jams and jellies T. Edwin Belt 1
Principles of enzymology for the food sciences John R. Whitaker 1
Psyche delicacies Christopher Kilham 1
Superfoods index : top 50 foods to boost health and vitality Seana Smith 1
Sophie Grigson's ingredients book Sophie Grigson 1
Quantity food purchasing Lendal H. Kotschevar 1
Real flavours : the handbook of gourmet and deli ingredients Glynn Christian 1
Red Giuliana Cagna 1
Rethinking the approach to groundwater and food security Marcus Moench 1
Space, retail, magic : a critical view on supermarket development Eva Merz 1
Spice chronicles : exotic tales of a hungry traveller Harry Rolnick 1
Skills in home economics : food Jenny Ridgwell 1
River Cottage A to Z : Our Favourite Ingredients, & How to Cook Them Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 1
Rogues, writers & whores : dining with the rich & infamous Daniel Rogov 1
Sacred food : cooking for spiritual nourishment Elisabeth Luard 1
Sainsbury's book of food Frances Bissell 1
Shopping for health Janette Marshall 1
Shifting food facts : dietary discourse in a post-truth culture Alissa Overend 1
Shelf Life Assessment of Food Maria Cristina Nicoli 1
Seasonal food : a guide to what's in season, when and why Paul Waddington 1
Sense about food : facts and fancies Catherine Mary Lomasney 1
Self-sufficiency : the science and art of producing and preserving your own food John Seymour 1
Self-catering in Spain, the Balearics and the Canary Islands : making the most of local food and drink Carole Stewart 1
Self-catering in Portugal : making the most of local food and drink Carol Wright 1
Practical professional gastronomy H. L. Cracknell 1
OCR home economics for AS : food, nutrition and health today Alexis Rickus 1
Poison on a plate : the dangers in the food we eat - and how to avoid them Richard Lacey 1
Physical properties of plant and animal materials. V. 1, Physical characteristics and mechanical properties Nuri N. Mohsenin 1
Mr Greedy's guide to food Adam Hargreaves 1
Mourjou : the life and food of an Auvergne village Peter John Graham 1
Mourjou : the life and food of an Auvergne village Peter Graham 1
Month by month in your kitchen Daphne MacCarthy 1
Miniature food masterclass : materials and techniques for model-makers Angie Scarr 1
Mind & bowl : a guide to mindful eating & cooking Joey Hulin 1
Men on the menu Bambi Smyth 1
Mealtime memories Janet Barrass 1
Mastering catering science S. R. Dudley 1
Managing corporate reputation in the food and drink industries Lee Coppack 1
Man and food Magnus Pyke 1
Love and hunger : [thoughts on the gift of food] Charlotte Wood 1
Longman illustrated dictionary of food science N. D. Light 1


The 9 authors in this series in our database:


The 27 books in this series in our database:

Here are 11 of them:

Title Year
Meat 1989
Fish 1989
Rice 1989
Sugar 1989
Poultry 1997
Vegetables 1997
Potatoes 1996
Pasta 1996
Milk 1996
Apples 2001
Potatoes 2001
Honey 2001
Rice 2001
Pasta 2001
Eggs 2001
Milk 2001
Bread 2001
Milk 2001
Milk 2002
Peas 2003
Oranges 2003
Carrots 2003
Bananas 2003
The gingerbread micro man 2014
The birthday cake 2014
Stop pot, stop! 2014
Yum! 2014

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