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Fiction in English

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Fiction in English is a book subject



There are 20,820 books and 24,569 editions on Fiction in English between 1965 and 2017

Top Authors

The main authors on Fiction in English by number of books and editions:


There are the 20,820 books on the Fiction in English subject with a total 24,569 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Treasure island Robert Louis Stevenson 9
Black Beauty Anna Sewell 6
Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson 6
The Duchess of Duke Street Mollie Hardwick 6
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë 6
Dracula Bram Stoker 5
Heritage of folly Catherine Marchant 5
Carnacki the ghost-finder William Hope Hodgson 5
Kate Hannigan Catherine Cookson 5
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe 5
The property of a gentleman Catherine Gaskin 5
Love for Lydia H. E. Bates 5
The nice bloke Catherine Cookson 4
The glass key Dashiell Hammett 4
Slinky Jane Catherine Cookson 4
The eagle has landed Jack Higgins 4
HMS Ulysses Alistair MacLean 4
A tale of two cities Charles Dickens 4
Maggie Rowan Catherine Cookson 4
Dark inheritance Carola Salisbury 4
The jacaranda tree H. E. Bates 4
Pure as the lily Catherine Cookson 4
Centennial James A. Michener 4
Rebel heiress Jane Aiken Hodge 4
The riddle of the sands : a record of secret service Erskine Childers 4
My cousin Rachel Daphne Du Maurier 4
Tortilla Flat John Steinbeck 4
The witch from the sea Philippa Carr 4
The silver bears Paul Erdman 4
Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë 4
The moneychangers Arthur Hailey 4
The sea shall not have them John Harris 4
The memoirs of a survivor Doris Lessing 4
The Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien 4
The Atkinson heritage Mollie Hardwick 4
Mallion's pride Carola Salisbury 4
The mill on the Floss George Eliot 4
Golden soak Hammond Innes 4
The Maltese falcon Dashiell Hammett 4
The scarlet sword H. E. Bates 4
A raft of swords Duncan Kyle 4
Roots Alex Haley 4
The day of the triffids John Wyndham 4
The Fen Tiger Catherine Marchant 4
Nightwork Irwin Shaw 4
The lion triumphant Philippa Carr 4
Runaway bride Jane Aiken Hodge 4
House of men Catherine Marchant 4
The shiralee D'Arcy Niland 4
Rooney Catherine Cookson 4
A prayer for the ship Douglas Reeman 3
North Star Hammond Innes 3
Go in and sink! Douglas Reeman 3
Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier 3
Lion in the evening Alan Scholefield 3
Bear Island Alistair MacLean 3
Octavia Jilly Cooper 3
Game in diamonds Elizabeth Cadell 3
Thomas and Sarah Mollie Hardwick 3
Gadget Nicolas Freeling 3
North Cape Joe Poyer 3
Copsi Castle Norah Lofts 3
The demon Hubert Selby 3
Crown of aloes Norah Lofts 3
The long corridor Catherine Cookson 3
The silver nightingale Sylvia Thorpe 3
Losers weepers Nan Maynard 3
The distant summer Sarah Patterson 3
The Zambesi break Tasman Beattie 3
The Company John Ehrlichman 3
The spy who came in from the cold John Le Carré 3
Little Angie Emma Cave 3
The devil's advocate Morris West 3
Not a penny more, not a penny less Jeffrey Archer 3
Band of brothers Ernest Kellogg Gann 3
Generation of victors Burt Hirschfeld 3
A portrait of the artist as a young man James Joyce 3
The life and strange surprizing adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner ... Daniel Defoe 3
The Vivero letter Desmond Bagley 3
Cover her face P. D. James 3
Shadow of a lady Jane Aiken Hodge 3
Waxwork Peter Lovesey 3
The Cooler George Markstein 3
Shadow 81 Lucien Nahum 3
The Wallace Nigel G. Tranter 3
George's women Catherine MacArthur 3
Georgina Clare Darcy 3
The smuggler's bride Rosalind Laker 3
Red harvest Dashiell Hammett 3
Watch the wall, my darling Jane Aiken Hodge 3
Cressida Clare Darcy 3
The legend Evelyn Anthony 3
Looking for Mr Goodbar Judith Rossner 3
The smile of the stranger Joan Aiken 3
The Chinese agenda Joe Poyer 3
The devil on horseback Victoria Holt 3
The devil rides out Dennis Wheatley 3
Giant Edna Ferber 3
Now and forever Danielle Steel 3
George Appledown, the boy that fell out of bed Denstan 3
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