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Leaky bodies and boundaries : feminism, postmodernism and (bio)ethics Margrit Shildrick 2
Moral understandings : a feminist study in ethics Margaret Urban Walker 2
Conscience and calling : ethical reflections on Catholic women's church vocations Anne E. Patrick 2
Imagine there's no woman : ethics and sublimation Joan Copjec 2
The ethics of care : personal, political, and global Virginia Held 2
Care, autonomy, and justice : feminism and the ethic of care Grace Clement 2
Feminist approaches to bioethics : theoretical reflections and practical applications Rosemarie Tong 2
An invitation to feminist ethics Hilde Lindemann 2
An ethics of dissensus : postmodernity, feminism, and the politics of radical democracy Ewa Płonowska Ziarek 2
All about love : new visions bell hooks 2
Moral prejudices : essays on ethics Annette Baier 1
Moral passages : toward a collectivist moral theory Kathryn Pyne Addelson 1
Researching with care : applying feminist care ethics to research practice Tula Brannelly 1
Mutuality : a formal norm for Christian social ethics Dawn M. Nothwehr 1
Nature ethics : an ecofeminist perspective Marti Kheel 1
Moral images of freedom : a future for critical theory Drucilla Cornell 1
Passion and reason : womenviews of Christian life Grace D. Cumming Long 1
Pilgrimages = Peregrinajes : theorizing coalition against multiple oppressions Maria Lugones 1
Re-visioning gender in philosophy of religion : reason, love and epistemic locatedness Pamela Sue Anderson 1
Reproducing persons : issues in feminist bioethics Laura Martha Purdy 1
Morality and our complicated form of life : feminist Wittgensteinian metaethics Peg O'Connor 1
Technosex : precarious corporealities, mediated sexualities, and the ethics of embodied technics Meenakshi Gigi Durham 1
Rethinking feminist ethics : care, trust and empathy Daryl Koehn 1
Self-transformations : Foucault, ethics, and normalized bodies Cressida J. Heyes 1
Subjection & subjectivity : psychoanalytic feminism & moral philosophy Diana T. Meyers 1
Maternal ethics and other slave moralities Cynthia Willett 1
The Antigone complex : ethics and the invention of feminine desire Cecilia Sjöholm 1
The bodies of women : ethics, embodiment, and sexual difference Rosalyn Diprose 1
The ethics of care : a feminist approach to human security Fiona Robinson 1
The ethics of care and empathy Michael Slote 1
The ethics of gender Susan Frank Parsons 1
The maternal factor : two paths to morality Nel Noddings 1
The rejected body : feminist philosophical reflections on disability Susan Wendell 1
The values of belonging : rediscovering balance, mutuality, intuition, and wholeness in a competitive world Carol Flinders 1
Theories of Justice : a Dialogue with Karol Wojtyla and Karl Barth Stephanie Mar Brettmann 1
Three challenges to ethics : environmentalism, feminism, and multiculturalism James P. Sterba 1
Moral dilemmas of feminism : prostitution, adultery, and abortion Laurie Shrage 1
A feminist perspective on virtue ethics Sandrine Berges 1
Martin Buber & feminist ethics : the priority of the personal James W. Walters 1
Live sex acts : women performing erotic labor Wendy Chapkis 1
All about love bell hooks 1
An ethics of sexual difference Luce Irigaray 1
Bodies in revolt : gender, disability, and a workplace ethic of care Ruth O'Brien 1
Burdened virtues : virtue ethics for liberatory struggles Lisa Tessman 1
Caring : a feminine approach to ethics & moral education Nel Noddings 1
Caring : gender-sensitive ethics Peta Bowden 1
Caring to know : comparative care ethics, feminist epistemology, and the Mahābhārata Vrinda Dalmiya 1
Citizenship and the ethics of care : feminist considerations on justice, morality, and politics Selma Sevenhuijsen 1
Connected lives : human nature and an ethics of care Ruth E. Groenhout 1
Decolonizing universalism : a transnational feminist ethic Serene J. Khader 1
Deleuze and Guattari's immanent ethics : theory, subjectivity, and duration Tamsin E. Lorraine 1
Embodied care : Jane Addams, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and feminist ethics Maurice Hamington 1
Essays on ethics and feminism Sabina Lovibond 1
Expanding responsibility for the just war : a feminist critique Rosemary Kellison 1
Feminism and Christian ethics Susan Frank Parsons 1
Feminist analyses of applied ethics Jane Duran 1
Feminist perspectives on ethics Elisabeth J. Porter 1
Financial management and corporate governance from the feminist ethics of care perspective Desi Adhariani 1
Foucault's futures : a critique of reproductive reason Penelope Deutscher 1
Globalizing feminist bioethics : crosscultural perspectives Rosemarie Tong 1
Immovable laws, irresistible rights : natural law, moral rights, and feminist ethics Christine Pierce 1
In search of the good life : the ethics of globalization Rebecca Todd Peters 1
Joining the resistance Carol Gilligan 1
Justice in the making : feminist social ethics Beverly Wildung Harrison 1
Leading with feminist care ethics in higher education : experiences, practices, and possibilities Christie Schultz 1
A poetics of being-two : Irigaray's ethics and post-symbolist poetry M. F. Simone Roberts 1
Liberating conscience : feminist explorations in Catholic moral theology Anne E. Patrick 1
Towards a feminist cinematic ethics : Claire Denis, Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Luc Nancy Kristin Lené Hole 1


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