Feminist criminology

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There are the 20 books on the Feminist criminology subject with a total 23 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Women police : gender, welfare and surveillance in the twentieth century Louise A. Jackson 3
Women, incarceration, and human rights violations : feminist criminology and corrections Alana Van Gundy 2
Feminism and criminology Ngaire Naffine 1
Women, crime, and criminology : a feminist critique Carol Smart 1
Women, crime and criminal justice : a global enquiry Rosemary Barberet 1
Women and crime : the essentials Stacy L. Mallicoat 1
Women and crime : a text/reader Stacy L. Mallicoat 1
Women and crime Various Authors 1
The history, evolution, and current state of female offenders : recommendations for advancing the field Alana Van Gundy 1
The assessment and treatment of women offenders : an integrative perspective Kelley Blanchette 1
Criminological theories : traditional and non-traditional voices and themes Imogene L. Moyer 1
Revisiting the Yorkshire Ripper murders : histories of gender, violence and victimhood Louise Wattis 1
Resisting carceral violence : women's imprisonment and the politics of abolition Bree Carlton 1
Male rape is a feminist issue : feminism, governmentality and male rape Claire Cohen 1
Gender, power and restorative justice : a feminist critique Jodie Hodgson 1
Gender, crime, & justice : exploring the dynamics Andrew Wilczak 1
Gender responsive justice : a critical appraisal Karen Evans 1
Feminist theory, crime, and social justice Alana Van Gundy 1
Feminism and global justice Kerry Carrington 1
Tackling rape culture : ending patriarchy Jan Jordan 1


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