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There are the 45 books on the Fatherhood-Humor subject with a total 48 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Dad rules Andrew Clover 2
A man called Daddy Hugh O'Neill 2
The new one : painfully true stories from a reluctant dad Mike Birbiglia 2
Rules for my daughter : indispensable advice from someone who's been there Walker Lamond 1
Just like dad says : a book of dad's wit Geoff Tibballs 1
Mr. Grumpy nails fatherhood Sarah Daykin 1
Muddle your way through fatherhood : how to fool people into thinking you're a competent dad Paul Merrill 1
Pat the daddy : a parody Kate Nelligan 1
Purple Ronnie's I heart dad Giles Andreae 1
Purple Ronnie's little book for the world's best dad Giles Andreae 1
Purple Ronnie's reasons why you're a super dad Giles Andreae 1
Rules for my daughter Walker Lamond 1
8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter W. Bruce Cameron 1
Rules for my son : indispensable advice from someone who's been there Walker Lamond 1
I don't care if it's a boy or a girl so long as it's deductible : and 174 other wisecracks for the oblivious dad-to-be Gene Perret 1
Tales from the dad side : misadventures in fatherhood Steve Doocy 1
The father's book Benrik 1
The guy's guide to surviving pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of fatherhood Michael R. Crider 1
To a pretty average father Stuart McLean 1
Where do daddies come from? : a pregnancy bible for men Steve Cummins 1
Wisdom for dad : advice for dad in 140 characters or less with tweets from dude to dad and others Hugh Weber 1
You know you're a dad : a book for dads who never thought they'd say binkies, blankies, or curfew Harry H. Harrison 1
It's just not father's day! : the challenges of being a dad Peter Stake 1
How to Dad How to Dad (Entertainer) 1
How to Dad. Volume 2 How to Dad (Entertainer) 1
Dad rules : notes on fatherhood, the world's best job Michael Milligan 1
Baby alarm : thoughts from a neurotic father John Crace 1
Baby alarm! : a neurotic's guide to fatherhood John Crace 1
Chips, videos and alcohol : a father's guide to survival Alan Charlton 1
Crouching father, hidden toddler : a zen guide for new dads C. W. Nevius 1
Dad disasters : when dads go bad Ian Allen 1
Dad jokes Dad Says Jokes 1
Dad jokes : the priceless edition Dad Says Jokes 1
Dad magazine Jaya Saxena 1
Dad you suck Tim Dowling 1
A father's little instruction book Jasmine Birtles 1
Dad you suck : and other things my children tell me Tim Dowling 1
Diary of a desperate dad : one man's guide to family life from 0 to 5 Sam Jackson 1
Dummy : parenting for the inept and the clueless Matt Coyne 1
Fathers' wit : funny quotes about dads Rosemarie Jarski 1
Fathers' wit : humorous quotations by (and about) him indoors Rosemarie Jarski 1
From lad to dad : how to survive as a pregnant father Stephen Giles 1
From lad to dad : the ultimate guide to pregnancy for blokes Stephen Giles 1
Home game : an accidental guide to fatherhood Michael Lewis 1
You're dad : a little book for fathers (and the people who love them) Liz Climo 1

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