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  • Book: Paul Poiret
  • Author: Alice Mackrell
  • Bnb Id: GB9009499
  • Publication Date: 1990
  • Books on this subject: 57
  • Editions on this subject: 67
  • Authors on this subject: 49
  • Books in this series: 3
  • Authors in this series: 2

Top Authors

The main authors on Fashion designers by number of books and editions:


There are the 57 books on the Fashion designers subject with a total 67 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Fashion-ology : an introduction to fashion studies Yuniya Kawamura 3
Atlas of fashion designers Laura Eceiza 3
Twentieth century fashion Linda Watson 2
Fashion in film Christopher Laverty 2
The poetry of fashion design : a celebration of the world's most interesting fashion designers Paz Diman 2
The trendmakers : behind the scenes of the global fashion industry Jenny Lantz 2
The fashion designer's sketchbook : inspiration, design development, and presentation Sharon Rothman 2
100 new fashion designers Hywel Davies 2
The complete book of shoes Marta Morales 1
The fashion design directory Marnie Fogg 1
The changing world of fashion : 1900 to the present Ernestine Carter 1
The fashion book Alice Mackrell 1
The fashion book Carmel Allen 1
Techno fashion Bradley Quinn 1
The fashion book Caroline Kinneberg 1
The fashion book Richard Harrison 1
1,000 ideas by 100 fashion designers Carolina Cerimedo 1
The great fashion designers Brenda Polan 1
The fashion design directory : an A-Z of the world's most influential designers and labels Marnie Fogg 1
Sourcebook of contemporary fashion design Marta R. Hidalgo 1
The great fashion designers : from Chanel to McQueen, the names that made fashion history Brenda Polan 1
The life of a chiffon queen Kathryn Elizabeth Wise 1
The sourcebook of contemporary fashion design Marta R. Hidalgo 1
The style mentors : women who define the art of dressing today Elyssa Dimant 1
The wedding dress : the 50 designs that changed the course of bridal fashion Eleanor Thompson 1
The world's most influential fashion designers : hidden connections and lasting legacies of fashion's iconic creators Noël Palomo-Lovinski 1
Visionaire's fashion 2000 Stephen Gan 1
Visionaire's fashion 2001 : designers of the new avant-garde Stephen Gan 1
Weardowney knit couture : 20 hand-knit designs from runway to reality Henry Conway 1
Style wise : a practical guide to becoming a fashion stylist Shannon Burns-Tran 1
Masters of fashion : the leading figures behind the dream Maria Luisa Tagariello 1
New shoes : contemporary footwear design Sue Huey 1
My mother's wedding dress : the life and afterlife of clothes Justine Picardie 1
50 fashion designers you should know Simone Werle 1
A fashion for extravagance : Art Deco fabrics and fashions Sara Bowman 1
Collins gem fashion Josh Sims 1
Contemporary lingerie design Katie Dominy 1
Couture interiors Marnie Fogg 1
Designers Maria Costantino 1
Emerging fashion designers 4 Sally Congdon-Martin 1
Emerging fashion designers 5 Sally Congdon-Martin 1
Fabrics in fashion design : the way successful fashion designers use fabrics Stefanella Sposito 1
Fashion 150 : 150 years, 150 designers Arianna Piazza 1
Fashion : the 50 most influential fashion designers in the world Bonnie English 1
Fashion : the key concepts Jennifer Craik 1
Fashion designer's resource book Samata Pattinson 1
Fashion designer's resource book : fashioning your life Samata Angel 1
Fashion designers' gardens Francis Dorléans 1
Fashion illustration by fashion designers Laird Borrelli 1
Fashion knitwear Jenny Udale 1
Fashion thinking Fiona Dieffenbacher 1
Fashion visionaries Linda Watson 1
Fashion, media, promotion : the new black magic Jayne Sheridan 1
Fifty fashion designers that changed the world Lauren Cochrane 1
Footprint : the track of shoes in fashion Geert Bruloot 1
Manolo Blahnik : drawings Manolo Blahnik 1
Young fashion designers Marta R. Hidalgo 1


The 2 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Alice Mackrell 2
Diana De Marly 1


The 3 books in this series in our database:

Here are 3 of them:

Title Year
Paul Poiret 1990
Christian Dior 1990
Coco Channel 1992

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