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  • Book: Mountain biking
  • Author: Steve Behr
  • Bnb Id: GB9772256
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Books on this subject: 56
  • Editions on this subject: 63
  • Authors on this subject: 53
  • Books in this series: 24
  • Authors in this series: 18


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There are the 56 books on the Extreme sports subject with a total 63 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Extreme sports Michael Dean 3
It takes a tribe : building the Tough Mudder movement Will Dean 2
Extreme sail Oliver Dewar 2
The underdog : finding the meaning of life in the world's most outlandish competitions Joshua Davis 2
Extreme running Kym McConnell 2
The rise of superman : decoding the science of ultimate human performance Steven Kotler 2
A rush of blood to the head : the story of a man facing the elements of nature Marc Sluszny 1
Splat! : the madness and magnificence of the world's most dangerous sports Tony Davis 1
Man of iron : a world class bodybuilder's journey to become an ironman Kris Gethin 1
Mental! : the toughest, bloodiest and hardest challenges in the world Helen Summer 1
New Jack : memoir of a pro wrestling extremist New Jack 1
Nitro Circus : legends, stories, and epic stunts Katherine Bontrager Houlehan 1
Parkour and freerunning : discover your possibilities Jan Witfeld 1
Running from shadows : my Marathon des Sables Mark Roe 1
Spartan up! : a take-no-prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance in life Joe De Sena 1
The Kiteboarding manual : the essential guide for beginners and improvers Andy Gratwick 1
Surfing and Sustainability Gregory Borne 1
Hell on two wheels : an astonishing story of suffering, triumph, and the most extreme endurance race in the world Amy Snyder 1
The adrenaline junkie bucket list : 100 extreme outdoor adventures to do before you die Christopher Van Tilburg 1
The art of adventure : outdoor sports from sea to summit Ian Shive 1
The daredevil's manual : how to parachute off a building, walk on hot coals, eat a live scorpion, swallow a sword, and dozens of other things that professional daredevils do Ben Ikenson 1
The ultimate triathlon James Ketchell 1
The world's most extreme challenges Paul Moore 1
The world's toughest races : from the most extreme to the downright weird Ali Clarke 1
Transnational mobilities in action sport cultures Holly Thorpe 1
Up for the challenge? : take on over 60 of the world's most gruelling and spectacular sports events Dominic Bliss 1
White heat : the extreme skiing life Wayne Johnson 1
White heat : the extreme skiing life Wayne Johnson 1
In the spell of the Barkley : unravelling the mystery of the world's toughest ultramarathon Michiel Panhuysen 1
From light to dark : the story of blind Dave Heeley Blind Dave 1
Guerrilla golf Alex R. Straus 1
Action Science : Relevant Teaching and Active Learning William H. Robertson 1
Action sports and the Olympic Games : past, present, future Belinda Wheaton 1
Adventure sports : 52 brilliant ideas for taking yourself to the limit Steve Shipside 1
Amped : how big air, big dollars, and a new generation took sports to the extreme David Browne 1
Being extreme Bill Gutman 1
Being extreme : thrills and dangers in the world of high-risk sports Bill Gutman 1
Beyond the horizon Richard Parks 1
Champion Light : the summer and winter games, sport event : formula electric (powered electric engine) Marek Light 1
Chasing extreme : a journey of overcoming obstacles & depression to embrace a life of extreme adventure Luke Tyburski 1
Coaching adventure sports Paul Smith 1
Crack climbing : mastering the skills & techniques Pete Whittaker 1
Defying gravity : land divers, roller coasters, gravity bums, and the human obsession with falling Garrett Soden 1
Dirty inspirations : lessons from the trenches of extreme endurance sports Terri Schneider 1
Everesting : the challenge for cyclists : conquer Everest anywhere in the world Matt de Neef 1
Extreme fear Helen Chapman 1
Extreme golf : the world's most unusual courses Duncan Lennard 1
Extreme golf : the world's most unusual, fantastic and bizarre courses Duncan Lennard 1
Extreme ironing Phil Shaw 1
Extreme landscapes of leisure : not a hap-hazardous sport Patrick Laviolette 1
Extreme like a girl : women in adventure sports Carolina Amell 1
Extreme sports Andy Croft 1
Extreme sports Lee Linford 1
Extreme sports : in search of the ultimate thrill Joe Tomlinson 1
Extreme sports : the illustrated guide to maximum adrenalin thrills Joe Tomlinson 1
Xtreme sports photography : taking pictures on the edge Simon Fraser 1

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