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  • Book: The first explorers
  • Author: John Vernon
  • Bnb Id: GB7834944
  • Publication Date: 1978
  • Books on this subject: 46
  • Editions on this subject: 48
  • Authors on this subject: 43
  • Books in this series: 32
  • Authors in this series: 14


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The main authors on Explorers by number of books and editions:


There are the 46 books on the Explorers subject with a total 48 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Beyond the edge of the sea Mauricio Obregón 2
The conquest of the ocean : the illustrated history of seafaring Brian Lavery 2
A Brief History of Circumnavigators Derek Wilson 1
The explorers : from the ancient world to the present Paulo Novaresio 1
Man the explorer G. R. Crone 1
Remembering the early modern voyage : English narratives in the age of European expansion Mary C. Fuller 1
Safe return doubtful : the heroic age of Polar exploration John Maxtone-Graham 1
Science at the extreme : scientists on the cutting edge of discovery Peter Lane Taylor 1
The Faber book of exploration : an anthology of words revealed by explorers through the ages Benedict Allen 1
The Faber book of exploration : an anthology of worlds revealed by explorers through the ages Benedict Allen 1
The Mitchell Beazley world atlas of exploration Eric Newby 1
The circumnavigators Derek Wilson 1
The first explorers Felix Barker 1
James Cook : the story behind the man who mapped the world Peter FitzSimons 1
The great age of exploration Duncan Castlereagh 1
The great explorers Piers Pennington 1
The great navigators of the eighteenth century Jules Verne 1
The guidebook experiment : discovering exploration in a hyper-connected world David Bockino 1
The search begins Felix Barker 1
The westward crossings : Balboa Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark Jeannette Mirsky 1
They did it the hard way : some great twentieth-century journeys Garry Hogg 1
Tìr air fàire Alexina Ghreumach 1
Lost explorers : adventurers who disappeared off the face of the earth Ed Wright 1
Into the abyss Benedict Allen 1
AA journeys of the great explorers Rosemary Burton 1
In The Lap Of The Widow-Maker : Extreme Events That Closed Down A Mountain Virginia Buchanan 1
Africa and its explorers : motives, methods, and impact Robert I Rotberg 1
Atlas of exploration Anita Ganeri 1
Australian navigators : picking up shells and catching butterflies in an age of revolution Robert Tiley 1
British polar explorers David Robert Worlock 1
Captain Cook Hannah Bellis 1
Expeditions unpacked : what the great explorers took into the unknown Ed Stafford 1
Exploration Rebecca Heddle 1
Exploration and discovery O. B. Gregory 1
Explorers Desmond Wilcox 1
Explorers Neil Grant 1
Explorers Richard Sale 1
Explorers S. L. Case 1
Explorers : great tales of adventure and endurance Alasdair Macleod 1
Explorers' sketchbooks : the art of discovery & adventure Huw Lewis-Jones 1
Famous discoverers and explorers of America Charles H. L. Johnston 1
Famous explorers Theodore Rowland-Entwistle 1
Historical atlas of exploration 1492-1600 Angus Konstam 1
History project : man explores John Platts 1
Ice tracks : today's heroic age of polar adventure Angie Butler 1
When the pole star shone : a history of exploration Michael Langley 1


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