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Title Author Editions
Writing essays about literature : a guide and style sheet Kelley Griffith 2
How to write successful business and management essays Patrick Tissington 2
Shaping college writing : paragraph and essay Joseph D. Gallo 1
The academic essay : how to plan, draft, write and revise Derek Soles 1
The essayistic spirit : literature, modern criticism, and the essay Claire de Obaldia 1
The familiar essay, Romantic affect and metropolitan culture : the sweet security of streets Simon P. Hull 1
The novel-essay, 1884-1947 Stefano Ercolino 1
The student's guide to passing exams Richard Burns 1
The writer's world : essays Lynne Gaetz 1
The writer's world : paragraphs and essays Lynne Gaetz 1
The writer's world : sentences and paragraphs Lynne Gaetz 1
Tracing the essay : through experience to truth G. Douglas Atkins 1
Traversing the democratic borders of the essay Cristina Kirklighter 1
Understand and criticize : studies for the general paper John Doraisamy 1
Virginia Woolf's essays : sketching the past Elena Gualtieri 1
Writing an academic essay : how to plan, draft, revise and write essays Derek Soles 1
Writing an assignment : effective ways to improve your research and presentation skills Pauline Smith 1
Suppose a sentence Brian Dillon 1
A guide to GCSE essays & comprehension Mike Omeku 1
A guide to advanced German essay-writing on topical themes : based on extracts from 'Welt am Sonntag' and 'Die Welt' James Arthur Porter 1
On freedom and the will to adorn : the art of the African American essay Cheryl A. Wall 1
How to write law essays & exams Stacie Strong 1
Fusion : integrated reading and writing. Book 2 Verne Meyer 1
Estranging the familiar : toward a revitalized critical writing G. Douglas Atkins 1
Essayismus im Romanwerk Albert Paris Güterslohs : Distanz und Integration nicht-fiktionaler Strukturen im Roman Reinhard Mayrhofer 1
Essayism : Conrad, Musil & Pirandello Thomas Harrison 1
Essayism Brian Dillon 1
Essaycraft : how to pass assignments : a guide for students in the humanities, social sciences and professional and vocational training Richard Pugh 1
Essay writing in German : a student's guide W. V. Davies 1
Elements of the essay Robert Scholes 1
Education for self-transformation : essay form as an educational practice Duck-Joo Kwak 1
College writing skills John Langan 1
A philosophy of the essay : scepticism, experience and style Erin Plunkett 1
A guide to essay writing in Russian Svetlana Le Fleming 1
On the familiar essay : challenging academic orthodoxies G. Douglas Atkins 1


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