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  • Book: Fortunes to be made
  • Author: Raymond Painter
  • Bnb Id: GB7012135
  • Publication Date: 1970
  • Books on this subject: 1,771
  • Editions on this subject: 2,119
  • Authors on this subject: 1,417


Top Authors

The main authors on Entrepreneurship by number of books and editions:


There are the 1,771 books on the Entrepreneurship subject with a total 2,119 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Entrepreneurship : successfully launching new ventures Bruce R. Barringer 13
Entrepreneurial small business Jerome A. Katz 7
Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management Norman M. Scarborough 7
Entrepreneurship Robert D. Hisrich 7
Entrepreneurship : starting and operating a small business Steve Mariotti 6
The beermat entrepreneur : turn your good idea into a great business Mike Southon 6
Entrepreneurship Peggy A. Lambing 5
Understanding enterprise : entrepreneurship & small business Simon Bridge 4
Technology ventures : from idea to enterprise Thomas Byers 4
International entrepreneurship : starting, developing, and managing a global venture Robert D. Hisrich 4
Entrepreneurial financial management : an applied approach Jeffrey R. Cornwall 4
International entrepreneurship : the effect of firm age on motives for internationalization Candida G. Brush 4
Entrepreneurial finance J. Chris Leach 4
Preparing effective business plans : an entrepreneurial approach Bruce R. Barringer 4
Better business Michael R. Solomon 4
Innovation and entrepreneurship J. R. Bessant 3
Screw it, let's do it : lessons in life Richard Branson 3
Effective small business management : an entrepreneurial approach Norman M. Scarborough 3
Effective small business management Norman M. Scarborough 3
Buying and selling a business : an entrepreneur's guide Jo Haigh 3
Technology entrepreneurship : bringing innovation to the marketplace Natasha Evers 3
Entrepreneurship William D. Bygrave 3
Business stripped bare : adventures of a global entrepreneur Richard Branson 3
Swimming against the stream : launching your business and making your life Tim Waterstone 3
Finish big : how great entrepreneurs exit their companies on top Bo Burlingham 3
How to start your own business for entrepreneurs Robert Ashton 3
How to have a happy hustle : the complete guide to making your ideas happen Bec Evans 3
How to get rich Felix Dennis 3
The entrepreneurial middle class Robert Goffee 3
How to be an overnight success Maria Hatzistefanis 3
Self made : the definitive guide to business startup success Bianca Miller-Cole 3
Start-up : a practice based guide for new venture creation Inge Hill 3
Graduate entrepreneurship : how to start your business after university Michael Tefula 3
Technology entrepreneurship : taking innovation to the marketplace Thomas N. Duening 3
Start it up : why running your own business is easier than you think Luke Johnson 3
Understanding enterprise : entrepreneurs & small business Simon Bridge 3
Brilliant checklists for entrepreneurs : your shortcut to success Robert Ashton 3
Entrepreneurship and small firms David Deakins 3
Makers : the new industrial revolution Chris Anderson 3
Entrepreneurship and the market process : an enquiry into the growth of knowledge David A. Harper 3
Like a virgin : secrets they won't teach you at business school Richard Branson 3
New venture creation : entrepreneurship for the 21st century Stephen Spinelli 3
New venture management : the entrepreneur's roadmap Donald F. Kuratko 3
Design to grow : how Coca-Cola learned to combine scale and agility (and how you can too) David Butler 3
The new alchemists Charles B. Handy 3
Peers Inc : how people and platforms are inventing the collaborative economy and reinventing capitalism Robin Chase 3
Entrepreneurship strategy : changing patterns in new venture creation, growth, and reinvention Lisa K. Gundry 3
Entrepreneurship : a new perspective Thomas Grebel 2
Entrepreneurship : venture initiation, management, and development George S. Vozikis 2
The economics of self-employment and entrepreneurship Simon C. Parker 2
Entrepreneurs : talent, temperament, technique Bill Bolton 2
The cold start problem : using network effects to scale your business Andrew Chen 2
Entrepreneurs and democracy : a political theory of corporate governance Pierre-Yves Gomez 2
The economics of business enterprise : an introduction to economic organization and the theory of the firm Martin Ricketts 2
Entrepreneurs in every generation : how successful family businesses develop their next leaders Allan R. Cohen 2
The creation and destruction of social capital : entrepreneurship, co-operative movements and institutions Gunnar Lind Haase Svendsen 2
The e-myth enterprise : how to turn a great idea into a thriving business Michael E. Gerber 2
Marketing for entrepreneurs and SMEs : a global perspective Maja Konecnik Ruzzier 2
Entrepreneurship David A. Kirby 2
The dream : how I learned the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and made millions Gurbaksh Chahal 2
Entrepreneurship : a global perspective Stephen Roper 2
The entrepreneur : an economic theory Mark Casson 2
The creator's code : the six essential skills of extraordinary entrepreneurs Amy Wilkinson 2
Entrepreneurship Rajeev Roy 2
The entrepreneur's information sourcebook : charting the path to small business success Susan C. Awe 2
The economy of you : discover your inner entrepreneur and recession-proof your life Kimberly Palmer 2
The culture of enterprise in neoliberalism : specters of entrepreneurship Tomas Marttila 2
Entrepreneurship : theory and practice Francis J. Greene 2
Entrepreneurship : the practice and mindset Heidi M. Neck 2
Entrepreneurship & small business management Steve Mariotti 2
Entrepreneurship : ideas in action Cynthia L. Greene 2
The economics of entrepreneurship Simon C. Parker 2
The creative entrepreneur : a DIY visual guidebook for making business ideas real Lisa Sonora Beam 2
Entrepreneurial marketing : the growth of small firms in the new economic era Björn Bjerke 2
Entrepreneurial marketing : sustaining growth in all organisations Ian Chaston 2
Do entrepreneurs matter? Sascha O. Becker 2
Do disrupt : change the status quo, or become it Mark Shayler 2
Do cool sh*t : quit your day job, start your own business, and live happily ever after Miki Agrawal 2
The intentional entrepreneur : bringing technology and engineering to the real new economy David L. Bodde 2
Discovery, capitalism, and distributive justice Israel M. Kirzner 2
The internationalization of small firms : a strategic entrepreneurship perspective Shameen Prashantham 2
The introvert entrepreneur Beth Buelow 2
The knack : how street-smart entrepreneurs learn to handle whatever comes up Norm Brodsky 2
The launch pad : inside Y Combinator, Silicon Valley's most exclusive school for startups Randall E. Stross 2
The lean entrepreneur : how visionaries create products, innovate with new ventures, and disrupt markets Brant Cooper 2
The millennial millionaire : how young entrepreneurs turn dreams into business Spinder Dhaliwal 2
The misfit economy : lessons in creativity from pirates, hackers, gangsters, and other informal entrepreneurs Alexa Clay 2
Design-centered entrepreneurship Min Basadur 2
The new entrepreneur's guide to setting up and running a successful business Paul Kendall 2
Customer Innovation : Customer-centric Strategy for Enduring Growth Marion Debruyne 2
Culture of innovation : an economic analysis of innovation in arts and cultural organisations Hasan Bakhshi 2
Creativity and entrepreneurial performance : a general scientific theory W. Ed McMullan 2
The pirate's dilemma : how hackers, punk capitalists, graffiti millionaires and other youth movements are remixing our culture and changing our world Matt Mason 2
The portable MBA in entrepreneurship William D. Bygrave 2
Crazy is a compliment : the power of zigging when everyone else zags Linda Rottenberg 2
Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation Paul Burns 2
Do entrepreneurs really learn? : evidence from bank data Julian S. Frankish 2
Do skills predict profits? : a study of successful entrepreneurship Lanny Herron 2
The illusions of entrepreneurship : the costly myths that entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers live by Scott Shane 2
The everything store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon Brad Stone 2



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