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  • Book: The comedy of manners
  • Author: Kenneth Muir
  • Bnb Id: GB7004810
  • Publication Date: 1970
  • Books on this subject: 297
  • Editions on this subject: 303
  • Authors on this subject: 262
  • Books in this series: 2
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Top Authors

The main authors on English literature by number of books and editions:


There are the 297 books on the English literature subject with a total 303 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
In forme of speche is chaunge : readings in the history of the English language John H. Fisher 2
A book at bathtime Frank Muir 2
About my father's business Lillian Beckwith 2
Unreceived opinions Michael Holroyd 2
Old Bosham bird watch, and other stories Lee Harwood 2
Two cheers for democracy E. M. Forster 2
Silver bells and cockle shells : an anthology for garden-lovers arranged in six parts Eva Nendick 1
Reading out of doors Edward Thomas 1
Religio medici; Hydriotaphia; and, The garden of Cyrus Thomas Browne 1
Relations Laurence Bicknell 1
Reimagining Thoreau Robert Milder 1
South London mix David Miller 1
Reflections by W.B. Yeats W. B. Yeats 1
Recollections of an amnesiac Geoff Lindley 1
Reading Virginia Woolf Julia Briggs 1
Rooms Raymond Frederick Seaford 1
Rainbows, fleas and flowers : a nature anthology Geoffrey Grigson 1
Pussywillow : a journal of conditions Felipe Ehrenberg 1
Proverbs of Hell William Blake 1
Prose pieces John Riley 1
Prose and poetry : the reading of the text Don Shiach 1
Prorata Tony Ward 1
Resemblance : Selected Prose 2000-2019 Lyndon Davies 1
Rotten English : a literary anthology Dohra Ahmad 1
Sir Thomas Browne : the major works Thomas Browne 1
Selected prose [of] John Milton John Milton 1
Short stories and poems for children B. Bowles 1
Shards Nicholas Rawson 1
Selected writings of Fulke Greville Fulke Greville 1
Six Sundays in January Arnold Wesker 1
Selected writings of Daniel Defoe Daniel Defoe 1
Selected writings [of] Thomas Babington Macaulay Thomas Babington Macaulay Macaulay 1
Selected poems & prose Matthew Arnold 1
Sabrina fair Joy Rider 1
Selected essays Joyce Cary 1
Secret places, and other essays Alison Uttley 1
Sanctum James Dinverno 1
Sore throats ; &, Sonnets of love and opposition Howard Brenton 1
Possibilities Terence Lewis 1
Samuel Johnson & James Boswell Samuel Johnson 1
Prince Dan Georges Duforge 1
'Escaping notice' Annabel Nicolson 1
Poetry, prose and short stories 1981 : lower course B. Doyle 1
Obstinate Cymric : essays 1935-47 John Cowper Powys 1
Ours all creation : a selection of short stories, poems and reflections Kaye Stapley 1
Orion's sword Michael Pinney 1
Only two can play this game James Keys 1
On the margin : notes and essays Aldous Huxley 1
On semantic poetry Stefan Themerson 1
On emptiness green : songs and uttrances for the eager reader: spring leaves-birth-pangs of the new age Peter Shotton 1
Notes to myself : my struggle to become a person Hugh Prather 1
Outcries and asides J. B. Priestley 1
Nine years in a wind tunnel : being pages from the Hotel Firbank Archive (including songs from the asylum) Max Blagg 1
Nightingale, sing God's cradlesong : being free translations of the Phaistos disc and the plays of Ras Shahmrah Robin Tucker 1
Night visit to the National Gallery Endre Tót 1
New confessions Anthony Thwaite 1
Net 2 David Orme 1
My Scotland : fragments of a state of mind George MacBeth 1
Out of the dark wood : prose, poems, stories Tony Curtis 1
Outlook : themes for writing Peter Knott 1
Poetry, prose and short stories 1981 : additional pieces for higher level B. Doyle 1
Poems and prose Christina Georgina Rossetti 1
Star English KS3 classbook Frank Fitzsimons 1
Poetry & prose [of] Wordsworth William Wordsworth 1
Poems and verse of Winifred Holtby Winifred Holtby 1
Poems and short stories for children Patricia Winters 1
Poems and prose, 1949-1977 Harold Pinter 1
Poems and prose [of] William Drummond William Drummond 1
Phoebus : carmen eroticum et sanctum Nigel Frith 1
Page Gad Hollander 1
Peterhead fragments Ian Hamilton Finlay 1
Perspectives : poetry and prose Andrew Kennedy 1
People are people Rita F. Snowden 1
Penty Eric Lancelot Copleston Pentecost 1
Pennyworths Geoffrey Hunt 1
Peak? hour Paul Eggett 1
Speed King David Coxhead 1
Suicide bridge : a book of the furies : a mythology of the South & East, Autumn 1973-Spring 1978 Iain Sinclair 1
Storyworlds : teacher's notes Richard Brown 1
Musings in A minor C. H. Maier 1
Transmissions Malcolm Ritchie 1
Tide of availability (feed Paul Buck 1
Thoughtshapes Barry Maybury 1
Things of beauty Catherine Ladhams 1
The yearbook of hope and inspiration Celia Haddon 1
The wire book : tales of the unknown Richard Caddel 1
The will to die Can Themba 1
The way we are, and other pieces John Edward Lake 1
The wartime garden Ian Hamilton Finlay 1
The unfortunate traveller, and other works [by] Thomas Nashe Thomas Nash 1
The true life of Sweeney Todd : (a collage novel) Cozette De Charmoy 1
The trimming of Thomas Nash, 1597 Richard Lichfield 1
The teacher's relief book Jay Heale 1
The spirit of man : an anthology Robert Bridges 1
The sociology of Christmas ... John Webb 1
Treasure trove Jennifer Curry 1
Treasured chest Elbo Ank 1
Unto this last, and other writings John Ruskin 1
Wintersol Eric Thacker 1
Writing about travel Morag Campbell 1


The 2 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Kenneth Muir 1
William Myers 1


The 2 books in this series in our database:

Here are 2 of them:

Title Year
The comedy of manners 1970
Dryden 1973

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