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Energy is a series of 8 books by 8 authors between 1980 and 1982

  • Books: 264
  • Editions: 268
  • Authors: 242
  • Period: -
  • Books: 8
  • Authors: 8
  • Period: 1980 - 1982


There are 264 books and 268 editions on Energy between 2012 and 2019

Top Authors

The main authors on Energy by number of books and editions:


There are the 264 books on the Energy subject with a total 268 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Exploration and production of oceanic natural gas hydrate : critical factors for commercialization Michael D. Max 2
Thermodynamics in nuclear power plant systems Bahman Zohuri 2
Combined cycle driven efficiency for next generation nuclear power plants : an innovative design approach Bahman Zohuri 2
Electrical energy generation in Europe : the current situation and perspectives in the use of renewable energy sources and nuclear power for regional electricity generation Jorge Morales Peza 2
Post-combustion CO2 capture technology : by using the amine based solvents Helei Liu 1
Primary exergy cost of goods and services : an input-output approach Matteo Vincenzo Rocco 1
Power system optimization modeling in GAMS Alireza Soroudi 1
Power electronics for the next generation wind turbine system Ke Ma 1
Post-growth politics : a critical theoretical and policy framework for decarbonisation Peter Ferguson 1
A Novel SOFC Tri-generation System for Building Applications Theo Elmer 1
Prognostics and health management of engineering systems : an introduction Nam-ho Kim 1
Polysaccharides as battery components Stefan Spirk 1
Plasmonic Organic Solar Cells : Charge Generation and Recombination Bo Wu 1
Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions Driven Fusion Energy Bahman Zohuri 1
Piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting : modeling & experiments Sajid Rafique 1
Piezoelectric actuators and generators for energy harvesting : research and development Sergey N. Shevtsov 1
Physics and mechanics of primary well cementing Alexandre Lavrov 1
Principles of solar gas turbines for electricity generation Amos Madhlopa 1
Quasi-unsteady CHP operation of power plants : thermal and economic effectiveness Zbigniew Buryn 1
Prussian blue based batteries María José Piernas Muñoz 1
Photon absorption models in nanostructured semiconductor solar cells and devices A. Luque 1
Reactor core monitoring : background, theory and practical applications Mihály Makai 1
Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen der Energiespeicher und der Sektorkopplung : EnWG mit Strommarktgesetz, EEG 2017 und KWKG 2016 Henning Thomas 1
Reduced modelling of planar fuel cells : spatial smoothing and asymptotic reduction Zhongjie He 1
Reengineering capitalism : from Industrial Revolution towards sustainable development Jan Emblemsvåg 1
Regenerative and positive impact architecture : learning from case studies Shady Attia 1
Regional energy demand and energy efficiency in Japan : an application of economic analysis Akihiro Ōtsuka 1
Renewable and sustainable materials in green technology Mohd Firdaus Yhaya 1
Renewable biofuels : bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass by microbial community Vandanā Rāṇā 1
Renewable energy : from Europe to Africa David Elliott 1
Renewable synthetic fuels and chemicals from carbon dioxide : fundamentals, catalysis, design considerations and technological challenges David S. A. Simakov 1
Revisiting the energy-development link : evidence from the 20th century for knowledge-based and developing economies Kostas Bithas 1
Risk management of non-renewable energy systems A. K. Verma 1
Risk-based maintenance for electricity network organizations Ravish Preshant 1
Photovoltaics for rural electrification in developing countries : a road map Tania Urmee 1
Passive energy strategies for Mediterranean residential buildings : facing the challenges of climate change and vulnerable populations Aurora Monge-Barrio 1
School buildings rehabilitation : indoor environmental quality and enclosure optimization Ricardo M. S. F. Almeida 1
Parabolic trough collector prototypes for low-temperature process heat Gianluca Coccia 1
Model validation for power system frequency analysis Hossein Seifi 1
Modeling and control in air-conditioning systems Ye Yao 1
Modeling energetic efficiency of biofuels production Andrzej Wasiak 1
Modeling the renewable energy transition in Canada : techno-economic assessments for energy management Tanveer Ahmed 1
Models of thermochemical heat storage Christoph Lehmann 1
Modern piezoelectric energy-harvesting materials Christopher R. Bowen 1
Modular High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Power Plant Kurt Kugeler 1
Monoethylene glycol as hydrate inhibitor in offshore natural gas processing : from fundamentals to energy analysis Alexandre Mendonc̜a Teixeira 1
Multiplying mighty Davids? : the Influence of energy cooperatives on Germany's energy transition Sarah Debor 1
Multiscale simulation approach for battery production systems Malte Schönemann 1
Nanocatalysts in environmental applications Samira Bagheri 1
Nanocrystals from oriented-attachment for energy applications Weidong He 1
Nanophysics for energy efficiency Rui F. M. Lobo 1
Natural gas : a commercial perspective Andrej Pustišek 1
Natural resource and PPP infrastructure projects and project finance : business theories and taxonomies Takao Higuchi 1
Navigating the energy maze : the transition to a sustainable future Roger James Kuhns 1
Neutronic analysis for nuclear reactor systems Bahman Zohuri 1
Next generation multilayer graded bandgap solar cells A. A. Ojo 1
Nonlinear modeling of solar radiation and wind speed time series L. Fortuna 1
Nuclear decommissioning : its history, development, and current status Michele Laraia 1
Nuclear energy for hydrogen generation through intermediate heat exchangers : a renewable source of energy Bahman Zohuri 1
Nuclear fusion Edward Morse 1
Nuclear thermal hydraulics Hajime Akimoto 1
Nuclear-pumped lasers Mark A. Prelas 1
Off-grid electrical systems in developing countries Henry Louie 1
Offshore service industry and logistics modeling in the Gulf of Mexico Mark J. Kaiser 1
Online algorithms for optimal energy distribution in microgrids Yu Wang 1
Operation Characteristics of Renewable Energy Sources Stanislav Misak 1
PCM-enhanced building components : an application of phase change materials in building envelopes and internal structures Jan Kośny 1
Scalar wave driven energy applications Bahman Zohuri 1
Science and technology Dimitris N. Chorafas 1
Science and Society : Understanding Scientific Methodology, Energy, Climate, and Sustainability Eric S. Swanson 1
Mathematical Modeling of Lithium Batteries : From Electrochemical Models to State Estimator Algorithms Krishnan S. Hariharan 1
The energy landscape in the Republic of South Africa Bruno G. Pollet 1
The energy transition : an overview of the true challenge of the 21st century Vincent Petit 1
The global energy challenge : environment, development and security Caroline Kuzemko 1
The lived experience of climate change : knowledge, science and public action Dina Abbott 1
The physics of stocks and flows of energy systems : applications in energy policy Hassan Qut-Ullah 1
The sustainability of renewable energy in Europe Simona Bigerna 1
The use case and smart grid architecture model approach : the IEC 62559-2 use case template and the SGAM applied in various domains Marion Gottschalk 1
Thermal behavior of photovoltaic devices : physics and engineering Olivier Dupré 1
Thermal effects in supercapacitors Guoping Xiong 1
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactors Bahman Zohuri 1
Thermoelectrics : fundamentals, materials selection, properties, and performance N. M. Ravin 1
Third generation biofuels P. Bajpai 1
Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima : Curse of the Nuclear Genie Thomas Filburn 1
Towards energy transparent factories Gerrit Posselt 1
Travel behaviour modification (TBM) program for adolescents in Penang Island : intervention ideas to promote sustainable transport Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor 1
Treatment of biogas for feeding high temperature fuel cells Maria Turco 1
Triboelectric nanogenerators Zhong Lin Wang 1
Two-fluid model stability, simulation and chaos Martin A. Lopez de Bertodano 1
Understanding oil and gas shows and seals in the search for hydrocarbons John Dolson 1
Understanding the bigger energy picture : DESERTEC and beyond Michael Düren 1
Up-to-date waste-to-energy approach : from idea to industrial application Petr Stehlík 1
Ursprünge aller Energiequellen : alle nutzbare Energie kommt aus atomaren und kernphysikalischen Prozessen Wolfgang Osterhage 1
Using energy crops for biofuels or food : the choice Annoula Paschalidou 1
Waste energy for life cycle assessment Ayhan Demirbas 1
Waste-to-energy : advanced cycles and new design concepts for efficient power plants Lisa Branchini 1
When trucks stop running : energy and the future of transportation Alice J. Friedemann 1
Wind energy meteorology : atmospheric physics for wind power generation Stefan Emeis 1
Wind turbine aerodynamics and vorticity-based methods : fundamentals and recent applications Emmanuel Branlard 1
Wind turbines in cold climates : icing impacts and mitigation systems Lorenzo Battisti 1


There are 8 books on Energy published between 1980 and 1982 in our database:


The 8 authors in this series in our database:


The 8 books in this series in our database:

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