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Light propagation in linear optical media Glen D. Gillen 3
Electromagnetics of time varying complex media : frequency and polarization transformer Dikshitulu K. Kalluri 3
Beam-wave interaction in periodic and quasi-periodic structures Levi Schächter 3
Electromagnetic waves Carlo G. Someda 3
Wireless and guided wave electromagnetics : fundamentals and applications Le Nguyen Binh 2
Colliding plane waves in general relativity J. B. Griffiths 2
Evanescent waves from Newtonian optics to atomic optics Frédérique de Fornel 2
Engineering electromagnetics and waves Umran S. Inan 2
Engineering electromagnetic fields and waves Carl T. A. Johnk 2
Lightwave engineering Yasuo Kokubun 2
Microwave absorbing materials Yuping Duan 2
Electromagnetic wave theory Jin Au Kong 2
Principles of electromagnetic waves and materials Dikshitulu K. Kalluri 2
Electromagnetic radiation, scattering, and diffraction P. H. Pathak 2
Radiation and scattering of waves L. B. Felsen 2
Classical relativistic electrodynamics : theory of light emission and application to free electron lasers Toshiyuki Shiozawa 2
Applied frequency-domain electromagnetics Robert Paknys 2
Waves and fields in inhomogeneous media Weng Cho Chew 2
Ghost theory A. H. Winterflood 2
The finite-difference time-domain method for electromagnetics with MATLAB simulations Atef Z. Elsherbeni 1
The field : the quest for the secret force of the universe Lynne McTaggart 1
Tunable microwave metamaterial structures Matthias Maasch 1
Parametric x-ray radiation in crystals : theory, experiments and applications V. G. Baryshevskiĭ 1
Optimization methods in electromagnetic radiation Thomas S. Angell 1
Optical effects in solids David B. Tanner 1
Open electromagnetic waveguides T. Rozzi 1
Understanding Earth observation : the electromagnetic foundation of remote sensing Domenico Solimini 1
Maxwell's equations : from current density distribution to the radiation field of the Hertzian dipole Jürgen Donnevert 1
Linear and nonlinear wave propagation Spencer P. Kuo 1
Vibrations and radiations Gordon Raitt 1
Wave theory of information Massimo Franceschetti 1
The force : living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution Lyn McLean 1
The propagation of electromagnetic waves in plasmas V. L. Ginzburg 1
Waves and fields in optoelectronics Hermann A. Haus 1
Let there be light : the story of light from atoms to galaxies Ann Breslin 1
Waves in complex media Luca Dal Negro 1
Let there be light : the story of light from atoms to galaxies Alex Montwill 1
Lateral electromagnetic waves : theory and applications to communications, geophysical exploration, and remote sensing Ronold W. P. King 1
Introduction to electromagnetic waves with Maxwell's equations Özgür Ergül 1
Interference of electromagnetic waves Alan H. Cook 1
High-power electromagnetic radiators : nonlethal weapons and other applications D. V. Giri 1
Guided electromagnetic waves : properties and analysis Michał Mrozowski 1
Periodic structures : mode-matching approach and applications in electromagnetic engineering Ruey-Bing Hwang 1
Theory of electromagnetic waves Jin Au Keng 1
Photoabsorption, photoionization and photoelection spetroscopy Joseph Berkowitz 1
Rockburst evolutionary process and energy dissipation characteristics Dazhao Song 1
The enigmatic photon. Vol.5, 0(3) Electrodynamics Myron Evans 1
The enigmatic photon. Vol.3, Theory and practice of the B(³) field Myron Evans 1
The enigmatic photon Myron Evans 1
The earth's electric field : sources from sun to mud Michael C. Kelley 1
Terahertz physics R. A. Lewis 1
Surface flute waves in plasmas : theory and applications Volodymyr Girka 1
Shielding of electromagnetic waves : theory and practice George M. Kunkel 1
Seeing beyond the visible Antony Hewish 1
Scalar wave driven energy applications Bahman Zohuri 1
Radiative process in astrophysics George B. Rybicki 1
The wave concept in electromagnetism and circuits : theory and applications Henri Baudrand 1
Radiation exchange : an introduction Jack H. Taylor 1
Gravity & electromagnetic waves Mark Andrew Newstead 1
Radiating nonuniform transmission-line systems and the partial element equivalent circuit method Jürgen Nitsch 1
RAF Fylingdales EMR survey Tim Williams 1
Theory of electromagnetic wave propagation Charles Herach Papas 1
Propagation, scattering and dissipation of electromagnetic waves A. S. Ilyinsky 1
Theory of electromagnetic waves Hollis C. Chen 1
Practical communication theory David Adamy 1
Polymers and electromagnetic radiation : fundamentals and practical applications W. Schnabel 1
Plasma effects in metals : helicon and Alfvén waves È A. Kaner 1
Acoustic and electromagnetic waves D. S. Jones 1
Geophysical electromagnetic theory and methods Michael S. Zhdanov 1
Discontinuities in the electromagnetic field M. Mithat Idemen 1
Electromagnetic processes in dispersive media D. B. Melrose 1
Electromagnetic fields, waves and numerical methods Zijad Haznadar 1
Electromagnetic fields and waves : microwave and mmWave engineering with generalized macroscopic electrodynamics Eugene I. Nefyodov 1
Electromagnetic fields and waves Vladimir Borisovich Rojansky 1
Electromagnetic fields and waves V. V. Sarwate 1
Electromagnetic fields and waves Magdy F. Iskander 1
Electromagnetic concepts and applications S. V. Marshall 1
Electromagnetic behaviour of metallic wire structures S. T. Chui 1
Electromagnetic and acoustic waves in bioengineering applications Ivo Čáp 1
Electromagnetic absorption in the copper oxide superconductors Frank J. Owens 1
Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures : Common Mode Filters for High-Speed Digital Systems Antonio Orlandi 1
Developing digital RF memories and transceiver technologies for electromagnetic warfare Phillip E. Pace 1
Fusion plasma diagnostics with mm-waves : an introduction Hans-Jürgen Hartfuss 1
Das helle und das dunkle Universum : Was uns die Strahlung über Himmelsobjekte verrät Arnold Hanslmeier 1
Classical electromagnetic radiation Mark A. Heald 1
Classical electromagnetic radiation Jerry B. Marion 1
Channeling and radiation in periodically bent crystals Andrey V. Korol 1
Boundary conditions in electromagnetics Ismo V. Lindell 1
Atoms and light : interactions John N. Dodd 1
Atomic radiative processes Peter R. Fontana 1
Atomic and molecular radiative processes : with applications to modern spectroscopy and the greenhouse effect V. P. Kraĭnov 1
Applied electromagnetics J. E. Parton 1
Analytical techniques in the theory of guided waves R. Mittra 1
An introduction to the theory of electromagnetic waves A. C. Hewson 1
Electromagnetic processes in dispersive media : a treatment based on the dielectric tensor D. B. Melrose 1
Electromagnetic radiation F. H. Read 1
Electromagnetic radiation P. Olijnychenko 1
Electromagnetic radiation R. R. Freeman 1
Fusion plasma diagnostics with mm waves H. J. Hartfuss 1
Fields and waves in communication electronics Simon Ramo 1


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