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Key facts:
  • Book: Technology, engineering and economics
  • Author: Philip Sporn
  • Bnb Id: GB6928505
  • Publication Date: 1969
  • Companies: 115
  • Employees: 629,954
  • Revenues: 544.6B$
  • Assets: 2,129B$
  • Profits: 44.3B$
  • Debt: 879B$
  • Books on this subject: 47
  • Editions on this subject: 52
  • Authors on this subject: 46


Top Authors

The main authors on Electric utilities by number of books and editions:


There are the 47 books on the Electric utilities subject with a total 52 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Understanding electric utilities and de-regulation Lorrin Philipson 2
Economic fundamentals of power plant performance Almas Heshmati 2
Electric utility resource planning : economics, reliability, and decision-making Steven Sim 2
Energy risk : valuing and managing energy derivatives Dragana Pilipović 2
Electricity markets and power system economics Deqiang Gan 2
A new swing-contract design for wholesale power markets Leigh Tesfatsion 1
The economics of electricity markets Darryl R. Biggar 1
Power quality indices in liberalized markets Pierluigi Caramia 1
Power system economics E. Openshaw Taylor 1
Power system economics : designing markets for electricity Steven Stoft 1
Restructured power systems : engineering and economics A. Kumar David 1
Solar photovoltaic projects in the mainstream power market Philip Wolfe 1
Technology, engineering and economics Philip Sporn 1
The development and finance of global private power Mary Alice Hines 1
The economics of hydroelectric power B. K. Edwards 1
The economics of electricity markets : theory and policy Pippo Ranci 1
On the impact of forward contract obligations in multi-unit auctions Natalia Fabra 1
The electricity market design for decentralized flexibility sources Zheng Xu 1
The microgrid revolution : business strategies for next-generation electricity Mahesh P. Bhave 1
The new world of utilities : a historical transition towards a new energy system Vincent Petit 1
Uncertainty in the electric power industry : methods and models for decision support Christoph Weber 1
Understanding electric power systems : an overview of the technology and the marketplace John Casazza 1
Understanding electric power systems : an overview of the technology, the marketplace, and government regulation John Casazza 1
Visions for a sustainable energy future Mark A. Gabriel 1
Power for development : a review of the World Bank Group's experience with private participation in the electricity sector Fernando Reyes Manibog 1
Keeping the lights on : towards sustainable electricity Walter C. Patterson 1
Market design David M. G. Newbery 1
Electricity & lighting Mike Lawrence 1
Conventional power plants in liberalized electricity markets with renewable entry Gerard Llobet 1
Decision making under uncertainty in electricity markets Antonio J. Conejo 1
Delivering a low-carbon electricity system : technologies, economics and policy Michael Grubb 1
Distributed generation, storage, demand, response, and energy efficiency as alternatives to grid capacity enhancement Rahmatallah Poudineh 1
Domestic electricity R. Allen 1
Economics of electric utility power generation W. D. Marsh 1
Economics of electricity : markets, competitions and rules Anna Cretì 1
Electric utility resource planning : past, present and future Joe Ferrari 1
Electricity - new possibilities for generation and use Francis Tombs 1
Liberalisation of electricity markets and coal use Katerina Rousaki 1
Electricity in the home John Morris 1
Electricity markets : pricing, structures and economics Chris Harris 1
Engineering interrelated electricity markets : an agent-based computational approach Anke Weidlich 1
Fundamentals of power system economics Daniel Sadi Kirschen 1
Imperfect Markets and Imperfect Regulation : An Introduction to the Microeconomics and Political Economy of Power Markets Thomas-Olivier Léautier 1
Infrastructure and Utility Economics : the economics of sunk costs Mark Hull 1
Integrating renewables in electricity markets : operational problems Juan M. Morales 1
A profile of the electric power industry : facing the challenges of the 21st century Charles E. Clark 1
Why we need electricity retailers : a reply to Joskow on wholesale spot price pass-through Stephen C. Littlechild 1

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


Here is the top 100 companies by revenue (actuals or estimates) in that industry in our database:

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Korea Electric Power actual 46,500
Endesa actual 26,707
Southern Company actual 25,859
Duke Energy actual 25,659
Pacific Gas & Electric actual 21,627
National Grid actual 21,303
Edison actual 20,903
ПАО «Интер РАО» actual 18,628
Se.Com.Sa/Ar Sa/Pages/Home.Aspx actual 18,499
American Electric Power actual 17,916
NextEra Energy actual 17,489
Consolidated Edison actual 14,059
Xcel Energy actual 13,997
Tenaga Nasional Berhad actual 12,604
Gkpge actual 12,283
Entergy actual 11,776
FirstEnergy actual 11,402
Eversource actual 10,958
Public Service Enterprise Group actual 9,146
CenterPoint Energy actual 8,770
Neoenergia actual 8,652
WEC Energy Group actual 8,532
CMS Energy actual 8,052
Fortis actual 7,716
Eletrobrás actual 7,490
AVANGRID actual 7,458
MERALCO actual 6,500
Hydro One actual 5,699
Guangzhou Development Group actual 5,395
Evergy actual 5,198
China Power International Development actual 5,084
Equatorial Energia actual 5,035
Aboitiz actual 4,524
Pinnacle West Capital actual 3,890
Alliant Energy actual 3,836
Mainova actual 3,774
An Hui Wenergy Company actual 3,354
Rede Energia actual 3,156
Enel Chile actual 3,102
Elia actual 2,944
COELBA actual 2,914
Aboitiz Power actual 2,760
Terna actual 2,647
OGE Energy actual 2,612
ContourGlobal actual 2,567
ISA actual 2,497
Portland General actual 2,467
Celescoficial actual 2,336
First Philippine actual 2,331
Enerjisa actual 2,312
Jointo Energy Investment actual 2,301
Иркутскэнерго actual 2,183
Ree actual 2,049
PNM Resources actual 1,859
长源电力 actual 1,845
Public Joint Stock Company Rosseti Centre actual 1,814
Neoenergia Elektro actual 1,734
Henan Yuneng actual 1,720
Coelce actual 1,711
Neoenergia Pernambuco actual 1,648
Public Joint stock company Rosseti Lenenergo actual 1,549
IDACORP actual 1,484
Electrica actual 1,464
AES Indiana actual 1,426
DaTang HuaYin Electric Power actual 1,421
HK Electric actual 1,399
Ratch Group Public Company actual 1,241
Rosseti Kuban PJSC actual 992
CK Infrastructure actual 948
CEEE actual 920
ЭЛ5Энерго actual 838
Public Joint-Stock Company Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the North-West actual 826
Edenor actual 780
РОССЕТИ ЮГ actual 726
Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Environmental Thermoelectric actual 687
Самараэнерго actual 664
Taesa actual 652
GuangDong ShaoNeng Group actual 568
Public Joint Stock Company "ROSSETI Northern Caucasus" actual 550
000899.Com actual 411
Central Puerto actual 410
Via Renewables actual 407
Genie Energy actual 354
Stavropolenergosbyt Public Joint-Stock Company actual 354
Zespól Elektrocieplowni Wroclawskich KOGENERACJA actual 330
Akenerji actual 302
Litgrid actual 274
Caribbean Utilities Company actual 221
Astrakhan Power Sale Company Public Joint-Stock Company actual 204
Lipetsk Power Sale Company Open Joint-Stock Company actual 187
Capex actual 180
Summer Energy actual 175
Beijing Huayuanyitong Thermal Technology actual 150
Gujarat Industries Power Company actual 148
Innovatec actual 141
Jersey Electricity actual 134
"Курганская генерирующая компания" actual 124
ODAŞ ENERJİ actual 122
Mordovia Energy Retail Company Public Joint-Stock Company actual 117
Transener actual 111

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