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There are the 26 books on the Egyptology subject with a total 28 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Ancient Egypt Barry J. Kemp 2
Pharaohs, fellahs and explorers Amelia B. Edwards 2
A world beneath the sands : adventurers and archaeologists in the golden age of Egyptology Toby Wilkinson 1
Tutankhamen and other essays Arthur E. P. Brome Weigall 1
The family of Pa-di-Amun-neb-nesut-tawy from Thebes (TT 414) revisited : the case study of Kalutj/Nes-Khonsu (G108 + G137) Julia Budka 1
The archaeology of ancient Egypt : beyond pharaohs Douglas J. Brewer 1
The Egyptians Robin Herne 1
Secrets of the Exodus : did the pharaohs write the Bible? Messod Sabbah 1
Rider Haggard and Egypt Shirley M. Addy 1
Return to the source - Egypt Ramses Seleem 1
Profane Egyptologists : the modern revival of ancient Egyptian religion Paul Harrison 1
Pharos (Alexandria) : Insel der Grâber und Heiligtümer Jana Helmbold-Doyé 1
Personal identity and social power in New Kingdom and Coptic Egypt Mary Horbury 1
Lo stato egiziano nelle fonti scritte del periodo tinita Simone Lanna 1
Les astres dans les textes religieux en Égypte antique et dans les hymnes orphiques Amanda-Alice Maravelia 1
Hieroglyphs to alphabets Charles King 1
Grafton Elliot Smith, Egyptology & the diffusion of culture : a biographical perspective D. P. Crook 1
From the pyramids to Tutankhamun : memoirs of an Egyptologist I. E. S. Edwards 1
Egyptomania : a history of fascination, obsession and fantasy Ronald H. Fritze 1
Egyptology : an introduction to the history, art and culture of ancient Egypt James Putnam 1
Egyptian classics : stelas and papyrus books. Volume two Ramses Seleem 1
Egypt : how a lost civilization was rediscovered Joyce A. Tyldesley 1
Conflicted antiquities : Egyptology, Egyptomania, Egyptian modernity Elliott Hutchinson Colla 1
Ancient Egyptian classics : stelas and papyrus books. Volume One Ramses Seleem 1
Ancient Egypt ; anatomy of a civilization Barry J. Kemp 1
Writings from Ancient Egypt Toby Wilkinson 1


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