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Educational research : quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches Burke Johnson 8
Research in education John W. Best 6
Educational research : competencies for analysis and applications L. R. Gay 6
Research methods in education Louis Cohen 6
Experimental design : procedures for the behavioral sciences Roger E. Kirk 4
Introduction to educational research : a critical thinking approach W. Newton Suter 4
Introduction to research in education Donald Ary 4
Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education and social science Judith Bell 4
Research methods in education : an introduction William Wiersma 3
Educational research : competencies for analysis and applications Geoffrey E. Mills 3
Research in education. : evidence-based inquiry James H. McMillan 3
Research in education : a conceptual introduction James H. McMillan 3
Educational research : an introduction Walter R. Borg 3
Research and the teacher : a qualitative introduction to school-based research Graham Hitchcock 3
Educational research : fundamentals for the consumer James H. McMillan 3
Fieldwork in educational settings : methods, pitfalls, and perspectives Sara Delamont 3
Qualitative data analysis : a methods sourcebook Matthew B. Miles 3
Educational research : an introduction Meredith D. Gall 2
Fundamentals of educational research Gary Anderson 2
Interpretive description Sally E. Thorne 2
Introducing neuroeducational research : neuroscience, education and the brain from contexts to practice Paul Howard-Jones 2
A beginner's guide to doing your education research project Mike Lambert 2
Presenting your research : conferences, symposiums, poster presentations and beyond Lucinda M. Becker 2
Networking research : new directions in educational enquiry Patrick Carmichael 2
Planning small scale research : a practical guide for teachers and students K. M. Evans 2
Design and analysis in educational research George Edward Richard Burroughs 2
Qualitative research : the essential guide to theory and practice Maggi Savin-Baden 2
Qualitative research for education : an introduction to theory and methods Robert C. Bogdan 2
Qualitative research in education : a user's guide Marilyn Lichtman 2
Quantitative research in education : a primer Wayne K. Hoy 2
Researching education : data, methods and theory in educational enquiry David Scott 2
Success with your education research project John Sharp 2
Success with your education research project John Sharp 2
The science of the obvious : education's repetitive search for what's already known R. Barker Bausell 2
Understanding education research : a guide to critically reading the literature Gary D. Shank 2
Doing research : a handbook for teachers Rob Walker 2
Introduction to educational research C. M. Charles 2
Your opinion, please! : how to build the best questionnaires in the field of education James Cox 2
Classroom-based research and evidence-based practice : a guide for teachers Keith Taber 2
An education research primer : how to understand, evaluate, and use it Patricia A. Lauer 1
Reflective practice in educational research : developing advanced skills Linda Evans 1
Reframing education : radically rethinking perspectives on education in the light of research Mike Murray 1
Reframing educational research : resisting the 'what works' agenda Valerie Farnsworth 1
Replication research in education : a guide to designing, conducting, and analysing studies Keith Morrison 1
Research and education Will Curtis 1
Analyzing qualitative data : log-linear analysis for behavioral research John J. Kennedy 1
Research engagement for school development Raphael Wilkins 1
Research for teachers James Brian Farrell 1
Research in classrooms : the study of teachers, teaching and instruction Lorin W. Anderson 1
Analysing talk in educational research Susan Rodrigues 1
An autoethnography of becoming a qualitative researcher : a dialogic view of academic development Trude Klevan 1
Applying educational research : how to read, do, and use research to solve problems of practice Meredith D. Gall 1
All our children learning : a primer for parents, teachers and other educators Benjamin S. Bloom 1
Research methods in education : a practical guide Robert E. Slavin 1
Achievement, assessment and reporting : selected essays by W. Bryan Dockrell director the Scottish Council for Research in Education 1971-1986 W. B. Dockrell 1
Research perspectives in education William Taylor 1
Research skills for teachers : from research question to research design Beverley Moriarty 1
Research-informed practice Jennifer Ludgate 1
Academic writing in a global context : the politics and practices of publishing in English Theresa M. Lillis 1
Researching education : perspectives and techniques Gajendra K. Verma 1
Researching lived experience : human science for an action sensitive pedagogy Max Van Manen 1
Quantitive methods in educational research : the role of numbers made easy Stephen Gorard 1
Quantitative methods in educational research : the role of numbers made easy Stephen Gorard 1
Philosophy and educational research John Wilson 1
Becoming critical : education knowledge and action research Wilfred Carr 1
Planning Your Postgraduate Research Margaret Walshaw 1
Beginning research : a guide for foundation degree students Michelle Lowe 1
Practitioner research and professional development in education Anne Campbell 1
Practitioner research for educators : a guide to improving classrooms and schools V. M. Robinson 1
Practitioner research for teachers Diana Burton 1
Practitioner research in education : making a difference David Middlewood 1
Practitioner teacher inquiry and research Carolyn Babione 1
Practitioner-based enquiry : principles and practices for poast graduate research Louis Murray 1
Praxis makes perfect : critical educational research for social justice Iram Siraj 1
Pre-school and early home learning effects on A-level outcomes : effective Pre-School, Primary & Secondary Education Project (EPPSE) Pam Sammons 1
Professional learning networks in design-based research interventions Mei Kuin Lai 1
Qualitative research in education : interaction and practice Peter Freebody 1
Qualitative approaches in educational research Lynn Davies 1
Becoming a research-informed school : why? What? How? Tim Cain 1
Qualitative data analysis : a sourcebook of new methods Matthew B. Miles 1
Qualitative data analysis : an expanded sourcebook Matthew B. Miles 1
Qualitative data analysis for education research : a guide to uses of systemic networks Joan Bliss 1
Bakhtin primer Carolyn M. Shields 1
Qualitative research for education : an introduction to theories and methods Robert Bogdan 1
Assessing needs in educational and social programs Belle Ruth Witkin 1
Applying educational research : how to read, do, and use research to solve problems of practice Meredith Damien Gall 1
Qualitative research in education : an introduction to theory and methods Robert Bogdan 1
Researching the art of teaching : ethnography for educational use Peter Woods 1
Researching your professional practice : doing interpretive research Hilary A. Radnor 1
Resources for educational research and development Arthur Vernon Ward 1
Understanding educational research : an introduction Deobold Bertrude Van Dalen 1
The study of teaching Michael J. Dunkin 1
The teacher and research : a study of teachers' priorities and opinions on educational research and development Brian Cane 1
The truth about teaching : an evidence-informed guide for new teachers Greg Ashman 1
The untested accusation : principals, research knowledge, and policy making in schools Bruce J. Biddle 1
Thinking in education research : applying philosophy and theory Nick Peim 1
Understanding and conducting research : applications in education and the behavioral sciences Emanuel J. Mason 1
Understanding and doing educational research Nigel Commins 1
Understanding education : towards a reconstruction of educational enquiry Walter Feinberg 1
Understanding education and educational research Paul Smeyers 1


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