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  • Book: Supply and demand
  • Author: Mark Fleming
  • Bnb Id: GB7519474
  • Publication Date: 1974
  • Books on this subject: 2,498
  • Editions on this subject: 3,171
  • Authors on this subject: 1,856
  • Books in this series: 2
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The main authors on Economics by number of books and editions:


There are the 2,498 books on the Economics subject with a total 3,171 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Economics Michael Parkin 25
Economics today Roger LeRoy Miller 12
Economics David K. H. Begg 12
Foundations of economics Robin Bade 11
Essential foundations of economics Robin Bade 11
Principles of economics Karl E. Case 11
Economics John Sloman 11
Essentials of economics Bradley R. Schiller 10
Essentials of economics John Sloman 10
Economics : principles and policy William J. Baumol 10
Economics : principles, problems, and policies Campbell R. McConnell 9
Economics David C. Colander 9
Economics Paul A. (Paul Anthony) Samuelson 9
Economics R. Glenn Hubbard 8
Modern economics : an introduction for business and professional students J. Harvey 8
Survey of economics : principles, applications, and tools Arthur O'Sullivan 7
Economics made simple Geoffrey Whitehead 7
Economics, private and public choice James D. Gwartney 7
Economics : theory & practice Patrick J. Welch 7
Issues in economics today Robert C. Guell 7
Economics for business John Sloman 7
Essentials of economics R. Glenn Hubbard 7
The economic problem Robert L. Heilbroner 6
Economics : an introduction to traditional and radical views E. K. Hunt 6
Economics : principles, applications, and tools Arthur O'Sullivan 6
Economics for today Irvin B. Tucker 6
Introductory economics G. F. Stanlake 6
Economics Paul R. Krugman 6
Principles of economics Robert H. Frank 6
Principles of economics N. Gregory Mankiw 6
Economics Richard G. Lipsey 6
Essentials of economics N. Gregory Mankiw 5
Economics : principles, problems, decisions Edwin Mansfield 5
Economics : a contemporary introduction William A. McEachern 5
Economics Daron Acemoglu 5
Economics of social issues Ansel Miree Sharp 5
Small is beautiful : a study of economics as if people mattered E. F. Schumacher 5
Survey of economics Irvin B. Tucker 5
Economics N. Gregory Mankiw 5
An introduction to modern economics Philip Hardwick 5
An introduction to positive economics Richard G. Lipsey 5
Contemporary economics : an applications approach Robert J. Carbaugh 5
Foundations of economics Andrew Gillespie 5
The economic way of thinking Paul T. Heyne 5
Modern economics. Study guide and workbook J. Harvey 5
Economics Roger A. Arnold 5
Economics Joseph E. Stiglitz 5
Modern principles of economics Tyler Cowen 5
Exploring economics Robert L. Sexton 5
Economics today : the macro view Roger LeRoy Miller 5
Economics today : the micro view Roger LeRoy Miller 4
Global economic issues and policies Joseph P. Daniels 4
Economics A. G. Anderton 4
Wirtschaft für Dummies Sean Masaki Flynn 4
Descriptive economics C .D. Harbury 4
Intermediate economics J. Harvey 4
Mastering economics J. Harvey 4
Economics : an introduction to analysis and policy George Leland Bach 4
Foundations of economics David K. H. Begg 4
The economy today Bradley R. Schiller 4
Economics : the basics Tony Cleaver 4
The undercover economist Tim Harford 4
The economics of public issues Douglass C. North 4
Unto this last : four essays on the first principles of political economy John Ruskin 3
Economics Frank Livesey 3
Introduction to economic reasoning William D. Rohlf 3
Economics John Arthur Perrow 3
McCloskey's rhetoric : Discourse ethics in economics Benjamin Balak 3
Understanding the economy Andrew Dunnett 3
Economics for a civilized society Greg Davidson 3
Elementary economics J. Harvey 3
Economic theory David P. Levine 3
On Economic Knowledge : Toward a Science of Political Economics Adolph Lowe 3
The principles of political economy and taxation David Ricardo 3
Certificate economics for West Africa O. Teriba 3
Pearson Edexcel A level economics A Peter Smith 3
Fundamentals of economics William J. Boyes 3
Political economy : the contest of economic ideas Frank J. B. Stilwell 3
Comparative political economy : states, markets and global capitalism Ben Clift 3
Naked economics : undressing the dismal science Charles J. Wheelan 3
The end of economic man : principles of any future economics George P. Brockway 3
Essential economics for business John Sloman 3
Essays in economics James Tobin 3
Vitanomics : the revolutionary alternative to economics Nino Gasparini 3
An introduction to economics : concepts for students of agriculture and the rural sector Berkeley Hill 3
An introduction to economics John C. Powicke 3
Integral economics : releasing the economic genius of your society Ronnie Lessem 3
Economic myths and the mythology of economics E. J. Mishan 3
An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations Adam Smith 3
The economic ideas of ordinary people : from preferences to trade David M. Levy 3
The economic environment Thomas Kempner 3
Economic society K. B. Marder 3
Economic studies : contributions to the critique of economic theory David P. Levine 3
Economic indeterminacy : a personal encounter with the economists' peculiar nemesis Yanis Varoufakis 3
Understanding economics Ken Heather 3
On economic theory & socialism : collected papers Maurice Dobb 3
Economics Stephen L. Slavin 3
Textbook of economic analysis Edward Nevin 3
Economics : student workbook and reader John Sloman 3
Economics for managers Paul G. Farnham 3


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