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There are the 556 books on the Econometrics subject with a total 675 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Introduction to econometrics James H. Stock 10
Econometric analysis William H. Greene 9
Applied statistics in business and economics David P. Doane 6
Using econometrics : a practical guide A. H. Studenmund 6
Introductory econometrics : a modern approach Jeffrey M. Wooldridge 6
Econometric analysis of panel data Badi H. Baltagi 6
A guide to econometrics Peter Kennedy 5
Econometrics : a varying coefficients approach Baldev Raj 4
Basic econometrics Damodar Gujarati 4
Applied econometrics Dimitrios Asteriou 4
Introductory econometrics for finance Chris Brooks 4
Introduction to econometrics Christopher Dougherty 4
A guide to modern econometrics Marno Verbeek 4
Introduction to Bayesian econometrics Edward Greenberg 3
Analysis of economic data Gary Koop 3
Analysis of panel data Cheng Hsiao 3
Applied econometric time series Walter Enders 3
Essentials of econometrics Damodar N. Gujarati 3
Essentials of econometrics Damodar Gujarati 3
Understanding econometrics Jon Stewart 3
Econometrics by example Damodar N. Gujarati 3
Introduction to econometrics : principles and applications Harry H. Kelejian 3
Introduction to econometrics G. S. Maddala 3
Econometric models, techniques, and applications Michael D. Intriligator 2
Applied econometrics for health economists : a practical guide Andrew M. Jones 2
Panel data econometrics with R Yves Croissant 2
Matrix differential calculus with applications in statistics and econometrics Jan R. Magnus 2
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of statistics and econometrics Dominick Salvatore 2
Measurement and meaning in economics : the essential Deirdre McCloskey Deirdre N. McCloskey 2
Distribution, redistribution, output, employment, prices and expenditure L. Athanassiou 2
Distributed lags : problems of estimation and formulation Phoebus J. Dhrymes 2
A guide to basic econometric techniques Elia Kacapyr 2
The econometric analysis of time series A. C. Harvey 2
Introductory econometrics : a practical approach Hamid Seddighi 2
Methods for quantitative macro-comparative research Salvatore J. Babones 2
Economic statistics and econometrics Thad W. Mirer 2
Energy economics : theory and applications Peter Zweifel 2
Experimetrics : econometrics for experimental economics Peter G. Moffatt 2
Nature's capacities and their measurement Nancy Cartwright 2
Econometrics Jon Stewart 2
Elements of econometrics Jan Kmenta 2
Modern econometrics : an introduction R. L. Thomas 2
Problems and methods of econometrics : the Poincaré lectures of Ragnar Frisch, 1933 Ragnar Frisch 2
Introduction to time series and forecasting Peter J. Brockwell 2
Stochastic processes and calculus : an elementary introduction with applications Uwe Hassler 2
Modern linear and nonlinear econometrics J. E. J. Plasmans 2
Stochastic limit theory James Davidson 2
Statistical methods of econometrics Edmond Malinvaud 2
Statistics and econometrics Dominick Salvatore 2
An introduction to quantitative economics Brian Haines 2
Analysis of financial time series Ruey S. Tsay 2
Theory of econometrics : an introductory exposition of econometric methods A. Koutsoyiannis 2
Pricing, risk, and performance measurement in practice : the building block approach to modeling instruments and portfolios Wolfgang Schwerdt 2
Rational expectations econometrics Lars Peter Hansen 2
Econometric methods J. Johnston 2
Logit models from economics and other fields J. S. Cramer 2
A practical guide to using econometrics A. H. Studenmund 2
Econometrics : alchemy or science? : essays in econometric methodology David F. Hendry 2
Econometric models and economic forecasts Robert S. Pindyck 2
Introductory econometrics for undergraduates : a student's guide to the basics Elia Kacapyr 2
Undergraduate econometrics R. Carter Hill 2
Econometrics and the philosophy of economics : theory-data confrontations in economics Bernt P. Stigum 2
Econometrics : statistical foundations and applications Phoebus J. Dhrymes 2
Natural experiment policy evaluation : a critique Christopher A. Hennessy 1
Neoliberalism 2.0 : regulating and financing globalizing markets : a Pigovian approach for 21st century markets Luc Nijs 1
New perspectives in econometric theory Halbert White 1
Practicing econometrics : essays in method and application Zvi Griliches 1
Non-parametric econometrics Ibrahim Ahamada 1
Perceiving prospects properly : industrial organization Jakub Steiner 1
Multivariate time series with linear state space structure Víctor Gómez 1
Multivariate Modelling of Non-Stationary Economic Time Series John Hunter 1
Nonlinear methods in econometrics Stephen M. Goldfeld 1
Practioners' guide to econometrics Semoon Chang 1
Pricing and forecasting carbon markets : models and empirical analyses Bangzhu Zhu 1
Multinomial probit : the theory and its application to demand forecasting Carlos Daganzo 1
Mostly harmless econometrics : an empiricist's companion Joshua David Angrist 1
Principles of econometrics R. Carter Hill 1
Practical econometrics : data collection, analysis, and application Christiana E. Hilmer 1
Principles of econometrics : a modern approach using EViews Sankar Kumar Bhaumik 1
Nonparametric econometrics : Adrian Pagan, Aman Ullah A. R. Pagan 1
Periodicity & stochastic trends in economic time series Philip Hans Franses 1
Physical models and equilibrium methods in programming and economics B. S. Razumikhin 1
Pitfalls in econometric forecasting Erich W. Streissler 1
Panel data econometrics Manuel Arellano 1
Output, prices and the velocity of money in search equilibrium Saqib Jafarey 1
Planning problems in the USSR : the contribution of mathematical economics to their solution, 1960-1971 Michael Ellman 1
Policy effectiveness and design in new classical models Giancarlo Marini 1
Principles of econometrics : an introduction (using R) Neeraj Hatekar 1
Practical econometrics Christiana E. Hilmer 1
Outlier robust analysis of economic time series André Lucas 1
Out-of-sample forecast tests robust to the choice of window size Atsushi Inoue 1
Optimization methods for gas and power markets : theory and cases Enrico Edoli 1
Optimization heuristics in econometrics : applications of threshold acccepting Peter Winker 1
Practical econometrics Gábor Kőrösi 1
On the use of country sets of estimates of the same equation David Grubb 1
Probability and statistics for economists Yongmiao Hong 1
On testing the natural rate hypothesis within a rational expectations framework Sushil B. Wadhwani 1
On mixtures of Pólya-Laguerre frequency functions of finite class & its application to system reliability Assad Jalali 1
Notes on econometrics A. G. Antill 1
Nonparametric econometrics : theory and practice Qi Li 1


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