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  • Book: The apocalypse : year one
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman
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  • Publication Date: 2015
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Title Author Editions
The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800 D. E. Mungello 4
The power of knowledge : how information and technology made the modern world Jeremy Black 3
Against empire : feminisms, racism, and the West Zillah R. Eisenstein 3
The enemy at the gate : Habsburgs, Ottomans and the Battle for Europe Andrew Wheatcroft 3
Psychology and the East C. G. Jung 3
Totalitarianism, globalization, colonialism : the destruction of civilization since 1914 Harry Redner 3
The new Silk roads : the present and future of the world Peter Frankopan 3
The missionary and the libertine : love and war in East and West Ian Buruma 3
Easternisation : war and peace in the Asian century Gideon Rachman 3
The house of wisdom : how the Arabs transformed Western civilization Jonathan Lyons 3
Europe's debt to Persia from ancient to modern times : religion, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, medicine and the sciences Minou Reeves 2
This orient isle : Elizabethan England and the Islamic world Jerry Brotton 2
Impure and worldly geography : Pierre Gourou and tropicality Gavin Bowd 2
Journeys to the other shore : Muslim and Western travelers in search of knowledge Roxanne Leslie Euben 2
Jews, Christians, and the abode of Islam : modern scholarship, medieval realities Jacob Lassner 2
Beyond terror and martyrdom : the future of the Middle East Gilles Kepel 2
Beyond the Arab disease : new perspectives in politics and culture Riad Nourallah 2
A god who hates : the courageous woman who inflamed the Muslim world speaks out against the evils of Islam Wafa Sultan 2
Border thinking on the edges of the West : crossing over the Hellespont Andrew Davison 2
Thoughts on the East Thomas Merton 2
The great convergence : Asia, the West, and the logic of one world Kishore Mahbubani 2
A user's guide to the crisis of civilization and how to save it Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed 2
Worlds at war : the 2,500-year struggle between East and West Anthony Pagden 2
Reading orientalism : said and the unsaid Daniel Martin Varisco 2
The war for muslim minds : Islam and the West Gilles Kepel 2
The unmaking of the Middle East : a history of Western disorder in Arab lands Jeremy Salt 2
Ideology and revolution in Southeast Asia, 1900-1980 : political ideas of the anti-colonial era Clive J. Christie 2
Islam through Western eyes : from the crusades to the war on terrorism Jonathan Lyons 2
East and west : the last governor of Hong Kong on power, freedom and the future Christopher Patten 2
The other Ryszard Kapuściński 2
The despot's accomplice : how the West is aiding and abetting the decline of democracy Brian P. Klaas 2
Lessons in the art of war : martial strategies for the successful fighter Martina Sprague 2
Between East and West : from singularity to community Luce Irigaray 2
Dialogues across civilizations : sketches in world history from the Chinese and European experiences Roxann Prazniak 2
A world without Islam Graham E. Fuller 2
Exorcising translation : towards an intercivilizational turn Douglas Robinson 2
Why the West rules - for now : the patterns of history, and what they reveal about the future Ian Morris 2
What I believe Tariq Ramadan 2
Disordered world : setting a new course for the twenty-first century Amin Maalouf 2
The measure of civilization : how social development decides the fate of nations Ian Morris 2
Orientalism, postmodernism and globalism Bryan S. Turner 2
Arab representations of the Occident : east-west encounters in Arabic fiction Rasheed El-Enany 2
Out of Arabia : Phoenicians, Arabs, and the discovery of Europe Warwick Ball 2
Globalization : East and West Bryan S. Turner 2
A call for heresy : why dissent is vital to Islam and America Anouar Majid 2
Women's orients : English women and the Middle East, 1718-1918 : sexuality, religion and work Billie Melman 2
Islam in liberalism Joseph Andoni Massad 2
Early orientalism : imagined Islam and the notion of sublime power Ivan Davidson Kalmar 2
The culture of Islam : changing aspects of contemporary Muslim life Lawrence Rosen 2
East meets West Joan Chan 2
South Sea maidens : Western fantasy and sexual politics in the South Pacific Michael Sturma 1
The 1400 year war between Islam and the West : the paradigm for understanding and overcoming enmity among civilizations Parviz S. Towfighi 1
Success and suppression : Arabic sciences and philosophy in the Renaissance Dag Nikolaus Hasse 1
Sustainable diplomacy : ecology, religion, and ethics in Muslim-Christian relations David J. Wellman 1
The Asian mystique : dragon ladies, geisha girls, & our fantasies of the exotic Orient Sheridan Prasso 1
The Buddha in the machine : art, technology, and the meeting of East and West R. John Williams 1
The Celtic kingfisher ; &, The key to the secrets of the ancients Rory Macquisten 1
The East in the light of the West. Parts one to three Sergei O. Prokofieff 1
The Eastern origins of Western civilization John M. Hobson 1
The Islamophobia industry : how the right manufactures fear of Muslims Nathan Chapman Lean 1
The Kyoto School and international relations : non-Western attempts for a new world order Kosuke Shimizu 1
The Love of Strangers : what six Muslim students learned in Jane Austen's London Nile Green 1
The Maritime Silk Road and cultural communication between China and the West Yan Chen 1
The Mohammadan dynasties Stanley Lane-Poole 1
Social theory and Japanese experience : the dual civilization Jóhann Páll Árnason 1
101 Middle Eastern tales and their impact on Western oral tradition Ulrich Marzolph 1
Silk Road : the study of drama culture Qiang Li 1
Politicised cinema : post-war film, cultural diplomacy and UNESCO Miia Huttunen 1
On Eastern meditation Thomas Merton 1
On the Arab revolts and the Iranian revolution : power and resistance today Arshin Adib-Moghaddam 1
Oriental enlightenment : the encounter between Asian and Western thought J. J. Clarke 1
Oriental visions : exhibitions, travel and collecting in the Victorian age Nicola Levell 1
Orientalism Ziauddin Sardar 1
Orientalism and the figure of the Jew Jeffrey S. Librett 1
Orientalism transposed : the impact of the colonies on British culture Julie F. Codell 1
Orientalism versus Occidentalism : literary and cultural imaging between France and Iran since the Islamic revolution Laetitia Nanquette 1
Pashas : traders and travellers in the Islamic world James Mather 1
Pearl S. Buck : a cultural bridge across the Pacific Kang Liao 1
Persophilia : Persian culture on the global scene Hamid Dabashi 1
Pious flames : European encounters with Sati 1500-1830 Andrea Major 1
Plural international relations in a divided world Stephen Chan 1
Poetics and politics of Iran's national epic, the Shahnameh Mahmoud Omidsalar 1
Post-western world : how emerging powers are remaking global order Oliver Stuenkel 1
Sidesplitter : how to be from two worlds at once Phil Wang 1
Postcolonial international relations : conquest and desire between Asia and the West L. H. M. Ling 1
Preview of the Asian journey Thomas Merton 1
Reason and insight : Western and Eastern perspectives on the pursuit of moral wisdom Timothy Shanahan 1
Religion and politics : Islam and Muslim civilization Jan-Erik Lane 1
The Oriental renaissance : Europe's rediscovery of India and the East, 1680-1880 Raymond Schwab 1
Rethinking Muslim women and the veil : challenging historical & modern stereotypes Katherine Bullock 1
Rethinking global sisterhood : western feminism and Iran Nima Naghibi 1
Rhetoric at the non-substantialistic turn : the East-West coin Therese Boos Dykeman 1
Rights and civilizations : a history and philosophy of international law Gustavo Gozzi 1
Russia in world history : a transnational approach Choi Chatterjee 1
Sea of faith : Islam and Christianity in the medieval Mediterranean world Stephen O'Shea 1
Semites : race, religion, literature Gil Anidjar 1
Shahrzad : history Manuel Krebs 1
She and me : a new statement of an old problem Eric Graham Howe 1
The Muslim speaks Khurram Hussain 1
The end of the West and other cautionary tales Sean Meighoo 1


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