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  • Book: Land reform and economic development
  • Author: Peter Dorner
  • Bnb Id: GB7222136
  • Publication Date: 1972
  • Books on this subject: 281
  • Editions on this subject: 300
  • Authors on this subject: 262
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There are the 281 books on the Development economics subject with a total 300 editions:

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The history of development : from Western origins to global faith Gilbert Rist 4
Development macroeconomics Pierre-Richard Agénor 4
Development theory : deconstructions/reconstructions Jan Nederveen Pieterse 3
Economic Growth and Development : a Dynamic Dual Economy Approach Sibabrata Das 2
Essentials of development economics J. Edward Taylor 2
Development economics : from the poverty to the wealth of nations Yūjirō Hayami 2
Religion in development : rewriting the secular script Séverine Deneulin 2
Development economics Richard Grabowski 2
Development economics : theory and practice Alain De Janvry 2
The conversation of economic development : historical voices, interpretations and reality Wilfred L. David 2
The clash of globalizations : essays on the political economy of trade and development policy Kevin Gallagher 2
Introduction to development economics Subrata Ghatak 2
The process of economic development James M. Cypher 2
The poverty of 'development economics' Deepak Lal 2
Return on sustainability : how business can increase profitability and address climate change in an uncertain economy Kevin Wilhelm 1
Rethinking economic development, growth, and institutions Jaime Ros 1
Rethinking business schools Julian C. Sulej 1
Resources, values and development Amartya Sen 1
Rice production structure and policy effects in Japan : quantitative investigations Yoshimi Kuroda 1
Resolving the climate change crisis : the ecological economics of climate change Philip A. Lawn 1
Resisting Dispossession : The Odisha Story Ranjana Padhi 1
Researching entrepreneurship : conceptualization and design Per Davidsson 1
Risk-sharing in village economies revisited Tessa Bold 1
Scaling impact : finance and investment for a better world Kusisami Hornberger 1
Sino-Mexican Trade Relations : Challenges and Opportunities Yi Liu 1
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of development economics Dominick Salvatore 1
Second-best institutions Dani Rodrik 1
Sir Hans W. Singer : the life and work of a development economist D. John Shaw 1
Small towns and decentralisation in India : urban local bodies in the making R?emi De Bercegol 1
Social identity and financial investment decisions : empirical insights on German-Turks Eva Stumpfegger 1
Social justice and deep participation : theory and practice for the 21st century Paula Donnelly-Roark 1
Social rights and international development : global legal standards for the post-2015 development agenda Markus Kaltenborn 1
Social welfare functions and development : measurement and policy applications Nanak Kakwani 1
Socio-economic development Adam Szirmai 1
South Africa's BPO service advantage : becoming strategic in the global marketplace Leslie Willcocks 1
Spanish Economic Growth, 1850-2015 Leandro Prados de la Escosura 1
Special Economic Zones and China's Development Path Yitao Tao 1
Strategic innovation in Russia : towards a sustainable and profitable national innovation system Taco C. R. van Someren 1
Structural revolution in international business architecture. Volume 1, Modelling and analysis Dipak R. Basu 1
Rentier capitalism : disorganised development and social injustice in Pakistan Shahid Ahmed 1
'Getting to Denmark' : the role of elites for development Peter S. Jensen 1
Regulating Pharmaceutical Prices in India : Policy Design, Implementation and Compliance Ajay Bhaskarabhatla 1
Structural revolution in international business architecture. Volume 2, Political economy Dipak R. Basu 1
Philosophy of leadership : the power of authority Robert Spillane 1
Pastures of change : contemporary adaptations and transformations among nomadic pastoralists of Eastern Tibet Gillian G. Tan 1
Organisations and development : strategies, structures and processes Reidar Dale 1
Optimizing supply chain performance : information sharing and coordinated management Michael Roe 1
Oligopoly, auctions and market quality Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar 1
Not by money alone : economics as nature intended Malcolm Slesser 1
Navigating loss in women's contemporary memoir Amy-Katerini Prodromou 1
National Basketball Association strategies : business expansions, relocations, and mergers Frank P. Jozsa 1
Myanmar's foreign exchange market : controls, reforms, and informal market Kōji Kubo 1
Multiannual macroeconomic programming techniques for developing economies Paul Ely Beckerman 1
Military missions in democratic Latin America David Pion-Berlin 1
Michal Kalecki Julio López G. 1
Mexico and the post-2015 development agenda : contributions and challenges Rebecka Villanueva Ulfgard 1
Measuring development : an inequality dominance approach Asis Kumar Banerjee 1
Managing the macroeconomy : monetary and exchange rate issues in India Ramkishen S. Rajan 1
Poland from partitions to EU accession : a modern economic history, 1772-2004 Piotr Koryś 1
Policy innovations for affordable housing In Singapore : from colony to global city Sock-Yong Phang 1
Policy signals and market responses : a 50 year history of Zambia's relationship with foreign capital Stuart John Barton 1
Program management of technology endeavours : lateral thinking in large scale government program management Ali M. Al-Khouri 1
Reflexivity and development economics : methodology, policy and practice Daniel Gay 1
Redesigning manufacturing : rebalancing the UK economy Michael Beverland 1
Pursuing alternative development : indigenous people, ethnic organization and agency M. Saiful Islam 1
Purposeful engineering economics Ronald A. Chadderton 1
Public debt, sustainability and economic growth : theory and empirics Alfred Greiner 1
Property tax in BRICS megacities : local government financing and financial sustainability Marco Salm 1
Product Characteristics in International Economics : Role and Impact on Economic Development Stephan Huber 1
Policy, politics and poverty in South Africa Jeremy Seekings 1
Private sector development and urbanization in China : strategies for widespread growth Zhikai Wang 1
Private politics and peasant mobilization : mining in Peru Maria-Therese Gustafsson 1
Private enterprise-led economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa : the human side of growth John Kuada 1
Principles and perceptions of fairtrade from a French perspective Jessica Bosseaux 1
Power in the international investment framework Maria A. Gwynn 1
Poverty and wealth : comparing Afro-Asian development E. Wayne Nafziger 1
Regional development and conditions for innovation in the network society M. S. van Geenhuizen 1
The Call Up to the Majors : a Proximity-Based Approach to the Economics of Minor League Baseball Thomas A. Rhoads 1
Systemic change management : the five capabilities for improving enterprises George Roth 1
Total capitalism : market politics, market state Colin Leys 1
The primacy of regime survival : state fragility and economic destruction in Zimbabwe Mark Simpson 1
The property tax in China : history, pilots, and prospects Yilin Hou 1
The resistible rise of market fundamentalism : rethinking development policy in an unbalanced world Richard Kozul-Wright 1
The rise & fall of development theory Colin Leys 1
The role of civil society in Africa's quest for democratization Abadir M. Ibrahim 1
The role of creative ignorance : portraits of pathfinders and path creators Piero Formica 1
The second Chinese revolution Eugenio Bregolat 1
The singularity of western innovation : the language nexus Leonard Dudley 1
The sustainable development theory : a critical approach Ion M. Pohoață 1
The sustainable development theory : a critical approach. Volume 2, When certainties become doubts Ion M. Pohoață 1
The takeover of social policy by financialization : the Brazilian paradox Lena Lavinas 1
The twenty-first century commercial space imperative Anthony Young 1
Themes in development economics : essays on method, peasants and government Mats Lundahl 1
Thinking about development : going back to the basics Ramesh Chandra 1
Tourism marketing for developing countries : battling stereotypes and crises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East Eli Avraham 1
Technology financing and commercialization : exploring the challenges and how nations can build innovative capacity Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat 1
Trade strategy in East Asia : from regionalization to regionalism Fithra Faisal Hastiadi 1
Trading in uncertainty : entrepreneurship, morality and trust in a Vietnamese textile-handling village Esther Horat 1
Transitions to Sustainability François Mancebo 1
Understanding development economics : its challenge to development studies Adam Fforde 1


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