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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 317
  • Editions on this subject: 364
  • Authors on this subject: 272
  • Companies: 28,441
  • Revenue: 207,827 m$
  • Employees: 919,532
  • Books in this series: 13
  • Authors in this series: 8


Top Authors

The main authors on Design by number of books and editions:


There are the 317 books on the Design subject with a total 364 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Design through discovery Marjorie Elliott Bevlin 4
The language of graphic design : an illustrated handbook for understanding fundamental design principles Richard Poulin 3
What is a designer : things, places, messages Norman Potter 3
B is for Bauhaus : an A-Z of the modern world Deyan Sudjic 3
The nature and aesthetics of design David Pye 3
Notan : the dark-light principle of design Dorr Bothwell 3
Design and crime : and other diatribes Hal Foster 3
Basic design : the dynamics of visual form Maurice De Sausmarez 3
Design basics David A. Lauer 3
Design and truth Robert Grudin 2
Minimum John Pawson 2
Thoughts on design Paul Rand 2
Logic and design in art, science & mathematics Krome Barratt 2
Foundations of art and design Alan Pipes 2
Sketchbook : conceptual drawings from the world's most influential designers Timothy O'Donnell 2
Complete technology and design Raymond Caldwell 2
Math and art : an introduction to visual mathematics Sasho Kalajdzievski 2
Design meets disability Graham Pullin 2
Nature in design Alan Powers 2
Design, form and chaos Paul Rand 2
The designer and the grid Lucienne Roberts 2
The design process David Wise 2
Design concepts and applications Frank R. Cheatham 2
Bio design : nature, science, creativity William Myers 2
Design and craft A. Yarwood 2
Design through discovery : the elements and principles Marjorie Elliott Bevlin 2
Designing : an introduction Karl Aspelund 2
Interaction design : from concept to completion Jamie Steane 2
Design futuring : sustainability, ethics and new practice Tony Fry 2
Becoming human by design Tony Fry 2
Life style Bruce Mau 2
How designers think Bryan Lawson 2
How to use images Lindsey Marshall 2
Urban design : the composition of complexity Ronald J. Kasprisin 2
Hallmarks of design : evidence of purposeful design and beauty in nature Stuart Burgess 2
Introduction to two-dimensional design : understanding form and function John Bowers 2
Information visualization : perception for design Colin Ware 2
Pattern design : a book for students treating in a practical way of the anatomy, planning and evolution of repeated ornament Lewis Foreman Day 1
Is Mr Ruskin living too long? : selected writings of E.W. Godwin on Victorian architecture, design and culture E. W. Godwin 1
Paul Rand - a designer's art Paul Rand 1
Isometric perspective designs : and how to create them John Locke 1
Pattern Emma Bridgewater 1
Order in space : a design source book Keith Critchlow 1
Ispirazione = Inspiration notebook tool : design Lucia Pietroni 1
On design : the magic language of things Eva Zeisel 1
OCR design and technology for A level Geoff Hancock 1
Picture this : how pictures work Molly Bang 1
Introduction to graphic design methodologies and processes : understanding theory and application John Bowers 1
Picturing and poeting Alan Fletcher 1
Nuffield design and technology. Resource tasks David Barlex 1
Principles in design William Henry Mayall 1
Introducing pattern : its development and application Dennis Palmer 1
Principles of design through photography Deepak John Mathew 1
Principles of three-dimensional design Wucius Wong 1
Principles of two-dimensional design Wucius Wong 1
Pure design : objects of desire Julien Martínez Calmettes 1
Introducing design : technology across the curriculum Tristram Shepard 1
Introducing craft design & technology Andrew Breckon 1
Richard Box's flowers for embroidery : a step-by-step approach Richard Box 1
Rise of the DEO : leadership by design Maria Giudice 1
Ryan Korban : luxury redefined Ryan Korban 1
Sagmeister & Walsh : beauty Stefan Sagmeister 1
Nuffield design and technology. Teacher's guide David Barlex 1
Line color form : the language of art and design Jesse Day 1
Notes on the synthesis of form Christopher Alexander 1
Next nature Mieke Gerritzen 1
Listening to design : a guide to the creative process Andrew Levitt 1
Living with art Karen Wheeler 1
Lettering and design : practical uses for your handwriting Carole Vincent 1
Lethaby : a continuing presence : seven essays taken from Form in civilization by W.R. Lethaby : a British Thornton Norman Stevenson memorial publication W. R. Lethaby 1
Luxury by design Terence Conran 1
Make : design for 3D printing : scanning, creating, editing, remixing and making in three dimensions Samuel N. Bernier 1
Managing innovation, design and creativity Bettina Von Stamm 1
Martin Szekely Martin Szekely 1
Marty Neumeier's innovation toolkit Marty Neumeier 1
Material matters : new materials in design Philip Howes 1
Let's experience design Mark Wee 1
Material thoughts Dave Bramston 1
Mau - MC24 : Bruce Mau's 24 principles for designing massive change in your life and work Bruce Mau 1
Methodik der Form, und Bildgestaltung = Manuel de création graphique = Graphic design manual : Aufbau, Synthese, Anwendung = form, synthèse, application = principles and practice Armin Hofmann 1
Learn design with Flash MX Linda Goin 1
Sex Mieke Gerritzen 1
Michele De Lucchi : Domotolomeo Silvia Suardi 1
Launching the imagination : a comprehensive guide to basic design Mary Stewart 1
Model to support learning, problem solving & improving focus : pocket work-book Réa De Matas 1
Modelling workbook Steven W. Garner 1
Models & constructs : margin notes to a design culture Norman Potter 1
Modernism in art, design and architecture Christopher Crouch 1
Motif John B. Easson 1
Joinedupdesignforschools John Sorrell 1
Never use pop-up windows Anneloes van Gaalan 1
John Rocha : texture, form, purity, detail John Rocha 1
News Mieke Gerritzen 1
John Pawson : works Deyan Sudjic 1
1000 new designs 2 and where to find them Jennifer Hudson 1
Sex in design Lou Andrea Savoir 1
Understanding visual forms : fundamentals of two and three dimensional design Stewart Kranz 1
Triad optical illusions, and how to design them Harry Turner 1
Triad Conway Lloyd Morgan 1
Transformation : basic principles and methodology of design Roland Knauer 1


Sizing of the Design market:

Number of companies 28,441
Total revenues (m$) 207,827
Total employees 919,532
Total market cap (m$) 31,424
Total assets (b$) 20
Total profits (m$) 630

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 28,441 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Gerente estimate 9,903
Skyworth Group actual 7,355
Arup estimate 6,732
Atkins estimate 6,664
Hdr estimate 6,128
Keller Group actual 2,976
Stantec actual 2,908
Dar Al-handasah (shair And Partners) estimate 2,649
Abcd estimate 2,456
Private Company estimate 2,372
Salon estimate 2,252
99designs estimate 1,770
Khatib & Alami Cec estimate 1,478
Gamil Design estimate 1,021
Mine™ estimate 922
Fabrica estimate 861
Dps Engineering estimate 812
Vivo estimate 784
JSTI Group actual 741
Thornton Tomasetti estimate 736
Ideo estimate 732
Studio Professionale estimate 720
Rs&h estimate 716
Cannondesign estimate 699
Hba/hirsch Bedner Associates estimate 654
Pxd estimate 623
Bakery estimate 616
Gpi / Greenman-pedersen estimate 614
Tamura actual 613
Designit estimate 599
Free-lance Design Service estimate 565
Pennoni Associates estimate 526
Mts Systems estimate 526
Code And Theory estimate 512
Work estimate 511
Figma estimate 508
Gray estimate 491
Fjord estimate 485
Mine estimate 478
Shop estimate 466
Shanghai La Chapelle Garment And Accessories estimate 448
Parliament estimate 444
Affiliated Engineers estimate 436
Flos estimate 421
Mod Worldwide estimate 417
Graphic Design estimate 405
Royal College Of Art estimate 402
Claro estimate 388
Rapac Communication & Infrastructure actual 386
Tétris estimate 385
Space Matrix Design Consultants estimate 372
Drift estimate 361
Hochschule Trier estimate 360
Paradigm estimate 360
Wapcos estimate 333
Tata Elxsi actual 333
Acne Studios Ab estimate 330
Radio Kiev estimate 317
Creative Synergies Group estimate 315
设计癖( estimate 307
Frog estimate 305
Artemide estimate 303
Monotype estimate 300
Shenzhen Architectural Design Research Institute estimate 298
Middough estimate 296
Conciencia Diamante estimate 293
Owner Revolution estimate 293
Bakerhicks estimate 291
Ealing Hospital estimate 286
Occhio Gmbh estimate 283
Aq estimate 283
Mesco estimate 271
Zu Hause E.v estimate 271
Mykita estimate 271
Designlab estimate 269
Anywhere estimate 265
Universidade Do Estado Da Bahia estimate 265
Waterworks estimate 264
Naba Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti estimate 260
Naffco estimate 257
Da-nang estimate 247
Syntronic - A Global Design House estimate 246
Cambridge Consultants estimate 245
Ueb estimate 245
Me Engineers estimate 234
Silesian University Of Technology estimate 231
Indépendante estimate 229
Gw estimate 226
Syska Hennessy Group estimate 224
Fantasy estimate 223
Fd estimate 222
Confidentiel estimate 222
Etu estimate 221
Selbständig estimate 221
Confecçoes estimate 215
Lemon estimate 213
Jkr estimate 212
Intelizign Engineering Services Pvt estimate 212
Acme Scenic & Display estimate 211
Hay estimate 208


The 8 authors in this series in our database:



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