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  • Book: Ballet
  • Author: Jane Bingham
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  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Books on this subject: 118
  • Editions on this subject: 128
  • Authors on this subject: 112
  • Books in this series: 16
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There are the 118 books on the Dance subject with a total 128 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Physical theatres : a critical introduction Simon David Murray 3
Essential guide to dance Linda Ashley 3
A sense of dance : exploring your movement potential Constance A. Schrader 3
Dance on screen : genres and media from Hollywood to experimental art Sherril Dodds 2
A dictionary of theatre anthropology : the secret art of the performer Eugenio Barba 2
Dance now Jan Murray 2
Dancing with cats Burton Silver 2
Poems for the dance Scott Thurston 1
Physics and dance Emily Coates 1
Physics and the art of dance : understanding movement Kenneth Laws 1
'New studies' : classical Greek dance _ Ruby Ginner method : word dances with mime and music Henrietta Fairhead 1
Quickstep Paul Bottomer 1
Performing Korea Patrice Pavis 1
Rhythm and timing of movement in performance : drama, dance and ceremony Janet Goodridge 1
Shall we dance? Anne Barton 1
Streb : how to become an extreme action hero Elizabeth Streb 1
Strength and conditioning for dancers Matthew Wyon 1
Recueil de dances : contenant un très grand nombres, des meillieures entrées de ballet de M. Pecour, tant pour homme que pour femmes, dont la plus grande partie ont été dancées à l'Opera Raoul Auger Feuillet 1
New York City and the Hollywood musical : dancing in the streets Martha Shearer 1
Performance generating systems in dance : dramaturgy, psychology, and performativity Pil Hansen 1
The Arbeau branles : (and some branles coupés) as originally printed in Early Dance (volumes I & IV) Peggy Dixon 1
Modernism and still life : artists, writers, dancers Claudia Tobin 1
Making an entrance : theory and practice for disabled and non-disabled dancers Adam Benjamin 1
Looking at dances : a choreological perspective on choreography Valerie Preston-Dunlop 1
Letters on dancing and ballets Jean Georges Noverre 1
Lap dancing Rebecca Drury 1
Knowing in my bones Ruth Foster 1
Keeping together in time : dance and drill in human history William Hardy McNeill 1
Jérôme Bel : dance, theatre, and the subject Gerald Siegmund 1
Gordon Craig on movement and dance Edward Gordon Craig 1
From HRT to THR2? Ann Levy 1
T'ai Chi dance : movements 1 - 184 : explained in an easy to follow format Sheila Dickinson 1
The Laban sourcebook Rudolf von Laban 1
Finding balance : fitness, training, and health for a lifetime in dance Gigi M. Berardi 1
Through the eyes of a dancer : selected writings Wendy Perron 1
Yvonne Rainer : The mind is a muscle Catherine Wood 1
Your move Ann Hutchinson Guest 1
Writings on dance, 1938-68 A. V. Coton 1
Writing, dancing together Valerie A. Briginshaw 1
Writing dance, righting dance : articulations on a choreographic process Diana Theodores 1
Writing about dance Wendy Oliver 1
World dance cultures : from ritual to spectacle Patricia Beaman 1
Why dance matters Mindy Aloff 1
Trattato del ballo nobile Giovanni Battista Dufort 1
Transcendental dancing Joy Philippou 1
Trajal Harrell : hoochie koochie Trajal Harrell 1
Traité sur l'art de la danse Malpied 1
Theatre & dance Kate Elswit 1
The art of lap dancing Mike Aldridge 1
The world of ballet and dance Mike Davis 1
The tai chi two-person dance : tai chi with a partner Jonathan Russell 1
The sexual politics of ballroom dancing Vicki Harman 1
The sevenfold circle : self awareness in dance Lynn Frances 1
The pineapple dance book : an insider's guide to all that's best in dance and exercise today Debbie Moore 1
The mythology of dance Harry Edwin Eiss 1
The dancers guide for the 1980s Frank Borrows 1
The dancer's image : points & counterpoints Walter Sorell 1
The dance workshop Robert Cohan 1
The dance handbook Allen Robertson 1
The dance experience : insights into history, culture and creativity Myron Howard Nadel 1
The best dance moves in the world - ever! : 100 new and classic moves and how to bust them Matt Pagett 1
Fleeting instants Marion-Valentine 1
Everything I learned about life, I learned in dance class Abby Lee Miller 1
Exploring dance forms and styles : a guide to concert, world, social, and historical dance Helene Scheff 1
Beginning musical theatre dance Diana Dart Harris 1
Dance Louise Tythacott 1
Dance Eleanor Van Zandt 1
Conditioning for dance Eric N. Franklin 1
Concepts in modern educational dance H. B. Redfern 1
Choreographing problems : expressive concepts in European contemporary dance and performance Bojana Cvejić 1
Choreographing discourses : a Mark Franko reader Mark Franko 1
Canllaw i hanfodion : byd y ddawns Linda Ashley 1
Brazilian bodies and their choreographies of identification : swing nation Cristina F. Rosa 1
Boys, bass and bother : popular dance and identity in UK drum 'n' bass club culture Jo Hall 1
Beyond words : movement observation and analysis Carol-Lynne Moore 1
Belly dance, pilgrimage and identity Barbara Sellers-Young 1
Anthropology and the dance : ten lectures Drid Williams 1
Dance a while : a handbook for folk, square, contra, and social dance Anne Pittman 1
André Levinson on dance : writings from Paris in the twenties André Levinson 1
An essay for the improvement of dancing E. Pemberton 1
Alvin Ailey dance moves! : a new way to exercise Lise Friedman 1
Akram Khan : dancing new interculturalism Royona Mitra 1
Acting and being : explorations in embodied performance Elizabeth Hess 1
Abbregé de la nouvelle méthode dans l'art d'écrire ou de traçer toutes sortes de danses de ville ... Pierre Rameau 1
AQA GCSE dance Maggie Clunie 1
A life in storytelling : anecdotes, stories to tell, stories with movement and dance, suggestions for educators Binnie Tate Wilkin 1
A life for dance : reminiscences Rudolf von Laban 1
A dancer's world : an introduction Margot Fonteyn 1
10 amazing gangnam style tips Jack Goldstein 1
Dance Lucy Smith 1
Dance and the Alexander technique : exploring the missing link Rebecca Nettl-Fiol 1
Evolution of body rhythm & dynamic shaping : including competitive standard ballroom figures Geoffrey Hearn 1
Dance theory and practice : a handbook for lecturers and teachers, choreographers and dancers and students of dance Reg Howlett 1
(re)positioning site dance : local acts, global perspectives Karen Nicole Barbour 1
Ethno identity dance for sex, fun and profit : staging popular dances around the world Anthony Shay 1
Erotic performance and spectatorship : new frontiers in erotic dance Katy Pilcher 1
Embodied philosophy in dance : Gaga and Ohad Naharin's movement research Einav Katan-Schmid 1
Dynamic alignment through imagery Eric Franklin 1
Devising dance and music : idée fixe : experimental sound and movement theatre Leigh Landy 1
Dancing across the page : narrative and embodied ways of knowing Karen Nicole Barbour 1


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