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Key facts:
  • Art Movement Era: 20th century 1900-1945
  • Art Movement Era Covered: 1909 - 1945 (average: 1918)
  • Artworks: 41
  • Book: Cubism
  • Author: José Pierre
  • Bnb Id: GB7015628
  • Publication Date: 1969
  • Artists: 16
  • Books on this subject: 39
  • Editions on this subject: 42
  • Authors on this subject: 35



There are 41 artworks within the Cubism movement between 1909 and 1945 in our database:


There are 1 museums with this movement in their collection:

Museum Artworks
Tate Museums 41


Gender distribution in represented artists:

Gender Artists Distribution
male 17 100.0%

Top Authors

The main authors on Cubism by number of books and editions:


There are the 39 books on the Cubism subject with a total 42 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Cubism Anne Ganteführer-Trier 3
Cubism : a history and an analysis, 1907-1914 John Golding 2
Albert Gleizes : cubism with a future Walter Firpo 1
Jacques Lipchitz : the first cubist sculptor Cathy Pütz 1
Key words Albert Gleizes 1
Mondrian Piet Mondrian 1
Paul Klee and cubism Jim M. Jordan 1
Picasso Timothy Hilton 1
Picasso and the invention of Cubism Pepe Karmel 1
Primitivism, cubism, abstraction : the early twentieth century Charles Harrison 1
Souvenirs : le cubisme 1908-1914 Albert Gleizes 1
Georges Braque/Juan Gris/Fernand Leger/Pablo Picasso Christopher Green 1
Spirituality, rhythm, form Albert Gleizes 1
The Cubists Paul Waldo Schwartz 1
The Parisian avant-garde in the age of cinema, 1900-1923 Jennifer Wild 1
The Park Avenue Cubists : Gallatin, Morris, Frelinghuysen and Shaw Robert S. Lubar 1
The Picasso papers Rosalind E. Krauss 1
The cubist epoch Douglas Cooper 1
The epic : from immobile form to mobile form Albert Gleizes 1
Happy! Romero Britto 1
From Cubism to classicism Gino Severini 1
Georges Braque : a life Alex Danchev 1
Braque Georges Braque 1
Braque Lara Vinca Masini 1
Cubism Albert Gleizes 1
Cubism Dorothea Eimert 1
Cubism José Pierre 1
Cubism Neil Cox 1
Cubism Nicholas Wadley 1
Cubism Philip Cooper 1
Cubism Pierre Cabanne 1
Cubism : the disrupted and the constructed image ; Language of the feelings : figuration and abstraction in Expressionist art ; Futurist art and the dynamism of modern life Norbert Lynton 1
Cubism and Futurism : spiritual machines and the cinematic effect Bruce Elder 1
Cubism and abstract art : painting, sculpture, constructions, photography, architecture, industrial art, theatre, films, posters, typography Alfred H. Barr 1
Cubism and futurism : the evolution of the self-sufficient picture Maly Gerhardus 1
Cubism and its histories David Cottington 1
Cubism, futurism and constructivism John Malcolm Nash 1
Cubists and Cubism Pierre Daix 1
William Roberts : an English cubist Andrew Gibbon Williams 1

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