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Doing psychology critically : making a difference in diverse settings Isaac Prilleltensky 3
The hidden roots of critical psychology : understanding the impact of Locke, Shaftesbury and Reid Michael Billig 2
Psychology after the crisis : scientific paradigms and political debate Ian Parker 2
A critical history of schizophrenia Kieran McNally 1
Psychoanalyzing the Left and Right after Donald Trump : conservatism, liberalism, and neoliberal populisms Robert Samuels 1
Wittgenstein's philosophy in psychology : interpretations and applications in historical context Gavin Brent Sullivan 1
The metamorphoses of the brain : neurologisation and its discontents Jan de Vos 1
The digitalisation of (inter)subjectivity : a psy-critique of the digital death drive Jan de Vos 1
Sleeplessness : assessing sleep need in society today James Horne 1
Rethinking sport and exercise psychology research : past, present and future Peter Hassmén 1
Religion and critical psychology : religious experience in the knowledge economy Jeremy R. Carrette 1
Psychology, society, and subjectivity : an introduction to German critical psychology Charles W. Tolman 1
Psychology through critical auto-ethnography : academic discipline, professional practice and reflexive history Ian Parker 1
Psychology society and subjectivity Charles W. Tolman 1
Psychology after psychoanalysis : psychosocial studies and beyond Ian Parker 1
Psychiatry under the influence : institutional corruption, social injury and prescriptions for reform Robert Whitaker 1
A critical psychology : interpretation of the personal world Edmund V. O'Sullivan 1
Psychiatric diagnosis revisited : from DSM to clinical case formulation Stijn Vanheule 1
Neoliberal psychology Carl Ratner 1
Medicalizing counselling : issues and tensions Tom Strong 1
Growing critical : alternatives to developmental psychology John R. Morss 1
Feeling bodies : embodying psychology John Cromby 1
Fanon, education, and action : child as method Erica Burman 1
Ecological crisis, sustainability and the psychosocial subject : beyond behaviour change Matthew Adams 1
Cultural and critical explorations in community psychology : the inner city intern Heather MacDonald 1
Critical discursive psychology Ian Parker 1
Building a new community psychology of mental health : spaces, places, people and activities Carl Walker 1
A history of "relevance" in psychology Wahbie Long 1
A critical psychology of the postcolonial : the mind of apartheid Derek Hook 1
Writing the Structures of the Subject : Lacan and Topology Will. Greenshields 1


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