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Public order and private lives : the politics of law and order Mike Brake 3
Regulating fraud : white-collar crime and the criminal process Michael Levi 3
Where next for criminal justice? David Faulkner 2
Crime, state and citizen : a field full of folk David Faulkner 2
Negotiating domestic violence : police, criminal justice and victims Carolyn Hoyle 2
Making amends : mediation and reparation in criminal justice Gwynn Davis 2
Licence to kill : Britain's surrender to violence David Fraser 2
Justice on trial : radical solutions for a system at breaking point Chris Daw 2
Responses to crime David James George Hennessy Windlesham 2
In the name of the law : the collapse of criminal justice David Rose 2
Forgiving justice : a Quaker vision for criminal justice Tim Newell 2
English criminal justice Edmond Gabbay 2
The criminal process Andrew Ashworth 2
The criminal process : an evaluative study Andrew Ashworth 2
The culture of control : crime and social order in contemporary society David Garland 2
Defendants in the criminal process Anthony E. Bottoms 2
Police custody : governance, legitimacy and reform in the criminal justice process Layla Skinns 2
Victimology : the victim and the criminal justice process Sandra Walklate 2
Victims of crime and community justice Brian Williams 2
Research and criminal policy John Croft 1
Transportation not necessary C. B. Adderley 1
Reimagining black art and criminology : a new criminological imagination Martin Glynn 1
Reimagining rehabilitation : beyond the individual Lol Burke 1
Reoffending : a practitioner's guide to working with offenders and offending behaviour in the criminal justice system Jonathan Hussey 1
Thirty-six murders & two immoral earnings Ludovic Kennedy 1
Punishment and welfare : a history of penal strategies David Garland 1
Rethinking miscarriages of justice : beyond the tip of the iceberg Michael Naughton 1
The victim in criminal law and justice Tyrone Kirchengast 1
Right for the wrong reasons : making sense of criminal justice failure Richard Garside 1
Servant of the crown : a civil servant's story of criminal justice and public service reform David Faulkner 1
Sex crime : sex offending and society Terry Thomas 1
Shaping the criminal justice system : the role of those supported by criminal justice services Beth Weaver 1
Truth, error, and criminal law : an essay in legal epistemology Larry Laudan 1
Punishing violence Antonia Cretney 1
Signs of trouble : aspects of delinquency Laurie Taylor 1
Public safety and civil liberties Richard L. Clutterbuck 1
Unlocking the prison muse : the inspirations and effects of prisoners' writing in Britain Julian Broadhead 1
Public protection and the criminal justice process Mike Nash 1
Protection and accountability : the reporting, investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases : a research and literature review Kate Paradine 1
Privatising justice : the security industry and crime control Wendy Fitzgibbon 1
Privatisation in criminal justice : key issues and debates Christopher Hamerton 1
Prisons and the process of justice : the reductionist challenge Andrew Rutherford 1
Victims' experiences of the criminal justice response to domestic abuse : beyond glasswalls Emma Forbes 1
Preventive justice Andrew Ashworth 1
Preventive Justice and the Power of Policy Transfer James Thomas Ogg 1
Presumed guilty : the British legal system exposed Michael Mansfield 1
Policing and criminal justice Christopher Blake 1
The state of our prisons Roy D. King 1
The new Ministry of Justice : an introduction Bryan Gibson 1
The monstering of Myra Hindley Nina Wilde 1
The state of justice Michael Zander 1
The metamorphosis of criminal justice : a comparative account Jacqueline Hodgson 1
The making of criminal justice policy Sue Hobbs 1
The imprisonment of the innocent Malcolm Sinclair 1
The framework of criminal justice Michael King 1
The enemy without : policing and class consciousness in the miners' strike Penny Green 1
The decision to prosecute A. F. Wilcox 1
The policy making process in the criminal justice system Adrian Barton 1
The prisoners' dilemma : political economy and punishment in contemporary democracies Nicola Lacey 1
The prosecutor Nazir Afzal 1
The criminal process Liz Campbell 1
The short guide to criminal justice Lisa O'Malley 1
The criminal justice system : landscape review Amyas Morse 1
The cost of crime Norman Fowler 1
The control of commercial fraud L. H. Leigh 1
The coalition years : criminal justice in the United Kingdom 2010 to 2015 Richard Garside 1
The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield : a prison diary Trenton Oldfield 1
The Public Prosecution Service : setting the standard Keir Starmer 1
The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 : a basic guide for practitioners Leonard Jason-Lloyd 1
The Corston report : a report by Baronness Jean Corston of a review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the criminal justice system : the need for a distinct, radically different, visibly-led, strategic, proportionate, holistic, woman-centred, integrated approach Jean Corston 1
The Bradley report : Lord Bradley's review of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities in the criminal justice system : executive summary Keith John Charles Bradley 1
Text and materials on the criminal justice process Nicola Padfield 1
Taking its toll : the regressive impact of property crime in Britain David Lammy 1
Police reform : forces for change Stephen P. Savage 1
System of justice : an introduction to the criminal justice system in England and Wales Mike Fitzgerald 1
Summary justice : judges address juries Paul Robertshaw 1
Summary justice : are magistrates up to it? Roger Farrington 1
Some notes on the Metropolitan Police, London : with some footnotes on magistrates courts Bill Griffiths 1
Some afterthoughts on the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice in England and Wales W. G. Runciman 1
Social inquiry reports : a survey Jennifer Thorpe 1
Simple justice Charles A. Murray 1
'War with crime' : papers on crime, reformatories, etc. J. Barwick Lloyd Baker 1
Perverting the course of justice : how law and order collapsed while your back was turned Inspector Gadget 1
Criminal judges : legitimacy, courts and state-induced guilty pleas in Britain Michael McConville 1
Crime and criminal justice since 1945 Terence Morris 1
Crime and criminology : a critical introduction Nigel Walker 1
Crime in Britain Today Clive Borrell 1
Crime, policy and the media : the shaping of criminal justice, 1989-2010 Jon Silverman 1
Crimes of mobility : criminal law and the regulation of immigration Ana J. Aliverti 1
Criminal Justice Act 1993 Rudi Fortson 1
Criminal justice Ursula Smartt 1
Crime and civil society : can we become a more law-abiding people? David G. Green 1
Criminal justice 2000 : strategies for a new century Michael Cavadino 1
Criminal justice : an introduction Peter Joyce 1
Criminal justice : text and materials Martin Wasik 1
Criminal justice and the treatment of offenders J. D. McClean 1
Criminal justice in England and the United States J. David Hirschel 1
Criminal justice system in England and Wales Gordon C. Barclay 1
Crime and criminal justice policy Tim Newburn 1
Crime : how to solve it - and why so much of what we're told is wrong Nick Ross 1



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