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Key facts:
  • Book: Counting
  • Author: Lynne J. Bradbury
  • Bnb Id: GB7822624
  • Publication Date: 1978
  • Books on this subject: 244
  • Editions on this subject: 253
  • Authors on this subject: 203


Top Authors

The main authors on Counting-Juvenile literature by number of books and editions:


There are the 244 books on the Counting-Juvenile literature subject with a total 253 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Counting Lynne J. Bradbury 3
Miss Spider's tea party David Kirk 2
Emeka's gift : an African counting story Ifeoma Onyefulu 2
Cats can't count : why we learn to count Maria Gordon 2
Numbers Katie Dicker 2
My first 123 Maxine Davenport 2
Counting Karen Bryant-Mole 2
Many hands counting book Brita Granström 2
Numbers and colours Philip R. Harrison 1
Number puzzles Rose Griffiths 1
New spectrum maths. Number. Year 3 pupil book David Kirkby 1
New spectrum maths. Number. Year 6 pupil book David Kirkby 1
Now for my next number! : songs for multiplying fun Margaret Park 1
One child one seed : a South African counting book Kathryn Cave 1
Number Ruth Merttens 1
Number activities Ray Gibson 1
Number farm Stephen Holmes 1
Number games Rose Griffiths 1
Number one, tickle your tum John Prater 1
Number parade : a wildlife counting book Jakki Wood 1
Number recognition and counting and quantity workbook Melissa Del'Homme 1
Numbers = T͡sifri Carrie Norman 1
Numbers Bridget Gibbs 1
Ocean counting Janet Lawler 1
Numbers Patrick George 1
My pretty pink counting bag Tim Bugbird 1
Numbers. Age 3-5 Carol Medcalf 1
Numbers Roma Samri 1
Numbers Sarah Bingham 1
Numbers Sue Atkinson 1
Numbers = Cyfry Carrie Norman 1
Numbers at the park Charles Ghigna 1
My turn to count Gill Davies 1
My granny went to market : a round-the-world counting rhyme Stella Blackstone 1
One on a web : counting animals at home Ginger Wadsworth 1
My first sticker counting book Jo Lodge 1
Monster munchies Laura Joffe Numeroff 1
More and less Brienna Rossiter 1
Music and maths Duza Stosic 1
My Arctic 1,2,3 Michael Kusugak 1
My Bible counting book 1 2 3 Anne Pilmoor 1
My Christmas counting book Ann Ricketts 1
My Ireland counting book Eoin Ryan 1
My Oxford numbers board book Peter Patilla 1
My Oxford pop-up surprise 123 Robert Crowther 1
My awesome counting book Dawn Machell 1
My counting book Keith Faulkner 1
My first 1 2 3 Sarah Davis 1
My first 123 Sarah Davis 1
My first 123 book Caroline Church 1
My first Mandarin words with Gordon & Li Li Michele Wong McSween 1
My first Oxford book of numbers Peter Patilla 1
My first board books Julie Fletcher 1
My first book of learning Jane Horne 1
My first book of numbers Alain Grée 1
My first book of numbers Julie Park 1
My first counting big book Julie Park 1
My first counting book Hugh Kingsley 1
My first counting book Julie Park 1
My first library Deborah Fox 1
My first little library Alain Grée 1
My first numbers and shapes pack : numeracy for the preschool child Sheila Hanly 1
My first one, two, three! with Baby Boo Jeannette Rowe 1
One fluffy baa-lamb, ten hairy caterpillars Nick Sharratt 1
"Counting family" Natalie Axander 1
One rich rajah Sheila Front 1
Money Penny Dowdy 1
Teaching bears to count Gwenda Turner 1
Teddy bears' counting book Ann Ricketts 1
Teeth, tails, & tentacles : an animal counting book Christopher Wormell 1
Ten bright eyes Judy Hindley 1
Ten cheeky monkeys : story Jan Pollard 1
Ten little Christmas angels Deborah Campbell-Todd 1
Ten little mice Pamela Storey 1
Ten on a train : a cut-out counting book John O'Leary 1
The Emperor who forgot his birthday Jim Edmiston 1
The baby elephant Shahram Parvin 1
The crayon counting book Pam Muñoz Ryan 1
The elephant's counting book Lesley Blackman 1
The monster book of numbers Calvin Innes 1
The most amazing hide-and-seek counting book Robert Crowther 1
The numbers family Denise Evans 1
The official Manchester United counting book Paul Broadbent 1
The ultimate animal counting book Jennifer Cossins 1
Tinkerbell's troublesome train Andrew Lunness 1
Toasty toes : counting in tens Michael Dahl 1
Turn and learn : learn to spell, learn to count Fiona Redmond 1
Twelve days of winter : a wildlife celebration Sherri Maret 1
Two bears have a picnic : a pop-up book of counting Simone Abel 1
Using numbers Ann Montague-Smith 1
Water babies : counting Zena Holloway 1
Wheels Mary Lee 1
When you're not looking- : a storytime counting book Maggie Kneen 1
You can count on monsters : the first 100 numbers and their characters Richard Evan Schwartz 1
Take off with number : Rummikub activities workbook : mathematics solutions for specific learning difficulties Jan Poustie 1
Take off with number Sally Hewitt 1
Still another number book Seymour Chwast 1
Pirates at sea : on counting and numbers Sally Hewitt 1
One teddy, lots of teddies Debbie MacKinnon 1
One tiger growls : a counting book of animal sounds Ginger Wadsworth 1



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