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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 257
  • Editions on this subject: 286
  • Authors on this subject: 204
  • Companies: 5,971
  • Revenue: 361,219 m$
  • Employees: 977,506


Top Authors

The main authors on Cosmetics by number of books and editions:


There are the 257 books on the Cosmetics subject with a total 286 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The make-up book Joy Terri 4
The 5-minute face : the quick and easy makeup guide for every woman Carmindy 3
Vogue make-up Juliet Cohen 3
Harry's cosmeticology Ralph G. Harry 3
Your makeover : simple ways for any woman to look her best Morgen Schick 2
Beauty book Susan Curtis 2
Bobbi Brown makeup manual : for everyone from beginner to pro Bobbi Brown 2
The make-up manual : your beauty guide for brows, eyes, skin, lips and more Lisa Potter-Dixon 2
Face forward Kevyn Aucoin 2
The green beauty bible : the ultimate guide to being naturally gorgeous Sarah Stacey 2
The art of makeup Kevyn Aucoin 2
The beauty of color : the ultimate beauty guide for skin of color Iman 2
Make-up Rosie Watson 2
Standing out : my look, my style, my life Katie Price 2
Making faces Kevyn Aucoin 2
The power of makeup : looking your level best at every age Trish McEvoy 2
Natural bodycare : creating aromatherapy cosmetics for health and beauty Julia Meadows 2
Introduction to cosmetic formulation and technology Gabriella Baki 2
Make-up makeovers : expert secrets for stunning transformations Robert Jones 2
Cosmetics guide Joan Price 2
Handmade spa : natural treatments to revive and restore Juliette Goggin 2
Get positively beautiful : the ultimate guide to looking and feeling gorgeous Carmindy 2
Your beauty mark : the ultimate guide to eccentric glamour Dita Von Teese 2
How to make cosmetics Gloria Goddard 2
Plastic surgery without the surgery : the miracle of makeup techniques Eve Pearl 1
Perfumes, cosmetics and soaps. Vol.2, The production, manufacture and application of perfumes W. A. Poucher 1
Peter Shen's makeup for success Peter Shen 1
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for topical administration N. J. Van Abbé 1
Perfumes, cosmetics and soaps : with special reference to sythetics. Vol.3, Being a treatise on modern cosmetics W. A. Poucher 1
Perfume & cosmetics Stuart Cochrane 1
Practical cosmetic science Anne Young 1
Poucher's perfumes, cosmetics, and soaps. Vol. 3, Cosmetics W. A. Poucher 1
Power of the seed : your guide to oils for health & beauty Susan M. Parker 1
One woman 100 faces Francesca Tolot 1
Practical make-up Linda Meredith 1
Principles and practice of perfumery and cosmetics George Howard 1
ProMakeup design book Lan Nguyen-Grealis 1
Real beauty : achievable beauty for real women Emma Bannister 1
Recipes for natural beauty : an authoritative guide to making your own body, skin and hair care preparations, complete with a glossary of commercial and natural cosmetic ingredients Romy Fraser 1
Robert Jones' makeup masterclass : a complete course in makeup for all levels, beginner to pro Robert Jones 1
Ruby Hammer's make-up tips : This morning Fonny Lane 1
Ruby's 1 minute make-up tips Ruby Hammer 1
Palette : the beauty bible for women of colour Funmi Fetto 1
Natural recipes for perfect skin Pierre Jean Cousin 1
Non-fragrance allergens in cosmetics. Part 1 and 2 Anton C. de Groot 1
New looks from Barbara Daly Barbara Daly 1
Makeup makeovers - weddings : stunning looks for the entire bridal party Robert Jones 1
Makeup makeovers : beauty secrets for stunning transformations using nothing more than makeup Robert Jones 1
Makeup makeovers : expert secrets for stunning transformations Robert Jones 1
Makeup makeovers in 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes : expert secrets for stunning transformations Robert Jones 1
Makeup makeovers in 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes : expert secrets for stunning transformations Robert Jones 1
Makeup wakeup : revitalising your look at any age Lois Joy Johnson 1
Making faces Dennie Pasion 1
Making faces Joan Price 1
Making faces Kathleen Jones 1
Making natural beauty products Sally W. Trew 1
Making natural cosmetics : beauty the way nature intended Margaret Briggs 1
Making quality cosmetics : good manufacturing practice and ISO 22716:2007 Alastair J. Gilchrist 1
Making your own cosmetics Ruth Rivers 1
Making your own cosmetics : including make-up, perfumes, hair, skin-care and personal hygiene preparations for men and women, aromatherapy J. Sholto Douglas 1
Microemulsions in cosmetics Hideo Nakajima 1
Milady standard esthetics : fundamentals Joel Gerson 1
Milady's standard fundamentals for estheticians Joel Gerson 1
Mom spa : 75 relaxing ways to pamper a mother's mind, body, and soul Jennifer Basye Sander 1
Mother Nature's beauty cupboard Donna Lawson 1
Natural and herbal beauty care Sally Ann Voak 1
Natural beauty : homemade recipes for radiant skin and hair Elizabeth TenHouten 1
Natural beauty alchemy : make your own organic cleansers, creams, serums, shampoos, balms, and more Fifi M. Maacaron 1
Natural beauty masks and other homemade scrubs + lotions Caroline Artiss 1
Sephora : the ultimate guide to makeup, skin, and hair from the beauty authority Melissa Schweiger 1
Natural recipes for perfect skin : cosmetic masks and lotions that are good enough to eat Pierre Jean Cousin 1
Natural skincare for all seasons : a modern guide to growing & making plant-based products Silvana de Soissons 1
Natural spa products : secrets of the cosmetic industry revealed : how to make your own professional and home spa products using natural ingredients Kolbjørn Borseth 1
Science and the beauty business John V. Simmons 1
Skin food : skin & hair care recipes from nature Sophie Thompson 1
Seventeen ultimate guide to beauty : the best hair, skin, nails & makeup ideas for you Ann Shoket 1
The natural beauty book : a simple guide to do-it-yourself skin and body care Clare Maxwell-Hudson 1
The formulation and preparation of cosmetics, fragrances and flavors Louis Appell 1
The gilded lily Terence McLaughlin 1
The handbook of style : expert fashion and beauty advice Francine Maroukian 1
The holistic beauty book : over 100 natural recipes for beautiful skin Star Khechara 1
The holistic beauty book : over 100 natural recipes for gorgeous healthy skin Star Khechara 1
The human face John Liggett 1
The little book of skin care : Korean beauty secrets for healthy, glowing skin Charlotte Cho 1
The makeover manual : from Color Me Beautiful Mary Spillane 1
The makeup book Leigh Toselli 1
The makeup of a confident woman : the science of beauty, the gift of time, and the power of putting your best face forward Trish McEvoy 1
The multifacial make-up book Sarah Greene 1
The natural beauty & bath book : nature's luxurious recipes for body & skin care Casey Kellar 1
The nature of beauty Imelda Burke 1
The daily face : 25 makeup looks for day, night, and everything in between! Annamarie Tendler 1
The nature of beauty : organic skincare, botanical beauty rituals and clean cosmetics Imelda Burke 1
The new beauty secrets : your ultimate guide to a flawless face Laura Mercier 1
The thrifty girl's guide to glamour : living the beautiful life on little or no money Susie Galvez 1
The ultimate natural beauty bible Sarah Stacey 1
Timeless makeup : a step-by-step guide to looking younger Rae Morris 1
To hell in high heels Helena Frith Powell 1
Traité de mésothérapie Jacques Le Coz 1
Tricks for perfect 10 make-up Marta Guillén Muñoz 1
Two-faced : confessions of a soap opera make-up artist Timothy Alan 1


Sizing of the Cosmetics market:

Number of companies 5,971
Total revenues (m$) 361,219
Total employees 977,506
Total market cap (m$) 238,216
Total assets (b$) 78
Total profits (m$) 5,340

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 5,971 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Avon estimate 49,580
L'Oréal actual 35,564
Oriflame estimate 20,738
Mary Kay estimate 17,002
Mac Cosmetics estimate 11,284
Natura estimate 8,727
Beiersdorf actual 7,649
Amika estimate 7,270
Kiko Milano estimate 6,578
The Estée Lauder Companies estimate 6,324
Revlon estimate 5,614
Coty actual 5,304
Clinique estimate 5,228
Shiseido estimate 4,869
Toko estimate 4,832
Kanebo Cosmetics estimate 4,297
Lr Health & Beauty Systems Gmbh estimate 4,180
L'occitane En Provence estimate 4,114
Belcorp estimate 3,601
Parfümerie Douglas estimate 3,475
Rituals estimate 3,372
Aveda estimate 2,984
Parfums Christian Dior estimate 2,395
Natura &co estimate 2,385
Naos (bioderma - Institut Esthederm - Etat Pur) estimate 2,322
Guerlain estimate 2,130
Revlon actual 2,113
Jafra Cosmetics International estimate 2,106
KOSÉ actual 2,083
Grupo Boticário estimate 2,028
Yanbal International estimate 1,953
Yves Rocher estimate 1,888
Mary Kay China estimate 1,619
Limelight By Alcone estimate 1,331
Alfaparf Milano estimate 1,307
Benefit Cosmetics estimate 1,276
Elizabeth Arden estimate 1,260
Senegence International estimate 1,241
Pola Orbis actual 1,168
Ideal Image estimate 1,141
Clarins Group estimate 1,100
Shinsegae International actual 1,063
Davines estimate 1,036
Dermalogica estimate 1,033
La Prairie Group estimate 1,023
Marionnaud estimate 1,005
Salon De Coiffure estimate 1,001
Chromavis Fareva estimate 894
Éditions De L'ogre estimate 886
Jequiti Cosméticos estimate 882
Kosmetik estimate 865
Nars Cosmetics estimate 822
Nyx Professional Makeup estimate 781
Grupo Hinode - Oficial estimate 774
Avon Products estimate 774
Sisley Paris estimate 773
Farmasi̇ estimate 710
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics estimate 698
Aesop estimate 660
Make Up For Ever estimate 656
Kicks Kosmetikkedjan Ab estimate 651
Kohinoor Chemical Company (pvt) estimate 574
Interparfums actual 562
Nutrimetics estimate 561
Nazih Group estimate 548
Mosbeau estimate 524
Huda Beauty estimate 524
Oriflame estimate 517
Tarte Cosmetics estimate 471
John Paul Mitchell Systems estimate 460
Sesderma estimate 459
H&m Beauty estimate 424
nomakenolife estimate 418
Scion International estimate 418
TAKASKI.COM estimate 418
Inglot estimate 407
Foreo estimate 407
Adopt'​ Parfums estimate 403
Laura Mercier Cosmetics estimate 397
Eudora estimate 396
e.l.f. Beauty actual 392
Cosnova Gmbh estimate 390
Merle Norman Cosmetics estimate 384
Shanghai Bairun Investment Holding Group actual 377
Yves Rocher Italia estimate 374
Avon Cosmetics Srl - Italia estimate 370
Maesa Group estimate 366
Seacret estimate 366
Wella estimate 365
Rasasi Perfumes Industry estimate 363
Vlcc Personalcare estimate 363
Racco Cosméticos estimate 356
Bliss estimate 351
Embelleze estimate 343
Murad estimate 341
Salerm Cosmetics estimate 332
Urban Decay Cosmetics estimate 326
Nahrin Swisscare estimate 325
Mana Products estimate 324
Annique Health And Beauty estimate 323



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