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There are the 58 books on the Contract bridge-Collections of games subject with a total 65 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Famous bridge disasters David Bird 3
Bridge-table tales Rixi Markus 2
The only chance Eric Jannersten 2
Guide to better duplicate bridge Ron Klinger 2
Bridge with the Blue Team Pietro Forquet 2
The 'Daily telegraph' book of bridge G. C. H. Fox 2
Spot the bridge writer's blunder D. L. M. Roth 1
Snares and swindles in bridge Terence Reese 1
Simple squeezes H. W. Kelsey 1
Raising partner Brian Senior 1
Right through the pack : a bridge fantasy Robert Darvas 1
Test your card-reading H. W. Kelsey 1
Positive defence Terence Reese 1
Playing to win at bridge : practical problems for the improving player Ron Klinger 1
Play bridge with the Aces Ira Corn 1
Play bridge with me : forty problems in card play Jean-Marc Roudinesco 1
Steve's basic revision bridge guide Steve Braithwaite 1
'Country Life' book of bridge Maurice Harrison-Gray 1
Test your communications H. W. Kelsey 1
Opening leads Robert B. Ewen 1
Test your percentages H. W. Kelsey 1
Test your timing H. W. Kelsey 1
The Bermuda Bowl : history and all time best deals Henry G. Francis 1
The Times book of bridge, 2 Robert Sheehan 1
The bridge adventures of Robin Hood David Bird 1
The golden years of bridge J. N. R. Griffiths 1
The hands of time : the most exciting bridge deals ever played! Mark Horton 1
The most puzzling situations in bridge play Terence Reese 1
Winning bridge : trick by trick Ron Klinger 1
Winning bridge with Blackwood Easley Blackwood 1
Over your shoulder : learning from the experts Brian Senior 1
Masters and monsters : the human side of bridge Victor Mollo 1
More deadly than the male : first lady of bridge Rixi Markus 1
100 challenging bridge hands Charles Henry Goren 1
A bridge phantasmagoria, or, Green baize knavery C. E. Dickel 1
Aces and places : the international bridge circuit Rixi Markus 1
Becker on bridge B. Jay Becker 1
Better bridge for club players Terence Reese 1
Bridge : learn from the stars Mark Horton 1
Bridge around the world Rixi Markus 1
Bridge hands to make you laugh - and cry David Bird 1
Bridge in the fourth dimension : further adventures of the Hideous Hog Victor Mollo 1
Bridge in the menagerie : the winning ways of the hideous hog Victor Mollo 1
Bridge with a feminine touch David Bird 1
Bridge without error Ron Klinger 1
Bridge à la carte Victor Mollo 1
Brilliancies and blunders in the European Bridge Championship Terence Reese 1
Card-placing for you Andrew Kambites 1
Charles H. Goren's 100 challenging bridge hands Charles Henry Goren 1
Close encounters : bridge's greatest matches Eric Kokish 1
Destiny at bay : the latest from the bridge menagerie Victor Mollo 1
Everyday bridge adventures Dennis Zines 1
Famous hands from famous matches Terence Reese 1
Fit for a king : a collection of bridge brilliances Sally Brock 1
Focus on bridge defence : further outstanding defence plays from the championships Aksel Jorgen Nielsen 1
Grand slam : an international television bridge tournament Jeremy James 1
Master bridge Nicola Gardener 1
You need never lose at bridge : happy days in the menagerie Victor Mollo 1



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