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  • Book: Close encounters of the third kind
  • Author: Jon Towlson
  • Bnb Id: GBB8N6577
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Books on this subject: 28
  • Editions on this subject: 31
  • Authors on this subject: 24
  • Books in this series: 12
  • Authors in this series: 11


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The main authors on Constellations by number of books and editions:


There are the 28 books on the Constellations subject with a total 31 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
A walk through the southern sky : a guide to stars and constellations and their legends Milton D. Heifetz 3
Stories in the stars : an atlas of constellations Susanna Hislop 2
The great canoes in the sky : starlore and astronomy of the South Pacific Stephen Robert Chadwick 1
Written in the stars : constellations, facts and folklore Alison Davies 1
When the dragon wore the crown-center and circle : putting starlight back into myth Don Cerow 1
Uncharted constellations : asterisms, single-source and rebrands John C. Barentine 1
Triumphing at the gates of stars in their seasons : waging and winning wars with the twelve constellations based on the Jewish and Gregorian calendars Steve Ogan 1
The stars : a new way to see them H. A. Rey 1
The starlore handbook : the star-watcher's essential guide to the night sky, its myths and symbols Geoffrey Cornelius 1
The night sky Ian Ridpath 1
The mythology of the night sky : Greek, Roman, and other celestial lore David E. Falkner 1
The mapping of the heavens Peter Whitfield 1
The lost constellations : a history of obsolete, extinct, or forgotten star lore John C. Barentine 1
The lost constellations : a history of obsolete, extinct, or forgotten star lore John Barentine 1
The 27 celestial portals : the real secret behind the 12 star signs revealed Prash Trivedi 1
Alien Worlds : an introduction to observing the wonders of the universe Martin Griffiths 1
Tales of the night sky : revealing the mythologies and folklore behind the constellations Robin Kerrod 1
Star magic : the wisdom of the constellations for Pagans and Wiccans Sandra Kynes 1
Philip's stargazer pack. Southern Hemisphere Ian Ridpath 1
Philip's guide to stars & planets Patrick Moore 1
Legends of the stars Patrick Moore 1
Introducing astronomy J. B. Sidgwick 1
Constellations Josef Klepešta 1
Constellation guide book Antonin Ruki 1
Brilliant stars Patrick Moore 1
Astrology and astronomy : a pictorial archive of signs and symbols Ernst Lehner 1
Ancient light : a portrait of the universe David Malin 1
Your place in the cosmos : a layman's book of astronomy and the mythology of the eighty-eight celestial constellations and registry James Edmund Magee 1


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The 12 books in this series in our database:

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