Conceptual Art

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Key facts:
  • Art Movement Era: 20th century post-1945
  • Art Movement Era Covered: 1959 - 2011 (average: 1980)
  • Artworks: 505
  • Book: Art povera: conceptual, actual or impossible art?
  • Author: Germano Celant
  • Bnb Id: GB7003069
  • Publication Date: 1969
  • Artists: 58
  • Books on this subject: 116
  • Editions on this subject: 117
  • Authors on this subject: 105



There are 505 artworks within the Conceptual art movement between 1959 and 2011 in our database:


There are 1 museums with this movement in their collection:

Museum Artworks
Tate Museums 505


Gender distribution in represented artists:

Gender Artists Distribution
female 8 13.8%
male 50 86.2%

Top Authors

The main authors on Conceptual art by number of books and editions:


There are the 116 books on the Conceptual art subject with a total 117 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Land art in close-up William Malpas 2
Of lives between lines Daniel Jewesbury 1
Proximity to power, American style Silvia Kolbowski 1
Primer : the complete catalog of twenty-one demonstrations from A theory of sculpture: (counting) Mel Bochner 1
Photography is magic Charlotte Cotton 1
Patterns Gerhard Richter 1
Parse John Baldessari 1
Parallel texts : interviews and interventions about art Victor Burgin 1
Paeninsula Via Lewandowsky 1
One family of objects Jiří Skála 1
One and other Antony Gormley 1
One and five ideas : on conceptual art and conceptualism Terry Smith 1
On Kawara Jonathan Watkins 1
Olafur Eliasson Madeleine Grynsztejn 1
Ode to happiness Keanu Reeves 1
A company of mountains : 14 views on the Isle of Skye Alec Finlay 1
Niki de Saint Phalle Niki de Saint-Phalle 1
My secret Frank Warren 1
Metaphors Ettore Sottsass 1
Mark Dion Lisa G. Corrin 1
Marina Abramović : cleaning the house Marina Abramović 1
Manufractured : the conspicuous transformation of everyday objects Steven Holt 1
Lynn Goldsmith : the looking glass Lynn Goldsmith 1
Lost in Ladywood Simon Whitehead 1
Lolli-pop Massimo Gammacurta 1
Life, art, work Gideon Cube-Sherman 1
Lee Lozano : not working Jo Applin 1
Learn to forget : Calluna vulgaris Harry West 1
Public knowledge : selected writings by Michael Asher Michael Asher 1
Redheaded Peckerwood Christian Patterson 1
Resume and CV : 1987-2003 Dmitry Vostokov 1
Richard Prince : Untitled (couple) Michael Newman 1
Work and commentary Victor Burgin 1
Who's afraid of conceptual art? Peter Goldie 1
Transmedium : Conceptualism 2.0 and the new object art Garrett Stewart 1
Towards a conceptual militancy Mike Watson 1
Three rivers crossword : a cryptic word-map of the North-East Alec Finlay 1
Thomson & Craighead Jon Thomson 1
Thinking the line : Ruth Vollmer 1961-1978 Peter Weibel 1
The third hand : collaboration in art from conceptualism to postmodernism Charles Green 1
The tale of the talking face K. G. Subramanyan 1
The reader before us Sophie Beard 1
The postconceptual condition : critical essays Peter Osborne 1
The oracle@wifi Beth Lilly 1
The mug : a word in your rear Sarah Lucas 1
The master plan Stephen Hodge 1
The intangibilities of form : skill and deskilling in art after the readymade John Roberts 1
The eye of the storm : works in situ by Daniel Buren Daniel Buren 1
The climate car Olafur Eliasson 1
The art game A. M. Parkin 1
The J. Street project, 2002-2005 Susan Hiller 1
Systems we have loved : conceptual art, affect, and the antihumanist turn Eve Meltzer 1
Studio Olafur Eliasson : an encyclopedia Olafur Eliasson 1
Soft sculpture and beyond : an international perspective Jutta Feddersen 1
Six years : the dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972 ... Lucy R. Lippard 1
Sam Taylor-Wood : self portrait suspended Sam Taylor-Johnson 1
Salary figures : a codebook of expectations Dmitry Vostokov 1
Landscape art Carles Broto 1
92 drawings : the Tulse Luper suitcases. Volume one Peter Greenaway 1
Land art : earthworks, installations, environments, sculpture William Malpas 1
Davinci- decoded :-( : redrum Michael Wells 1
Cànan - sreathan - tuinn = Language - lines - waves Helmut Lemke 1
Cover version Jonathan Monk 1
Conceptual art and painting : further essays on art & language Charles Harrison 1
Conceptual art Paul Wood 1
Conceptual art Daniel Marzona 1
City of salt Nicholas Kahn 1
British landmarks Matthew Hammond 1
Bookwork : medium to object to concept to art Garrett Stewart 1
Book as artwork, 1960/72 Germano Celant 1
Blue Peter : sixth book, BBC tv Jonathan Monk 1
Billy Apple : Apple brand N. P. James 1
Barbara Kruger Barbara Kruger 1
Aspects : Fred Sandback's sculpture Edward A. Vazquez 1
Artists' cocktails Ryan Gander 1
Artists' books : the book as a work of art, 1963-2000 Stephen Bury 1
Artists' books : the book as a work of art, 1963-1995 Stephen Bury 1
Art, action and participation Frank Popper 1
Art povera: conceptual, actual or impossible art? Germano Celant 1
Art into ideas : essays on conceptual art Robert C. Morgan 1
Art as revelation : a review of a University of St Andrews text & image project : 29 November to 20 December 2021 Beth Junor 1
Arboretum David Byrne 1
Alphabet Michael Peel 1
After modernist painting : the history of a contemporary practice Craig G. Staff 1
Acorn Yōko Ono 1
Abstraction and artifice in twentieth-century art Harold Osborne 1
Dark stars rising : conversations from the outer realms Shade Rupe 1
Dead children playing : paintings, prints etc., 1996-2006 Stanley Donwood 1
Land Jeanette Winterson 1
Dough portraits Soren Dahlgaard 1
King Kong : we didn't invent anything English Federico Sarica 1
Journey Matthew Hammond 1
Jomohomo Ingrid Hora 1
John Baldessari : pure beauty John Baldessari 1
Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan : Amongst other things an unsuccessful proposal for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad Joanne Tatham 1
Jeff Gibbons : walk-in paintings 1997-2010 Jeff Gibbons 1
It's proof that counts Karla Black 1
Intersections in the art of Elsa James Jon Blackwood 1
In the wake of a deadad Andrew Kötting 1
In land : writings around land art and its legacies Ben Tufnell 1

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