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Computer systems : a programmer's perspective Randal E. Bryant 6
The universal SIGMA computer system Robert Furness 2
The practice of system and network administration Tom Limoncelli 2
Lightweight enterprise architectures Fenix Theuerkorn 2
Principles of network and system administration Mark Burgess 2
Developing performance support for computer systems : a strategy for maximizing usability and learnability James R. Williams 2
From computing to computational thinking Paul S. Wang 2
A comparison of formalisms for modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependable systems Anirban Bhattacharyya 1
RavenDB 2.x beginner's guide Khaled Tannir 1
On modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependable real-time systems Manuel Mazzara 1
Optimal mobile sensing and actuation policies in cyber-physical systems Christophe Tricaud 1
Project management success with CMMI : seven CMMI process areas James R. Persse 1
Puppet 2.7 cookbook : build reliable, scalable, secure, high-performance systems to fully utilize the power of cloud computing John Arundel 1
Puppet 3 beginner's guide : start from scratch with the Puppet configuration management system, and learn how to fully utilize Puppet through simple, practical examples John Arundel 1
ServiceDesk Plus 8.x essentials : a kick-start guide to implement and administer IT service management processes with ServiceDesk Plus Ankush Agarwal 1
Reactive messaging patterns with the Actor model : applications and integration in Scala and Akka Vaughn Vernon 1
Resource-driven modelling of complex digital systems with uncertainty Ashur Rafiev 1
OSS for telecom networks : an introduction to network management Kundan Misra 1
Solution architecture foundations Mark Lovatt 1
Structured peer-to-peer systems : fundamentals of hierarchical organization, routing, scaling, and security Dmitry Korzun 1
The Sigma computer system Robert Furness 1
The definitive SIGMA computer system Robert Furness 1
The practice of cloud system administration : designing and operating large distributed systems Tom Limoncelli 1
The practice of system and network administration. Volume 1 Tom Limoncelli 1
On demand computing : technology and strategy perspectives Craig Fellenstein 1
Metasynthetic computing and engineering of complex systems Longbing Cao 1
Microsoft System Center 2012 service manager cookbook Samuel Erskine 1
AI computing systems : an application driven perspective Yunji Chen 1
BTEC National for IT practitioners : systems units : core and specialist units for the systems support pathway Sharon Yull 1
BTEC nationals computing Geoffrey Knott 1
BeagleBone by example : learn how to build physical computing systems using BeagleBone Black and Python Jayakarthigeyan Prabakar 1
Breakthrough Technology Project Management Bennet P. Lientz 1
Computer systems : an integrated approach to architecture and operating systems Umakishore Ramachandran 1
Computer systems : architecture, networks and communications Sebastian Coope 1
Computer systems and networks Barry Blundell 1
Dependable workflow reconfiguration in WS-BPEL Manuel Mazzara 1
Development of a formalism for modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependable real-time systems : a technical diary Anirban Bhattacharyya 1
Driving privacy controls with social context Chris Smith 1
Essential system administration : pocket reference AEleen Frisch 1
Evaluation of architectural frameworks supporting contract-based specification R. J. Payne 1
Getting started with Kubernetes : extend your containerization strategy by orchestrating and managing large-scale container deployments Jonathan Baier 1
HTML5 data and services cookbook : over one hundred website building recipes utilizing all the modern HTML5 features and techniques! Gorgi Kosev 1
Instant Geany IDE : making code easier with Geany IDE Nguyễn Hồng Quan 1
Learning Gerrit code review : leverage the power of Gerrit code review to make software development more cooperative and social Luca Milanesio 1
Mathematics extensions for the universal SIGMA computer system Robert Furness 1
World of computing : a primer companion for the digital age Gerard O'Regan 1


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