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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 225
  • Editions on this subject: 232
  • Authors on this subject: 216
  • Companies: 53,067
  • Revenue: 1,159,040 m$
  • Employees: 3,503,186


Top Authors

The main authors on Computer Software by number of books and editions:


There are the 225 books on the Computer Software subject with a total 232 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Guide to graphics software tools Jim X. Chen 3
Hardware-software co-synthesis of distributed embedded systems Ti-Yen Yen 2
Software ecosystem : understanding an indispensable technology and industry David G. Messerschmitt 2
Computers Ltd : what they really can't do David Harel 2
The computer triangle : hardware, software, people Robert L. Oakman 2
Maximise your investment : 10 key strategies for effective packaged software implementations : accelerate packaged (COTS) software implementations, increase returns on investment and reduce implementation costs and customizations Grady Brett Beaubouef 2
Numerical python : a practical techniques approach for industry Robert Johansson 1
OSS reliability measurement and assessment Shigeru Yamada 1
Object Oriented report Geoff Seel 1
Off-the-shelf IT solutions : a practitioner's guide to selection and procurement Martin Tate 1
On sets and graphs : perspectives on logic and combinatorics Eugenio Omodeo 1
Optimization of polynomials in non-commuting variables Sabine Burgdorf 1
Optimization of stochastic discrete systems and control on complex networks : complex networks Dmitrii Lozovanu 1
Optimization techniques in computer vision. III, Posed problems and regularization Mongi A. Abidi 1
Parameter advising for multiple sequence alignment Dan DeBlasio 1
A business guide to outsourcing IT : a new study of European best practice in the selection, management and use of external IT services Leslie Willcocks 1
Numerical methods in matrix computations Åke Björck 1
Personal computer fundamentals for technology students : hardware, DOS, Windows Marc E. Herniter 1
Personal computing demystified Larry E. Long 1
Portfolio optimization using fundamental indicators based on multi-objective EA Antonio Daniel Silva 1
Practical Numerical C Programming : Finance, Engineering, and Physics Applications Philip Joyce 1
Practical mathematical optimization : basic optimization theory and gradient-based algorithms Jan A. Snyman 1
Practical reverse engineering : x86, x64, ARM, Windows Kernel, reversing tools, and obfuscation Bruce Dang 1
Pro TBB : C++ Parallel Programming with Threading Building Blocks Michael Voss 1
Protected mode software architecture Tom Shanley 1
PySide GUI application development Venkateshwaran Loganathan 1
PySide GUI application development : develop more dynamic and robust GUI applications using PySide, an open source cross-platformed UI framework Gopinath Jaganmohan 1
Quality management within PRINCE 2 Colin Bentley 1
Qualitätsmanagement in agilen IT-Projekten – quo vadis? : HMD Best Paper Award 2016 Christian. Brandes 1
Pattern mining with evolutionary algorithms S. Ventura 1
Numerical analysis using Sage George A. Anastassiou 1
Random numbers and computers Ronald T. Kneusel 1
Microcomputers : concepts and software Larry Long 1
Machine learning and cognition in enterprises : business intelligence transformed Rohit Kumar 1
Machine learning for decision makers : cognitive computing fundamentals for better decision making Patanjali Kashyap 1
Mainframe high productivity tools of the 9O's Alex Varsegi 1
Management of software maintenance Dave O'Neill 1
Many systems interpretation of concurrency control Craig Sharp 1
Mass storage technologies Sanjay Ranade 1
Mastering QGIS Kurt Menke 1
Material selections by a hybrid multi-criteria approach Fabrizio D'Errico 1
Mathematical software tools in C++ Alain Reverchon 1
Metaheuristic applications to speech enhancement Prajna Kunche 1
Micro computers in education : a critical evaluation of educational software John Self 1
Microprocessors _ microcomputers : architecture, software, and systems Adi J. Khambata 1
Nonlinear mode decomposition : theory and applications Dmytro Iatsenko 1
Microprocessors and microcomputers : hardware and software Ronald J. Tocci 1
Microprocessors/microcomputers : architecture, software, and systems Adi J. Khambata 1
Microsoft BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.1 : discover innovative ways to solve your mission-critical integration problems with the ESB Toolkit Andres Del Rio Benito 1
Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 SP1 : learn how to deploy, monitor, and administer System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 SP1 Steve Buchannan 1
Mining over air : wireless communication networks analytics Ye Ouyang 1
Mirror worlds, or the day software puts the universe in a shoebox- : how it will happen and what it will mean David Hillel Gelernter 1
Models of computation for big data Rajendra Akerkar 1
More math into LaTeX George A. Gratzer 1
Multiple criteria decision aid : methods, examples and Python implementations Jason Papathanasiou 1
Multiple instance learning : foundations and algorithms Francisco Herrera 1
New CLAIT : OCR level 1 certificate for IT users Veronica White 1
RESTful Java patterns and best practices : learn best practices to efficiently build scalable, reliable, and maintainable high performance RESTful services Bhakti Mehta 1
Real-time systems and software Alan C. Shaw 1
Readings in hardware/software co-design G. De Micheli 1
The software revolution Robert T. Fertig 1
The CTI directory of psychology software Annie Trapp 1
The Macintosh bible guide to ClarisWorks 2.0 Charles Rubin 1
The armchair universe : an exploration of computer worlds A. K. Dewdney 1
The discrete math workbook : a companion manual for practical study Sergei Kurgalin 1
The essential guide to home networking technologies Gerard O'Driscoll 1
The handbook of software for engineers and scientists Paul W Ross 1
The limits of software : people, projects, and perspectives Robert N. Britcher 1
The magic machine : a handbook of computer sorcery A. K. Dewdney 1
The new computer user David R. Sullivan 1
The philosophy of software : code and mediation in the digital age David M. Berry 1
The software architect's profession : an introduction Marc T. Sewell 1
Topological data analysis for scientific visualization Julien Tierny 1
Testing of MIKE 11 software M. Becker 1
Understanding Oracle APEX 20 application development : think like an application express developer Edward Sciore 1
Up & running with Q & A Rainer Bartel 1
Upgrade your life : the Lifehacker guide to working smarter, faster, better Gina Trapani 1
User centered requirements analysis Charles Fontaine Martin 1
User strategies in workflow and groupware : an analysis of recent case studies in the light of corporate objectives Joachim Kind 1
Using Word 2019 : [the step-by-step guide to using Microsoft Word 2019] Kevin Wilson 1
Using computers D. G. Dologite 1
Using software tools Laura Saret 1
Vector generalized linear and additive models : with an implementation in R Thomas W. Yee 1
Virtual reality and simulation : technology, trends and markets Ian Strachan 1
WebGL game development : gain insights into game development by rendering complex 3D objects using WebGL Sumeet Arora 1
The 1996/7 software survey : a report on the survey and its findings prepared for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Mike Fogg 1
Testing and Tuning Market Trading Systems : Algorithms in C++ Timothy Masters 1
MATLAB for engineers Adrian Biran 1
Software architecture in practice Len Bass 1
Recommendations for maintaining the scientific relevance of the Conveyance and Afflux Estimation System Caroline McGahey 1
Resources guide Tracy Dale 1
SAA : a guide to implementing IBM's systems application architecture Jerrold M. Grochow 1
Safety and the year 2000 J. Henderson 1
Schulische Kabinettprojektion Berthold Heinrich 1
Searching for quantum software Paul Stephen Massey 1
Selecting and installing software packages : new methodology for corporate implementation Jud Breslin 1
Software adaptation in an open environment : a software architecture perspective Yu Zhou 1
Software architecture : a programmer's field manual Thomas J. Mowbray 1
Software architecture : organizational principles and patterns David M. Dikel 1
Software architecture : perspectives on an emerging discipline Mary Shaw 1


Sizing of the Computer Software market:

Number of companies 53,067
Total revenues (m$) 1,159,040
Total employees 3,503,186
Total market cap (m$) 3,937,116
Total assets (b$) 1,176
Total profits (m$) 107,663

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 53,067 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Microsoft actual 198,270
Intel actual 73,394
Broadcom actual 29,994
SAP actual 29,507
Digital China Group actual 18,344
Adobe actual 16,693
VMware actual 12,945
Intuit actual 12,726
Spotify Technology actual 10,747
Instagram estimate 7,716
Sas estimate 7,703
Red Hat estimate 6,690
Netsuite estimate 6,653
ServiceNow actual 6,601
Infor estimate 6,488
Globallogic estimate 6,279
Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology Co.Ltd actual 5,989
Workday actual 5,398
Dassault Systèmes actual 5,250
Symantec estimate 5,237
Virtusa estimate 5,151
Vertiv actual 5,056
Synopsys actual 4,759
Autodesk actual 4,744
Snap actual 4,538
EPAM Systems actual 4,148
Softserve estimate 4,068
Sage estimate 3,899
Trimble actual 3,766
Open Text actual 3,484
TIS actual 3,349
Citrix Systems actual 3,314
It Company estimate 3,039
Sinoma Science & Technology actual 3,024
Splunk actual 2,845
Micro Focus International actual 2,743
Beihang University estimate 2,680
Stripe estimate 2,654
Genesys estimate 2,652
Atlassian actual 2,602
[24] estimate 2,595
Lion actual 2,573
Concur estimate 2,550
Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Controls actual 2,516
MRF actual 2,442
Me estimate 2,390
Realpage estimate 2,338
Automation Anywhere estimate 2,239
DocuSign actual 2,226
Zhejiang NHU Company actual 2,212
Veritas Technologies estimate 2,192
Wanxiang Qianchao actual 2,152
The Mathworks estimate 2,096
Epic estimate 2,048
Mentor Graphics estimate 2,001
NICE actual 1,993
ANSYS actual 1,968
Jack Henry & Associates actual 1,942
Veeva Systems actual 1,922
PTC actual 1,906
Tableau Software estimate 1,904
Informatica estimate 1,876
Huapont Life Sciences actual 1,869
Bottomline Technologies estimate 1,843
Tyler Technologies actual 1,818
Chengzhi Shareholding actual 1,772 estimate 1,765
Cvent estimate 1,758
FactSet Research Systems actual 1,756
Ifs estimate 1,728
Alliance Resource Partners, L.P actual 1,712
Dataart estimate 1,665
Palantir Technologies actual 1,647
Yardi estimate 1,643
DHC Software actual 1,610
Nutanix actual 1,585
Healius actual 1,573
Softwareone estimate 1,538
Zendesk actual 1,517
Unit4 estimate 1,512
ContextLogic actual 1,502
Altimetrik estimate 1,489
Sep estimate 1,489
Bbc Worldwide estimate 1,470
Okta actual 1,464
Eclinicalworks estimate 1,458
Hyland estimate 1,422
Snowflake actual 1,412
ACI Worldwide actual 1,408
Databricks estimate 1,398
Highradius estimate 1,388
AVEVA Group actual 1,368
Trend Micro actual 1,361
Fair Isaac actual 1,352
Nuance Communications actual 1,338
Rms estimate 1,330
Logmein estimate 1,330
The Reynolds And Reynolds Company estimate 1,290
Quest Software estimate 1,282
Qualtrics International actual 1,279



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