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Data and computer communications William Stallings 10
Technology in action. Complete Alan Evans 10
Networking for dummies Doug Lowe 9
Computer networks Andrew S. Tanenbaum 9
Computer networking : a top-down approach James F. Kurose 8
Technology in action : introductory Alan Evans 6
Business data communications and networking Jerry FitzGerald 6
Technology in action Alan Evans 6
Networking all-in-one for dummies Doug Lowe 5
Data communications and networking Behrouz A. Forouzan 5
Business data communications : basic concepts, security and design Jerry FitzGerald 4
Computer networks : a systems approach Larry L. Peterson 4
A practical guide to content delivery networks Gilbert Held 4
Networking : a beginner's guide Bruce A. Hallberg 4
Data communications and computer networks : a business user's approach Curt M. White 4
Computer networks and Internets Douglas Comer 3
Cabling : the complete guide to network wiring David Groth 3
Cisco Networking Essentials Troy McMillan 3
Guide to networking essentials Greg Tomsho 3
Applied data communications : a business-oriented approach James E. Goldman 3
How networks work Frank J. Derfler 3
Understanding data communications and networks William A. Shay 3
Understanding data communications Gilbert Held 3
Data network design Darren L. Spohn 3
UNIX network programming W. Richard Stevens 3
Wireless home networking for dummies Daniel D. Briere 3
Communications and networking : an introduction John Cowley 2
Network design : management and technical perspectives Teresa C. Mann Piliouras 2
Computer and communication networks Nader F. Mir 2
Cabling : the complete guide to network wiring David Barnett 2
Computer communications K. G. Beauchamp 2
Cabling : the complete guide to copper and fiber-optic networking Andrew Oliviero 2
Computer communications Robert Cole 2
Routing, flow, and capacity design in communication and computer networks Michał Pióro 2
Computer communications : principles and business applications Andy Sloane 2
Business strategies for the next-generation network Nigel Seel 2
Computer communications and networks John R. Freer 2
Networking : a beginner's guide Bruce Hallberg 2
TCP/IP : running a successful network K. Washburn 2
Dynamic provisioning for community services Li Qi 2
Networking all-in-one desk reference for dummies Doug Lowe 2
Control and estimation methods over communication networks Magdi S. Mahmoud 2
Netzwerke für Dummies Doug Lowe 2
Newnes data communications pocket book Michael H. Tooley 2
Sams teach yourself networking in 24 hours Matt Hayden 2
FreeBSD unleashed Brian Tiemann 2
Networking explained Michael A. Gallo 2
Networking with Microsoft TCP/IP Drew Heywood 2
Computer networks : protocols, standards, and interfaces Uyless D. Black 2
Network+ guide to networks Tamara Dean 2
Communication networks for smart grids : making smart grid real Kenneth C. Budka 2
Network warrior Gary A. Donahue 2
Communications and networks : a handbook for the first-time user Phil Croucher 2
Multi-objective optimization in computer networks using metaheuristics Yezid Donoso 2
Computer networks Philip J. Irving 2
Network routing : algorithms, protocols, and architectures Deepankar Medhi 2
Networking in easy steps Peter Ingram 2
Client/server computing for dummies Doug Lowe 2
Cisco networking for dummies Ron Gilster 2
The United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts : an in-depth guide and sourcebook Amelia H. Boss 2
Community, competition and citizen science : voluntary distributed computing in a globalized world Anne Holohan 2
The World Wide Web : beneath the surf Mark Handley 2
Networking systems design and development Lee Chao 2
Computer networks and Internets : with Internet applications Douglas Comer 2
The network nation : human communication via computer Starr Roxanne Hiltz 2
Introduction to client/server systems : a practical guide for systems professionals Paul E. Renaud 2
Understanding data communications : from fundamentals to networking Gilbert Held 2
Data communications networking devices Gilbert Held 2
UNIX Internetworking Uday O. Pabrai 2
Data communications, computer networks, and open systems Fred Halsall 2
Principles of embedded networked systems design Gregory J. Pottie 2
Open systems interconnection : its architecture and protocols Bijendra N. Jain 2
Advanced digital optical communications Le Nguyen Binh 2
Voice over data networks Gilbert Held 2
Data communications and distributed networks Uyless D. Black 2
Microsoft technology : networking, concepts, tools Shay Woodard 2
Organizations in the network age David Boddy 2
Interconnections for computer communications and packet networks Roberto Rojas-Cessa 2
Data communications & teleprocessing systems Trevor Housley 2
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking Joseph W. Habraken 2
Packet switching and X.25 networks Simon Poulton 2
Management information systems : managing information technology in the networked enterprise James A. O'Brien 2
Digital optical communications Le Nguyen Binh 2
Understanding Directory Services Dough Sheresh 2
Raspberry Pi networking cookbook : an epic collection of practical and engaging recipes for the Raspberry Pi Rick Golden 2
Performance analysis of communications networks and systems Piet Van Mieghem 2
Parallel system interconnections and communications Miltos D. Grammatikakis 2
A practical guide to computer communications and networking R. J. Deasington 2
Networking basics : project manual Patrick Ciccarelli 1
Networking and internetworking with microcontrollers Fred Eady 1
Oracle 8i networking 101 Marlene Theriault 1
Performance evaluation for network services, systems and protocols Stênio Fernandes 1
Optical switching networks Martin Maier 1
Oracle collaboration suite handbook Ron Zapar 1
Networking and computation : technology, modeling and performance Thomas G. Robertazzi 1
Optical networks and components : fundamentals and advances Partha Pratim Sahu 1
Pocket PC network programming Steven Makofsky 1
Optical networking : a Wiley tech brief Debra Cameron 1
Pocket guide to telecommunications, electronic communications, and information technology A'isha Ajayi 1
Optical network technology D. W. Smith 1


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