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There are the 773 books on the Communication subject with a total 911 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Human Communication : the basic course Joseph A. DeVito 10
Communication : Principles for a Lifetime Steven A. Beebe 9
Understanding human communication Ronald B. Adler 6
Communicate! Rudolph F. Verderber 5
Communication : making connections William J. Seiler 5
Communication in our lives Julia T. Wood 5
Introduction to communication studies John Fiske 5
Effective communication : a guide for the people professions Neil Thompson 4
Communication in everyday life : a survey of communication Steve Duck 4
Film as social practice Graeme Turner 4
Mastering communication Nicky Stanton 4
Essentials of human communication Joseph A. DeVito 4
Effective communication Nicholas Harvey 4
Communication in everyday life : the basic course edition with public speaking Steve Duck 3
Introducing communication theory : analysis and application Richard L. West 3
Negotiation : closing deals, settling disputes, and making team decisions David Hames 3
Argumentative and aggressive communication : theory, research, and application Andrew S. Rancer 3
Thinking through communication : an introduction to the study of human communication Sarah Trenholm 3
More than words : an introduction to communication K. Dobson 3
Communicate to win Richard Denny 3
Communicating : a social, career and cultural focus Roy M. Berko 3
Communication Larry L. Barker 3
The basics of communication : a relational perspective Steve Duck 3
Communication theories : origins, methods and uses in the mass media Werner J. Severin 3
Communication, cultural and media studies : the key concepts John Hartley 3
Mass communication : living in a media world Ralph E. Hanson 3
Communication works Gamble Teri Kwal 3
Reflexive inquiry : a framework for consultancy practice Christine Oliver 3
Crafting society : ethnicity, class, and communication theory Donald G. Ellis 2
Music, language, and the brain Aniruddh D. Patel 2
Multimodality : a social semiotic approach to contemporary communication Gunther R. Kress 2
Elite discourse and racism Teun Adrianus van Dijk 2
How to break bad news to people with intellectual disabilities : a guide for carers and professionals Irene Tuffrey-Wijne 2
More than words : an introduction to communication Richard Dimbleby 2
Communication power Manuel Castells 2
The experience of human communication : body, flesh, and relationship Frank J. Macke 2
The media of mass communication John Vivian 2
Critical thinking and communication : the use of reason in argument Edward S. Inch 2
Smart brevity : the power of saying more with less Jim VandeHei 2
Small group decision making : communication and the group process B. Aubrey Fisher 2
Human communication Stewart L. Tubbs 2
Human communication : principles and contexts Stewart L. Tubbs 2
Codes of the underworld : how criminals communicate Diego Gambetta 2
Messengers : who we listen to, who we don't, and why Stephen Martin 2
Hearing gesture : how our hands help us think Susan Goldin-Meadow 2
Pragmatics of human communication : a study of interactional patterns, pathologies, and paradoxes Paul Watzlawick 2
System and structure : essays in communication and exchange Anthony Wilden 2
Compassionism : helping business leaders create engaged teams and happy people Kavitha Chahel 2
Fundamentals of communication John R. Bittner 2
Communication matters Kory Floyd 2
Communication science theory and research : an introduction to advanced study Marina Krcmar 2
Communication studies Sky Marsen 2
The art of communication : improving your fundamental communication skills Randy Fujishin 2
Communication genius : 40 insights from the science of communicating Tony Buon 2
If you take my meaning : theory into practice in human communication Richard Ellis 2
The best damn management book ever : 9 keys to creating self-motivating high achievers Warren Greshes 2
Get set for communication studies Will Barton 2
The communication age : connecting & engaging Autumn Edwards 2
Getting more : how you can negotiate to succeed in work and life Stuart Diamond 2
Communication theories : origins, methods, uses Werner J. Severin 2
Good to talk? : living and working in a communication culture Deborah Cameron 2
Communication : an introduction Karl Erik Rosengren 2
Communication mosaics : an introduction to the field of communication Julia T. Wood 2
Messages : an introduction to communication Arthur Asa Berger 2
Shut up and listen : a brief guide to clinical communication skills Cathy Jackson 2
Mass communication theories : explaining origins, processes, and effects Melvin L. DeFleur 2
Incommensurability and cross-language communication Xinli Wang 2
Beyond powerful radio : a communicator's guide to the Internet age - news, talk, information & personality for broadcasting, podcasting, internet, radio Valerie Geller 2
Transcribing silence : culture, relationships, and communication Kristine L. Muñoz 2
Thinking through communication Sarah Trenholm 2
Information L. David Ritchie 2
Media audiences : is anybody watching? Sue Turnbull 2
Leadership communication as citizenship : give direction to your team, organization, or community as a doer, follower, guide, manager, or leader John Orville Burtis 2
Understanding media : the extensions of man Marshall McLuhan 2
Applied linguistics : towards a new integration? Lars Sigfred Evensen 2
McQuail's mass communication theory Denis McQuail 2
500 tips for communicating with the public Maggie Kindred 2
The theory of the social practice of information Maria Way 2
Key concepts in media and communications Paul Jones 2
Agitpop : political culture and communication theory Arthur Asa Berger 2
Policing Sexual Offences and Sex Offenders Terry Thomas 1
Policymaking, Communication, and Social Learning Geoffrey Vickers 1
Policymaking, communication, and social learning : essays of Sir Geoffrey Vickers Geoffrey Vickers 1
Mainstreaming Islam in Indonesia : Television, Identity, and the Middle Class Inaya Rakhmani 1
Post, mine, repeat : social media data mining becomes ordinary Helen Kennedy 1
Pragmatics of human communication : a study of inter-actional patterns, pathologies, and paradoxes Paul Watzlawick 1
Practical communication Rod Ashley 1
PowerPoint, communication, and the knowledge society Hubert Knoblauch 1
Post-feminist impasses in popular heroine television : the Persephone complex Alison Horbury 1
Postfeminism and the fatale figure in neo-noir cinema Samantha Lindop 1
Postfeminism(s) and the arrival of the fourth wave : turning tides Nicola Rivers 1
Podcast master Ben Green 1
Posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma, and history in Metal gear solid V Amy M. Green 1
Posthuman body in superhero comics : human, superhuman, transhuman, post/human Scott Jeffery 1
Making your point : communicating effectively with audiences of one to one million David Bartlett 1
Physician communication with patients : research findings and challenges Jon B. Christianson 1
Performance anxiety in media culture : the trauma of appearance and the drama of disappearance Steve Bailey 1
People and communication S. H. Burton 1
Mass communication and human interaction Robert D. Murphy 1
Marxist theory, Black/African specificities, and racism Babacar Camara 1


The 27 books in this series in our database:

Here are 11 of them:

Title Year
Developments in excavation and reinstatement 1982
Friday 8th November 2002 : gas and microprocessors at Mr. and Mrs. Wellabove's 1982
Microelectronics : implications and opportunities for domestic utilisation 1982
Aspects of exploiting BGC software technology overseas : 'can we successfully meet the challenge' 1982
The application of microprocessors to domestic and commercial boilers 1982
Some innovations in training 1982
Productivity services 1982
Distribution and planning innovation in North West Gas 1982
Keynote address : innovation 1982
Dollars and sense _ a project economic analysis 1982
Load monitoring with MATILDA 1982
Flow measurement for efficient system design 1982
How the Corporation met the challenge set by the severe winter of 1981-82 1982
International collaboration on industrial and commercial gas utilisation to be presented at the 121st Annual General Meeting, London 22nd to 24th May 1984 1984
Safety in industry : to be delivered at the 121st Annual General Meeting & Gasnet '84 Exhibition _ Conference of the Institution of Gas Engineers, Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, Tuesday, 22 May 1984 1984
Export update _ the SBGI approach : to be presented at 121st Annual General Meeting, Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, May, 1984 1984
Compressed natural gas as a fuel : to be presented at 121st Annual General Meeting, London, May, 1984 1984
Quality and standards in the public and private sectors : 121st Annual General Meeting ... Tuesday, 22nd to Thursday 24th May 1984 1984
The new housing challenge _ the reality : to be presented at 121st Annual General Meeting, London, May 1984 1984
Presidential address : to be delivered at the 121st Annual General Meeting London, 22nd May 1984 1984
Poor reception : misunderstanding and forgetting broadcast news 1987
News as discourse 1988
Ties that blind in Canadian/American relations : politics of news discourse 2011
The thing in the cupboard 2014
Message in an X-bot 2014
What's on the box? 2014
The deadly boomslang : (say BOO-um-slung) 2014

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