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  • Book: McDonald's happy meal toys
  • Author: Terry Losonsky
  • Bnb Id: GB99W1524
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Books on this subject: 36
  • Editions on this subject: 41
  • Authors on this subject: 31
  • Books in this series: 8
  • Authors in this series: 7

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There are the 36 books on the Collectibles subject with a total 41 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Collectors' lot : a nation of collectors Chrissie Kravchenko 2
The complete guide to 20th century antiques Martin Miller 2
Are you rich? Katherine Higgins 2
Make a mint! : the ultimate guide to buying and selling collectables Jamie Breese 2
It could have been yours : the enlightened person's guide to the year's most desirable things Jolyon Fenwick 2
My flea market finds journal Posy Gentles 1
Pop culture mania : collecting 20th-century Americana for fun and profit Stephen Hughes 1
The Antiques roadshow : a celebration of the first 21 years Fiona Malcolm 1
The canny collector : a collection of quotes, hints, tips and tricks to inspire and help you to become a better collector Mark Hill 1
The collector's workbook : projects and ideas for displaying your treasures Jayne Keeley 1
20th century design : the definitive illustrated sourcebook Judith Miller 1
Miller's 20th century design : the definitive illustrated sourcebook Judith Miller 1
The complete guide to antiques Martin Miller 1
The complete idiot's guide to buying and selling collectibles Laurie Rozakis 1
The greener collections : collections of guns, animals, birds and memorabilia Graham Greener 1
The original pink flamingos : splendor on the grass Don Featherstone 1
Things I didn't throw out Marcin Wicha 1
Toys of our generation : postwar collectables 1945-74 Robin Langley Sommer 1
Vintage home : 20th-century design for contemporary living Judith Miller 1
Miller's cool collectibles Dan Synge 1
McDonald's happy meal toys Terry Losonsky 1
Michael Hogben's 101 antiques of the future Michael Hogben 1
A passion for collecting : the art of displaying objects from the exotic to the everyday Caroline Clifton-Mogg 1
Mail-order mysteries : real stuff from old comic book ads! Kirk Demarais 1
Hello, cutie! : adventures in cute culture Pamela Klaffke 1
Good pop, bad pop Jarvis Cocker 1
Einstein's watch : being an unofficial record of a year's most ownable things Jolyon Fenwick 1
Discovering antiques : a guide to the world of antiques and collectables Eric Knowles 1
Collecting the 20th century Adrian Franklin 1
Collecting & display Alistair McAlpine 1
Collecting Marc Allum 1
Collectibles for the kitchen, bath & beyond : a pictorial guide Ellen Bercovici 1
Collected : living with the things you love Fritz Karch 1
Collectables Martin Miller 1
Amazing auctions Martin Joachim 1
Vintage inspirations Jane Cassini 1


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