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  • Book: Imagery
  • Author: John T. E. Richardson
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  • Publication Date: 1999
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There are the 264 books on the Cognitive psychology subject with a total 352 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Cognition : exploring the science of the mind Daniel Reisberg 10
Cognitive psychology : a student's handbook Michael W. Eysenck 6
Cognitive psychology in and out of the laboratory Kathleen M. Galotti 6
Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology Ronald Thomas Kellogg 5
Cognitive psychology E. Bruce Goldstein 4
Cognitive psychology : theory, process, and methodology Dawn M. McBride 4
Cognition : the thinking animal Daniel T. Willingham 4
Cognition John G. Benjafield 4
Cognitive development : infancy through adolescence Kathleen M. Galotti 4
Cognitive psychology Robert L. Solso 4
Cognitive psychology Robert J. Sternberg 4
The war between mentalism and behaviorism : on the accessibility of mental processes William R. Uttal 3
Cognitive psychology : connecting mind, research, and everyday experience E. Bruce Goldstein 3
Maps for psychoanalytic exploration Parthenope Bion Talamo 3
Cognitive psychology Philip T. Quinlan 3
An introduction to cognitive psychology : processes and disorders David Groome 3
Cognitive psychology : applying the science of the mind Bridget Robinson-Riegler 3
Cognitive psychology Jonathan Ling 3
Understanding driving : applying cognitive psychology to a complex everyday task John A. Groeger 3
Cognitive psychology for dummies Peter J. Hills 2
The psychology of writing Ronald T. Kellogg 2
Cognitive psychology Ronald T. Kellogg 2
The psychology of thinking : reasoning, decision-making & problem-solving John Paul Minda 2
Cognitive psychology Karl Haberlandt 2
Cognitive psychology K. J. Gilhooly 2
The really hard problem : meaning in a material world Owen J. Flanagan 2
Cognitive psychology Douglas L. Medin 2
Cognitive psychology and its implications John R. Anderson 2
The promise of cognitive psychology Richard E. Mayer 2
Cognitive psychology and instruction Roger H. Bruning 2
The epistemological spectrum : at the interface of cognitive science and conceptual analysis David K. Henderson 2
Principles of cognitive psychology Michael W. Eysenck 2
Gut feelings : the intelligence of the unconscious Gerd Gigerenzer 2
Foundations of cognitive psychology : core readings Daniel J. Levitin 2
Mindreaders : the cognitive basis of 'theory of mind' Ian Apperly 2
Moves in mind : the psychology of board games Fernand Gobet 2
It's a jungle in there : how competition and cooperation in the brain shape the mind David A. Rosenbaum 2
Behavior and its causes : philosophical foundations of operant psychology Terry L. Smith 2
Cognition and safety : an integrated approach to systems design and assessment Oliver Sträter 2
The cognition workbook : essays, demonstrations & explorations Daniel Reisberg 2
Relational psychophysics in humans and animals : a comparative-developmental approach Viktor Sarris 2
Clinical phenomenology and cognitive psychology David Fewtrell 2
Mind whispering : how to break free from self-defeating emotional habits Tara Bennett-Goleman 2
A history of modern experimental psychology : from James and Wundt to cognitive science George Mandler 2
Cognition : theories and applications Stephen K. Reed 2
Cognition and emotion : from order to disorder Michael J. Power 2
Keeping the collectivity in mind? H. M. Collins 2
Skill acquisition and human performance Robert W. Proctor 1
Social cognition Ben R. Slugoski 1
Social cognition Rainer Greifeneder 1
Sensory motor and behavioral research in space Reinhard Hilbig 1
Social cognitive psychology : history and current domains David F. Barone 1
Sensorimotor life : an enactive proposal Ezequiel A. Di Paolo 1
Representational change and the use of metaphors in problem solving : the winding roots of understanding Benjamin Angerer 1
Riveted : the science of why jokes make us laugh, movies make us cry, and religion makes us feel one with the universe Jim Davies 1
Representational content and the objects of thought Nicholas Rimell 1
Religion and cognition : a reader D. Jason Slone 1
Recapture the rapture : rethinking God, sex, and death in a world that's lost its mind Jamie Wheal 1
Reasoning across domains : an essay in evolutionary psychology Harry Witzthum 1
Ready, study, go! : smart ways to learn Khurshed Batliwala 1
Reading by touch Susanna Millar 1
Reading rehabilitation for individuals with low vision : research and practice in the Czech Republic Kamila Rozicková 1
13 dreams Freud never had : a new mind science J. Allan Hobson 1
Preference, belief, and similarity : selected writings Amos Tversky 1
Rationality and reasoning Jonathan St. B. T. Evans 1
Psychology, art and creativity Shannon Whitten 1
Lines of thought : central concepts in cognitive psychology Lance J. Rips 1
Live wires : insulating your child against college frenzy, achievement mania & media explosion Judith Widener Muir 1
Living in an asymmetrical world : how writing direction affects thought and action Anne Maass 1
Maps of meaning : the architecture of belief Jordan B. Peterson 1
Marginality in philosophy and psychology : the limits of psychological explanation George Tudorie 1
Meaningful information : the bridge between biology, brain, and behavior Anthony Reading 1
Memory : a cognitive approach Gillian Cohen 1
Memory : current issues Gillian Cohen 1
Memory in oral traditions : the cognitive psychology of epic, ballads, and counting-out rhymes David C. Rubin 1
Metacognitive translator training : focus on personal resources Paulina Pietrzak 1
Michotte's experimental phenomenology of perception Albert Michotte 1
Mind whispering : a new map to freedom from self-defeating emotional habits Tara Bennett-Goleman 1
Mindful leadership : a brain-based framework Michael Haley Dickmann 1
Minding animals : awareness, emotions, and heart Marc Bekoff 1
Mindmade politics : the cognitive roots of international climate governance Manjana Milkoreit 1
Our wonderful psychoneural systems Marcus Gregory 1
Perception and the evolution of style : a new model of mind Jane Gear 1
Philosophical foundations of the cognitive science of religion : a head start Robert N. McCauley 1
Piaget for beginners Adriana Serulnikov 1
Practical psychology for primary teachers : putting theory into practice in the classroom Rhona Stainthorp 1
Practice of neural science John C. M. Brust 1
State-trace analysis John C. Dunn 1
Problem solving : a cognitive approach Hank Kahney 1
Problem solving : current issues Hank Kahney 1
Psychology and capitalism : the manipulation of mind Ron Roberts 1
Specialty competencies in cognitive and behavioral psychology Christine M. Nezu 1
The elephant in the brain : hidden motives in everyday life Kevin Simler 1
Strange concepts and the stories they make possible : cognition, culture, narrative Lisa Zunshine 1
Thinking : the New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Prediction John Brockman 1
The psychology of human cognition : mainstream and Genevan traditions Mary B. Howes 1
The psychology of reasoning Eugenio Rignano 1
The psychology of time perception John Wearden 1
The science of perception and memory : a pragmatic guide for the justice system Daniel Reisberg 1
The sciences of cognition : theory and research in psychology and artificial intelligence Morton Wagman 1


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