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Young children's rights : exploring beliefs, principles and practice Priscilla Alderson 3
Children and international human rights law : the right of the child to be heard Aisling Parkes 3
The right to childhoods : critical perspectives on rights, difference and knowledge in a transient world Dimitra Hartas 3
Family values and family justice Michael D. A. Freeman 2
Children's rights : from philosophy to public policy Mhairi Cowden 2
Children, families and violence : challenges for children's rights Katherine Covell 2
Children's right to freedom, care and enlightenment Bertram Bandman 2
Children, family, and the state David Archard 2
Children's Rights Ursula Kilkelly 2
The child in international political economy : a place at the table Alison M. S. Watson 2
Confessing the international rights of children : the basic documents with analysis Farhad Malekian 2
Rethinking children's rights : attitudes in contemporary society Phil Jones 2
Child law : children's rights and collective obligations Laura Westra 2
Child hunger and human rights : international governance Clair Apodaca 2
Six steps to successful child advocacy : changing the world for children Amy Conley Wright 2
What's wrong with children's rights Martin Guggenheim 2
No place for a war baby : the global politics of children born of wartime sexual violence Donna Seto 1
New challenges for UNICEF : children, women and human rights Yves Beigbeder 1
Shouting into the silence : one man's fight for the world's forgotten Danny Smith 1
International perspectives and empirical findings on child participation : from social exclusion to child-inclusive policies Ṭali Gal 1
Sexual abuse of children : a human rights perspective Roger J. R. Levesque 1
Seen and heard : promoting and protecting children's rights in Ireland Mel Cousins 1
Introduction to rights-based direct practice with children Murli Desai 1
Let kids be kids : rescuing childhood Mary E. Muscari 1
Leveraging socio-emotional assessment to foster children's human rights Jacqueline P. Leighton 1
See me, hear me : a guide to using the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities to promote the rights of children Gerison Lansdown 1
Little angels : an international legal perspective on child discrimination Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter 1
Rights-based integrated child protection service delivery systems : secondary and tertiary prevention Murli Desai 1
Rights, Foucault and power : a critical analysis of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child Andressa M. Gadda 1
Loving every child : wisdom for parents : the words of Janusz Korczak Janusz Korczak 1
Rights of the child : 25 years after the adoption of the UN convention Brian Milne 1
Manuel de sensibilisation : les enfants domestiques : trouver un voix Maggie Black 1
Moral equality, bioethics, and the child Claudia Wiesemann 1
Re-understanding the child's right to identity : on belonging, responsiveness and hope Yaʾir Ronen 1
Prosecuting international crimes and human rights abuses committed against children : leading international court cases Sonja C. Grover 1
Policy for play : responding to children's forgotten right Adrian Voce 1
Plant a phenderfyniadau : adroddiad cryno Nigel Thomas 1
Sold for sex June Kane 1
Perils of protection : shipwrecks, orphans, and children's rights Susan Honeyman 1
Ot teorii k praktike : realizat͡sii͡a "Rukovodi͡ashchikh ukazaniĭ po alʹternativnomu ukhodu za detʹmi" Nigel Cantwell 1
Moral status and human life : the case for children's superiority James G. Dwyer 1
Moving forward : Umsetzung der "Leitlinien für alternative Formen der Betreuung von Kindern" Nigel Cantwell 1
Physical punishment in childhood : the rights of the child Bernadette J. Saunders 1
The United Nations Children's Fund Ada Verloren 1
Stolen childhood : in search of the rights of the child Anuradha Vittachi 1
Thinking children Claire Cassidy 1
The right of the child to religious freedom in international law Sylvie Langlaude 1
The right to health of the child : an analytical exploration of the international normative framework Sarah Ida Spronk-van der Meer 1
The rights of the child and the changing image of childhood Philip E. Veerman 1
The sociology of children's rights Brian Gran 1
The spiritual rights of the child : a discussion paper John Bradford 1
The voice of a child in family law disputes Patrick Parkinson 1
UNICEF : global governance that works Richard Jolly 1
Students' perspectives on schooling Audrey Osler 1
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child : article-by-article commentary Stefanie Schmahl 1
Violent exceptions : children's human rights and humanitarian rhetorics Wendy S. Hesford 1
WOW! this is big _ : a foundation to participation ; an early years consultation research project Jess Tomlinson 1
We the children : 25 years UN Convention on the Rights of the Child = 25 jahre UN-kinderrechtskonvention Christiane Breustedt 1
When the innocent are punished : the children of imprisoned parents Peter Scharff Smith 1
Working towards the eradication of child labour? : an analysis of the legal framework with case-studies of Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, UK and USA Farkhanda Zia Mansoor 1
The participation rights of the child : rights and responsibilities in family and society Målfrid Grude Flekkøy 1
The narrative approach to informed consent : empowering young children's rights and meaningful participation Fiona Mayne 1
The moral status of children : essays on the rights of the child Michael D. A. Freeman 1
The international law on the rights of the child Geraldine Van Bueren 1
The international law on the right of the child to survival and development Khadeija Elsheikh Mahgoub 1
The human rights of street and working children : a practical manual for advocates Iain Byrne 1
The human rights of children : selected essays on children's rights Michael Freeman 1
The human rights of children : from visions to implementation Antonella Invernizzi 1
The exploitation of children Smiley 1
The development of children's rights in Africa and Europe : comparing legislation in Ghana and Northern Ireland Esmeranda Manful 1
The child's right to participate in family law proceedings : represented, heard or silenced? Charlotte Mol 1
The child as vulnerable patient : protection and empowerment Lynn Hagger 1
The challenge of child labour in international law Franziska Humbert 1
The best weapon for peace : Maria Montessori, education, and children's rights Erica Moretti 1
The agency of children : from family to global human rights David Oswell 1
Indigenous children's right to participate in law and policy development Holly Doel-Mackaway 1
Suffer the children : a theoretical foundation for the human rights of the child Richard P. Hiskes 1
International conventions affecting children Jeremy Rosenblatt 1
A Magna Carta for children? : rethinking children's rights Michael D. A. Freeman 1
I believe in zero : learning from the world's children Caryl M. Stern 1
Child victims and restorative justice : a needs-rights model Ṭali Gal 1
Children's bioethics : the international biopolitical discourse on harmful traditional practices and the right of the child to cultural identity Maya Sabatello 1
Children of other worlds : exploitation in the global market Jeremy Seabrook 1
Children not soldiers : guidelines for working with child soldiers and children associated with fighting forces Isobel McConnan 1
Children in the international political economy George Kent 1
Children are people too: the case against physical punishment Peter Newell 1
Children and the International Criminal Court : analysis of the Rome Statute through a children's rights perspective Cynthia Chamberlain 1
Children and the European Court of Human Rights Claire Fenton-Glynn 1
Children and decision-making : a summary report Nigel Thomas 1
Children and armed conflict Chaditsa Poulatova 1
Children : noble causes or worthy citizens? Karl Eric Knutsson 1
Childhood under threat Carol Bellamy 1
Childhood citizenship, governance and policy : the politics of becoming adult Sana Nakata 1
Childhood abused : protecting children against torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment Geraldine Van Bueren 1
Child welfare, protection, and justice Murli Desai 1
Child agency and voice in therapy : new ways of working in the arts therapies Phil Jones 1
Children's rights : a philosophical study C. A. Wringe 1
Child Rights Education for Participation and Development : Primary Prevention Murli Desai 1
Campaigning for children : strategies for advancing children's rights Jo Becker 1
Babies of technology : assisted reproduction and the rights of the child Mary Ann Mason 1


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