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  • Book: Logical abilities in children
  • Author: Daniel N. Osherson
  • Bnb Id: GB7420475
  • Publication Date: 1974
  • Books on this subject: 877
  • Editions on this subject: 1,070
  • Authors on this subject: 712
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There are the 877 books on the Child psychology subject with a total 1,070 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The developing child Helen L. Bee 11
Attachment and loss John Bowlby 7
Developmental psychology : childhood and adolescence David R. Shaffer 6
Development across the life span Robert S. Feldman 5
Understanding children's development Peter K. Smith 5
Young children's personal, social and emotional development Marion Dowling 5
Child development : an active learning approach Laura E. Levine 4
Boundary and space : an introduction to the work of D.W. Winnicott Madeleine Davis 4
A child's world : infancy through adolescence Diane E. Papalia 4
The development of play David Cohen 4
Child development from infancy to adolescence : an active learning approach Laura E. Levine 4
Child development for child care and protection workers Brigid Daniel 3
Can you help me? : a guide for parents A. H. Brafman 3
An introduction to child development Thomas Keenan 3
Donald W. Winnicott : a new approach Laura Dethiville 3
Play and reflection in Donald Winnicott's writings André Green 3
Childhood psychosis : a Lacanian perspective Silvia Elena Tendlarz 3
The early years of life : psychoanalytical development theory according to Freud, Klein, and Bion Gertraud Diem-Wille 3
Social development Ross D. Parke 3
Childhood and society Erik H. Erikson 3
The making & breaking of affectional bonds John Bowlby 3
Bringing up baby : the psychoanalytic infant comes of age Dianna T. Kenny 3
Introducing Melanie Klein R. D. Hinshelwood 3
Psychology and the teacher Dennis Child 3
Guidance of young children Marian Marion 3
Intelligence and cultural environment Philip E. Vernon 3
Child behaviour Dorothy Einon 3
Children's drawing Jacqueline Goodnow 3
Child care & development P. M. Minett 3
Child psychology : a contemporary viewpoint E. Mavis Hetherington 3
Comparing theories of child development R. Murray Thomas 3
Child development Robert S. Feldman 3
Children's minds Margaret Donaldson 3
Cognitive development and learning in instructional contexts James P. Byrnes 3
The growth and development of children C. M. Lee 3
The evolution of Winnicott's thinking : examining the growth of psychoanalytic thought over three generations Margaret Boyle Spelman 3
A playworkers guide to understanding children's behaviour : working with the 8-12 age group Andrea Clifford-Poston 3
The child's conception of physical causality Jean Piaget 3
Moral Development : a Psychological Study of Moral Growth from Childhood to Adolescence William Kay 3
The clinical interview of the child Stanley I. Greenspan 3
Normality and pathology in childhood : assessments of development Anna Freud 3
On latency : individual development, narcissistic impulse reminiscence, and cultural ideal Leticia Franieck 3
Moral learning and development : theory and research Douglas Graham 2
Common parenting issues : handouts for professionals working with children & families Cathy Bétoin 2
Child development John W. Santrock 2
On having an own child : reproductive technologies and the cultural construction of childhood Karín Lesnik-Oberstein 2
Infant speech : a study of the beginnings of language M. M. Lewis 2
The growth of the child : reflections on human development Jerome Kagan 2
Child development Elizabeth Bergner Hurlock 2
Young minds in social worlds : experience, meaning, and memory Katherine Nelson 2
They f*** you up : how to survive family life Oliver James 2
Childrens moral lives : an ethnographic and psychological approach Ruth Woods 2
Psychology in family and child law C. L. Van Rooyen 2
Abnormal children : a book for parents, teachers, and medical officers of schools Bernard Hollander 2
Child and adolescent development in context Tara L. Kuther 2
Intellectual growth in young children Susan Sutherland Fairhurst Isaacs 2
Touchpoints three to six : your child's emotional and behavioral development T. Berry Brazelton 2
Ordinary magic : resilience in development Ann S. Masten 2
Interaction, communication and development : psychological development as a social process Charis Psaltis 2
Twenty studies that revolutionized child psychology Wallace E. Dixon 2
Emerging patterns of literacy : a multidisciplinary perspective Rhian Jones 2
Understanding 10-11-year-olds Rebecca Bergese 2
Understanding 4-5-year-olds Lesley Maroni 2
The uses of enchantment : the meaning and importance of fairy tales Bruno Bettelheim 2
Three theories of child development Henry W. Maier 2
A child's journey : forces that shape the lives of our young Julius Segal 2
Understanding 8-9-year-olds Biddy Youell 2
Children and their development Robert Kail 2
Children and adolescents : a biocultural approach to psychological development Theron Alexander 2
The nursery age child Jennifer Davids 2
Childhood development : from conception to 12 years old Joan Gomez 2
New developments in analytical psychology Michael Fordham 2
Non-verbal learning disabilities : characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment within an educational setting Marieke Molenaar-Klumper 2
The me, me, me epidemic : a step-by-step guide to raising capable, grateful kids in an over-entitled world Amy McCready 2
The psychological development of the child Paul Henry Mussen 2
The maturational processes and the facilitating environment : studies in the theory of emotional development D. W. Winnicott 2
How not to f*** them up : the first three years Oliver James 2
Child psychology : the modern science Ross Vasta 2
Same-sex marriage and children : a tale of history, social science, and law Carlos A. Ball 2
Child psychology : a contemporary viewpoint Ross D. Parke 2
The children's bill of emotional rights : a guide to the needs of children Eileen Johnson 2
The language and thought of the child Jean Piaget 2
The secret of childhood Maria Montessori 2
Reparenting the child who hurts : a guide to healing developmental trauma and attachments Caroline Archer 2
Nurture the nature : understanding and supporting your child's unique core personality Michael Gurian 2
Guiding the child : on the principles of individual psychology Alfred Adler 2
Evidence-based interventions for children with challenging behavior Kathleen Armstrong 2
Children's thinking Robert S. Siegler 2
The social psychology of the child with epilepsy Christopher Bagley 2
The human experience : the early years Cedric Cullingford 2
Child development : its nature and course L. Alan Sroufe 2
The needs of children : a personal perspective Mia Kellmer Pringle 2
Learnability and cognition : the acquisition of argument structure Steven Pinker 2
The 5-10-year-old child A. H. Brafman 2
A secure base : clinical applications of attachment theory John Bowlby 2
Preparing for parenthood : understanding your feelings about pregnancy, childbirth and your baby Lee Salk 2
Prenatal exposures : psychological, behavioral, and educational consequences for children Roy Martin 2
The educational role of the family : a psychoanalytical model Donald Meltzer 2
Making decisions about children : psychological questions and answers H. Rudolph Schaffer 2
The education of children Alfred Adler 2


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