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Title Author Editions
Child development Laura E. Berk 9
The developing child Helen L. Bee 8
Infants, children and adolescents Laura E. Berk 8
Early childhood development : a multicultural perspective Jeffrey W. Trawick-Smith 6
A child's world : infancy through adolescence Diane E. Papalia 6
Understanding children's development Peter K. Smith 6
Young children's personal, social and emotional development Marion Dowling 6
Children and their development Robert V. Kail 6
Child development : an active learning approach Laura E. Levine 6
The development of children Michael Cole 5
How children develop Robert S. Siegler 5
Child development Robert S. Feldman 5
Development across the life span Robert S. Feldman 5
Child development and education Teresa M. McDevitt 5
Infants and children : prenatal through middle childhood Laura E. Berk 5
Thinking about infants and young children Martha Harris 5
The developing person through the life span Kathleen Stassen Berger 5
Child development : principles and perspectives Joan Littlefield Cook 4
Child development from infancy to adolescence : an active learning approach Laura E. Levine 4
Children John W. Santrock 4
Child development : an illustrated guide Carolyn Meggitt 4
Encounters with children : pediatric behavior and development Suzanne D. Dixon 4
Thinking critically about child development : examining myths and misunderstandings Jean Mercer 4
Child development : a practitioner's guide Douglas Davies 4
Play Catherine Garvey 4
The development of the infant and young child : normal and abnormal Ronald S. Illingworth 4
Learning and teaching early math : the learning trajectories approach Douglas H. Clements 4
The development of children Cynthia Lightfoot 3
Beginnings & beyond : foundations in early childhood education Ann Miles Gordon 3
The developing person through childhood and adolescence Kathleen Stassen Berger 3
Enriching the lives of children : creating meaningful and novel stimulus experiences to promote cognitive, moral and emotional development Rosalyn M. King 3
Social development Ross D. Parke 3
Comparing theories of child development R. Murray Thomas 3
Understanding early childhood : issues and controversies Helen Penn 3
The development of consciousness : an integrative model of child development, neuroscience and psychoanalysis Giampaolo Sasso 3
The foundation of literacy : the child's acquisition of the alphabetic principle Brian Byrne 3
Children and their development Robert Kail 3
Child abuse : implications for child development and psychopathology David A. Wolfe 3
Child development for early years students and practitioners Sally Neaum 3
Child development for child care and protection workers Brigid Daniel 3
Child care & development P. M. Minett 3
Child care & education Tina Bruce 3
Child development : theory and practice 0-11 Jonathan Doherty 3
Child development John W. Santrock 3
Child development : a practical introduction Kevin Crowley 3
HDEV Spencer A. Rathus 3
Early childhood : an introductory text Nóirín Hayes 3
Primary understanding : education in early childhood Kieran Egan 3
On latency : individual development, narcissistic impulse reminiscence, and cultural ideal Leticia Franieck 3
21st century girls : how female minds develop, how to raise bright, balanced girls and why today's world needs them more than ever Sue Palmer 3
Nutrition, physical activity, and health in early life Jana Pařízková 3
A practical guide to child development Valda Reynolds 3
How not to f*** them up : the first three years Oliver James 2
Children at play : learning gender in the early years Barbara Martin 2
Making the most of light and mirrors Linda Thornton 2
Making the most of reclaimed and natural materials Linda Thornton 2
Children and schooling : issues in childhood socialisation. Volume 28 Philip Gammage 2
Managing behaviour in the early years Janet Kay 2
The self-respecting child : a study of children's play and development Alison Stallibrass 2
Childhood socialization Norman K. Denzin 2
The neo-Vygotskian approach to child development Yuriy V. Karpov 2
Childhood development : from conception to 12 years old Joan Gomez 2
Childhood & adolescence : voyages in development Spencer A. Rathus 2
The sociology of children, childhood and generation Madeleine Leonard 2
Children at play : preparation for life Heidi Britz-Crecelius 2
Children's agency, children's welfare : a dialogical approach to child development, policy and practice Carol van Nijnatten 2
Children's adjustment to adoption : developmental and clinical issues David Brodzinsky 2
Child, family, school, community : socialization and support Roberta M. Berns 2
Children's drawing and writing : the remarkable in the unremarkable Diane Mavers 2
The injured self : the psychopathology and psychotherapy of developmental deviations Dov R. Aleksandrowicz 2
The human experience : the early years Cedric Cullingford 2
Children, play, and development Fergus P. Hughes 2
Making sense of neuroscience in the early years Sally Featherstone 2
Complete baby & child care Miriam Stoppard 2
Complete baby and childcare Miriam Stoppard 2
The genius in all of us : why everything you've been told about genetics, talent and intelligence is wrong David Shenk 2
The gardener and the carpenter : what the new science of child development tells us about the relationship between parents and children Alison Gopnik 2
Making decisions about children : psychological questions and answers H. Rudolph Schaffer 2
Marital conflict and children : an emotional security perspective E. Mark Cummings 2
Child, adolescent, and family development Phillip T. Slee 2
Child, family, school, community : socialization and support Roberta Berns 2
The spirit of the child David Hay 2
Option B : facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy Sheryl Sandberg 2
Parent-child relations : an introduction to parenting Jerry J. Bigner 2
NurtureShock Po Bronson 2
Child development : a topical approach Robert S. Feldman 2
Nurture the nature : understanding and supporting your child's unique core personality Michael Gurian 2
Number skills in primary school : development and individual differences Richard J. Cowan 2
Child development : its nature and course L. Alan Sroufe 2
Child development : myths and misunderstandings Jean Mercer 2
No-drama discipline : the whole-brain way to calm the chaos and nurture your child's developing mind Daniel J. Siegel 2
Neighbourhood context and the development of African American children Maria Loreto Martinez 2
Child development : understanding a cultural perspective Martin J. Packer 2
Music with the under-fours Susan Young 2
Moral judgement from childhood to adolescence Norman J. Bull 2
Mind in the making : the seven essential life skills every child needs Ellen Galinsky 2
The year of the child Bel Mooney 2
Child development and learning, 2-5 years : Georgia's story Cath Arnold 2
The world of children Greg Cook 2
Child development and the brain : an introduction Rob Abbott 2


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