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  • Book: A basic course in crystallography
  • Author: J. A. K. Tareen
  • Bnb Id: GBA1W0860
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Books on this subject: 1,052
  • Editions on this subject: 1,387
  • Authors on this subject: 778
  • Books in this series: 2
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The main authors on Chemistry by number of books and editions:


There are the 1,052 books on the Chemistry subject with a total 1,387 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Chemistry : the central science Theodore L. Brown 11
Foundations of college chemistry Morris Hein 10
Basic concepts of chemistry Leo J. Malone 9
Introduction to chemistry T. R. Dickson 8
Chemistry & chemical reactivity John C. Kotz 7
Introduction to general, organic & biochemistry Frederick A. Bettelheim 7
Fundamentals of general, organic, and biological chemistry John McMurry 7
Introductory chemistry Nivaldo J. Tro 7
Chemistry John McMurry 7
General chemistry Darrell D. Ebbing 6
Chemistry Rob Lewis 6
Chemistry Raymond Chang 6
General chemistry : principles and structure James E. Brady 6
General chemistry : principles and modern applications Ralph H. Petrucci 6
Chemistry : the molecular nature of matter and change Martin S. Silberberg 6
Chemical principles : The quest for insight P. W. Atkins 6
Fundamentals of general, organic and biological chemistry John R. Holum 6
Chemistry and the living organism Molly M. Bloomfield 6
General chemistry : the essential concepts Raymond Chang 5
The extraordinary chemistry of ordinary things Carl H. Snyder 5
Chemistry in context G. C. Hill 5
Introductory chemistry : an active learning approach Mark S. Cracolice 5
Chemistry : a new certificate approach Sam Tunde Bajah 5
Chemistry in focus : a molecular view of our world Nivaldo J. Tro 5
Chemistry : an introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry Karen C. Timberlake 5
Chemistry : an introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry Karen Timberlake 5
Chemistry : structure and dynamics James N. Spencer 4
Chemistry for dummies John T. Moore 4
Chemistry for changing times John W. Hill 4
Chemistry for the life sciences Raul Sutton 4
Introductory chemistry essentials Nivaldo J. Tro 4
Chemistry counts G. C. Hill 4
Principles of modern chemistry David W. Oxtoby 4
General chemistry Kenneth W. Whitten 4
Chemistry Steven S. Zumdahl 4
Introduction to chemical principles Edward I. Peters 4
Fundamentals of chemistry David E. Goldberg 4
A new chemistry S. Clynes 4
A modern approach to comprehensive chemistry G. N. Gilmore 4
General, organic, and biological chemistry : structures of life Karen Timberlake 3
Chemistry for GCSE E. N. Ramsden 3
Chemistry : facts, patterns, and principles W. R. Kneen 3
General college chemistry Charles William Keenan 3
Chemical principles William L. Masterton 3
Essentials of general, organic and biochemistry Joseph I. Routh 3
General chemistry with qualitative analysis Kenneth W. Whitten 3
Chemical principles Steven S. Zumdahl 3
General, organic, and biological chemistry : structures of life Karen C. Timberlake 3
Chemistry : an introduction to organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry Catherine E. Housecroft 3
General, organic, and biological chemistry H. Stephen Stoker 3
Chemistry : the study of matter and its changes James E. Brady 3
Chemistry for changing times Doris K. Kolb 3
Chemistry : principles & reactions : a core text William L. Masterton 3
Fundamentals of chemistry Ralph A. Burns 3
Chemistry : a unified approach J. W. Buttle 3
Chemistry : an atoms first approach Steven S. Zumdahl 3
Fundamentals of chemistry James E. Brady 3
Chemistry : a modern introduction for sixth forms and colleges Thomas Fowler Chadwick 3
Chemistry : a molecular approach Nivaldo J. Tro 3
Chemistry : a conceptual approach Charles Edgar Mortimer 3
A new Certificate chemistry A. Holderness 3
Introduction to chemical principles H. Stephen Stoker 3
Chemistry James E. Brady 3
Certificate chemistry : a fresh approach to school chemistry Brian Cane 3
Chemistry in the garden James Ralph Hanson 3
Chemistry : an atoms-focused approach Thomas R. Gilbert 3
Chemistry for engineering students Lawrence Stephen Brown 3
Basic chemistry William S. Seese 3
Principles of chemistry : a molecular approach Nivaldo J. Tro 3
CXC chemistry Jacqueline Fergusson 2
Cambridge IGCSE chemistry B. Earl 2
Introducing chemistry Hazel Rossotti 2
Chemistry J. A. Hunt 2
Chemistry for the health sciences George I. Sackheim 2
Chemistry for today : general, organic, and biochemistry Spencer L. Seager 2
Chemistry William L. Masterton 2
Introduction to general chemistry Jerome Knowlton Holmes 2
Conceptual chemistry John Suchocki 2
Chemistry Theodore L. Brown 2
Introduction to chemistry Warren Hankins 2
Intermediate 2 chemistry. [With answers] Norman Conquest 2
Certificate chemistry Arthur Atkinson 2
Chemistry G. C. Pillai 2
Chemistry in action M. H. Freemantle 2
Chemistry for today and tomorrow M. A. Atherton 2
Chemistry in today's world D. Ainley 2
Chemistry John Groves 2
Introductory chemistry for today Spencer L. Seager 2
Chemistry in the kitchen garden James Ralph Hanson 2
Chemistry Chris Conoley 2
Chemistry Karen Timberlake 2
Chemistry in the marketplace Ben Selinger 2
Chemistry John O. E. Clark 2
Chemistry, the molecular science John Olmsted 2
Chemistry made clear R. Gallagher 2
Chemistry Ann Fullick 2
Chemistry John Olmsted 2
Chemistry workbook for dummies Peter Mikulecky 2
Chemistry C. W. Lapham 2
Chemistry today Euan S. Henderson 2


The 2 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
J. A. K. Tareen 1
T. R. N. Kutty 1


The 2 books in this series in our database:

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