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The biopolitics of the war on terror : life struggles, liberal modernity and the defence of logistical societies Julian Reid 4
Biology and political science Robert H. Blank 3
The biopolitics of Stalinism : ideology and life in Soviet socialism Sergei Prozorov 2
The signature of power : sovereignty, governmentality and biopolitics Mitchell Dean 2
The self-organizing polity : an epistemological analysis of political life Laurent Dobuzinskis 2
Narrative care : biopolitics and the novel Arne De Boever 2
Beyond biopolitics : theory, violence and horror in world politics François Debrix 2
Governmentality, biopower, and everyday life Majia Holmer Nadesan 2
A body worth defending : immunity, biopolitics, and the apotheosis of the modern body Ed Cohen 1
Reading with John Clare : biopoetics, sovereignty, romanticism Sara Emilie Guyer 1
State violence and the execution of law : torture, black sites, drones Joseph Pugliese 1
State violence and the execution of law : biopolitical caesurae of torture, black sites, drones Joseph Pugliese 1
Sex, power, and partisanship : how evolutionary science makes sense of our political divide Hector A. Garcia 1
Redesigning life : eugenics, biopolitics, and the challenge of the techno-human condition Nathan van Camp 1
Political psychology and biopolitics : assessing and predicting elite behavior in foreign policy crises Gerald W. Hopple 1
Politics of eugenics : productionism, population, and national welfare Alberto Spektorowski 1
Politics and the life sciences : the state of the discipline Robert H. Blank 1
Terms of the political : community, immunity, biopolitics Roberto Esposito 1
Pandemic education and viral politics Michael Peters 1
On biopolitics : an inquiry into nature and language Marco Piasentier 1
Law, ethics and the biopolitical Amy Swiffen 1
Technology and touch : the biopolitics of emerging technologies Anne Cranny-Francis 1
The biopolitics of disability : neoliberalism, ablenationalism, and peripheral embodiment David T. Mitchell 1
The Anthropocene : key issues for the humanities Eva Horn 1
Insecure spaces, precarious geographies : biopolitics, security and the production of space in Jerusalem and beyond Joe Penny 1
The biopolitics of lifestyle : Foucault, ethics and healthy choices Christopher Mayes 1
The biopolitics of water : governance, scarcity and populations Sofie Hellberg 1
The birth of biopolitics : lectures at the Collège de France, 1978-79 Michel Foucault 1
The global biopolitics of the IUD : how science constructs contraceptive users and women's bodies Chikako Takeshita 1
The living from the dead : disaffirming biopolitics Stuart J. Murray 1
The making of Kropotkin's anarchist thought : disease, degeneration, health and the bio-political dimension Richard Morgan 1
The nature of politics Roger D. Masters 1
The next social contract : animals, the Anthropocene, and biopolitics Wayne Gabardi 1
The political animal : biology, ethics, and politics Stephen R. L. Clark 1
The question of political community : sameness, logos, space Jonna Pettersson 1
The republic of the living : biopolitics and the critique of civil society Miguel Vatter 1
Unbearable life : a genealogy of political erasure Arthur Bradley 1
Insistence of the material : literature in the age of biopolitics Christopher Breu 1
Immunitary life : a biopolitics of immunity Nik Brown 1
Improper life : technology and biopolitics from Heidegger to Agamben Timothy C. Campbell 1
Biopolitical media : catastrophe, immunity and bare life Allen Meek 1
Biopolitics after neuroscience : morality and the economy of virtue Jeffrey P. Bishop 1
Biopolitics : search for a more human political science Thomas C. Wiegele 1
Biopolitics : an advanced introduction Thomas Lemke 1
Biopolitics Thomas Landon Thorson 1
Biopolitical surveillance and public health in international politics Jeremy R. Youde 1
Biopolitical screens : image, power, and the neoliberal brain Pasi Väliaho 1
Biopolitical experience : Foucault, power and positive critique Claire Blencowe 1
Biopolitics of security in the 21st century : the political economy of security after Foucault Michael Dillon 1
Biology and politics : the cutting edge Albert Somit 1
Bioinsecurities : disease interventions, empire, and the government of species Neel Ahuja 1
Between Gaia and ground : four axioms of existence and the ancestral catastrophe of late liberalism Elizabeth A. Povinelli 1
Asylum seekers, sovereignty, and the senses of the international : a politico-corporeal struggle Eeva Puumala 1
Assisted death in the age of biopolitics and bioeconomy Anna E. Kubiak 1
Animacies : biopolitics, racial mattering, and queer affect Mel Y. Chen 1
Biopolitics of security : a political analytic of finitude Michael Dillon 1
Biopolitics of swimming and the re-articulation of able-bodiedness : bodies of latent potential Touko Vaahtera 1
Agamben and the Animal Carlo Salzani 1
Foucault, biopolitics and resistance Lauri Siisiäinen 1
Human capital, gender, and biopolitics Umut Korkut 1
Hobbes and the making of modern political thought Gordon Hull 1
Governing childhood into the 21st century : biopolitical technologies of childhood management and education Majia Holmer Nadesan 1
Global powers of horror : security, politics, and the body in pieces François Debrix 1
Global media, biopolitics, and affect : politicizing bodily vulnerability Britta Timm Knudsen 1
Germ wars : the politics of microbes and America's landscape of fear Melanie Armstrong 1
Democratic biopolitics : popular sovereignty and the power of life Sergei Prozorov 1
Bioviolence : how the powers that be make us do what they want William Watkin 1
Darwinism, dominance, and democracy : the biological bases of authoritarianism Albert Somit 1
Darwinian politics : the evolutionary origin of freedom Paul H. Rubin 1
Critiquing sovereign violence : law, biopolitics, bio-juridicalism Gavin Rae 1
Citizenship inclusion and intellectual disability : biopolitics post-institutionalisation Niklas Altermark 1
Chinese modernity and global biopolitics : studies in literature and visual culture Sheldon H. Lu 1
Bíos : biopolitics and philosophy Roberto Esposito 1
Unprepared : global health in a time of emergency Andrew Lakoff 1


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