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Automobiles is a book subject



There are 127 books and 137 editions on Automobiles between 1968 and 2022

Top Authors

The main authors on Automobiles by number of books and editions:


There are the 127 books on the Automobiles subject with a total 137 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The car E. F. Scott 2
1001 dream cars : dream drives and ultimate autos Richard Dredge 2
Motor do's and dont's Harold Pemberton 2
Motors and motoring Henry J. Spooner 2
The romance of motoring T. C. Bridges 2
TV cars : star cars from the world of television Giles Chapman 2
The car, engine and structure Roy Hunt Bacon 2
The fastest cars from around the world Michael Bowler 2
On wheels : five easy pieces Michael Holroyd 2
Automotive mechanics William Harry Crouse 2
100 mega machines : the biggest machines ever built Richard Gunn 1
Rock stars cars Dave Roberts 1
Rootes 1500 and 1725 range : Hillman Minx from 1967 Hillman Hunter from 1966, Singer Gazelle from 1967, Singer Vogue from 1966, Humber Sceptre from 1967, Sunbeam Rapier from 1967, saloons and estate cars Piet Olyslager 1
Super cars Ian Marshall 1
Running on empty : the future of the automobile in an oil-short world Lester Russell Brown 1
Supercars John Lamm 1
The 1930 London Motor Show and Paris Salon Lawrence Dalton 1
The A-Z of cars Angela Royston 1
The A-Z of landmark cars : the century's classic automobiles Hilton Holloway 1
Richard Hammond's car confidential Richard Hammond 1
Parker's cars : 50 years of the best bloomin' motors Aaron Gold 1
Processing vehicles used in violent crimes for forensic evidence Christopher D. Duncan 1
Phil Hill : a driving life Phil Hill 1
Performance heroes : the ultimate guide to affordable performance cars John Barker 1
The Burke book of motors Kurt Bernard Hopfinger 1
Parker's cars Aaron Gold 1
On wheels Michael Holroyd 1
Old and new cars Peter Sloan 1
Notes on motor carriages : with hints for purchasers and users John Henry Knight 1
Muscle cars Mike Mueller 1
Mr. Grasshopper Derek Falcke 1
Mr Lionel : an Edwardian episode Martin Harper 1
Motorworld Jeremy Clarkson 1
Motoring mirror : new models, maintenance, money saving tips : an all-in guide to autumn motoring Patrick Mennem 1
The AA guide to car marques : a graphic guide to the brands and their logos Simon Heptinstall 1
The Shell book of how cars work : an introduction to the motor-car its fuel and lubricants Gordon Walmsley 1
The Penguin book of the car Anthony Curtis 1
The story of the car Peter Roberts 1
What car is that? Peter Roberts 1
Vicki Butler-Henderson's 100 sexiest cars : the hottest 100! Vicki Butler-Henderson 1
Understanding your car Roy Johnstone 1
Under the bonnet : how cars work and how to keep them working Robin Lawrie 1
Tuning the Mini Clive Trickey 1
Top gear Peter Lafferty 1
Top Gear ultimate supercars Jason Barlow 1
Top Gear epic failures : 50 great motoring cock-ups Richard Porter 1
Top Gear epic failures Richard Porter 1
Top Gear crap cars Richard Porter 1
The world's worst cars : from pioneering failures to multimillion dollar disasters Craig Cheetham 1
The world's fastest cars John McGovren 1
The motorist's bedside book Anthony Harding 1
The Scimitar and its forebears Don Pither 1
The motor car : past, present and future G. Genta 1
The motor book R. J. Mecredy 1
The guide to cheaper motoring Christopher George 1
The cost of the car : human, environmental, and economic Ian East 1
The cool 500 : the coolest cars ever made Matt Master 1
The complete motorist : being an account of the evolution and construction of the modern motor-car, with notes on the selection, use, and maintenance of the same, and on the pleasures of travel upon the public roads Alexander Bell Filson Young 1
The book of the B.M.C. 1100 and 1300, Austin, Morris, M.G. Wolseley, Riley and Princess : maintenance and repair in the home garage for do-it-yourself owners Staton Abbey 1
The bluffer's guide to cars Martin Gurdon 1
The big book of automobiles Michael Bowler 1
The auto book William Harry Crouse 1
The art of the automobile Dennis Adler 1
Motor vehicles and motors : their design, construction and working by steam, oil and electricity. Volume 2 W. Worby Beaumont 1
Motoring handbook Arthur Norman 1
Motor vehicle technology : related studies V. A. W. Hillier 1
Motor vehicles and motors : their design, construction and working by steam, oil and electricity W. Worby Beaumont 1
Cars Tony Potter 1
Cars Daphne Butler 1
Cars Angela Lucas 1
Carbolics : a personal motoring disinfectant James May 1
Car-tastrophes : 80 automotive atrocities from the past 20 years Honest John 1
Car trouble : a childhood on four wheels Wensley Clarkson 1
Car talk Nigel Fryatt 1
Car knowledge Roy Dandy 1
Car Richard Sutton 1
Car Gregory Votolato 1
Car Angela Royston 1
By car to the continent Edmund Victor Corbett 1
Bluffer's guide to cars Martin Gurdon 1
Bizarre cars Colin Burnham 1
Be a confident driver John Henderson 1
B. M. C. autobook four : a workshop manual for the Austin A99, A110 Mk I and II 1959-1968, Wolseley 6/99, 6/110 Mk I and II 1959-1968, Vanden Plas 3 litre 1959-1964 Ball 1
Automotive service technology Clifford Morley Tempest 1
Automotive principles and service F. J. Thiessen 1
Automative mechanics William Harry Crouse 1
Autobiography : my life story through motor vehicles Stewart Cant 1
Auto legends : classics of style and design Michel Zumbrunn 1
Art of the classic car Peter Bodensteiner 1
Architecture and automobiles Philip Jodidio 1
Anatomy of the motor car L. J. K Setright 1
A is for Allegro : an alphabet of curious cars Roy McCarthy 1
A guide to automotive air conditioning systems Steve Rendle 1
A car less ordinary : pastiche and retro vehicles, replicas of classic cars, novelty and productmobiles Rod Ward 1
1100, 1300 autobook : a workshop manual for the 1100 and 1300, 1962-1969: Austin, Morris, MG, Riley, Vanden Plas and Wolseley Ball 1
Cars Gordon Cruikshank 1
Cars : a consumer's guide Jacqui King 1
Motor vehicle basic principles V. A. W. Hillier 1
Clarkson on cars Jeremy Clarkson 1
Motor car Christopher Tunney 1
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