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Theatre & architecture Juliet Rufford 3
Understanding architecture : an introduction to architecture and architectural history Hazel Conway 3
Understanding architecture : its elements, history, and meaning Leland M. Roth 3
Design in architecture : architecture and the human sciences Geoffrey Broadbent 3
Atlas of emotion : journeys in art, architecture, and film Giuliana Bruno 3
How to read buildings : a crash course in architecture Carol Davidson Cragoe 2
Surface architecture David Leatherbarrow 2
Model perspectives : structure, architecture and culture Mark Cruvellier 2
The fundamentals of architecture Lorraine Farrelly 2
Aufzüge und Fahrtreppen : ein Anwenderhandbuch Dieter Unger 2
Nurturing dreams : collected essays on architecture and the city Fumihiko Maki 2
Professional studies in architecture : a primer Stephen Brookhouse 2
Psychology of architectural design Ömer Akin 2
The words between the spaces : buildings and language Thomas A. Markus 2
Understanding buildings a multidisciplinary approach Esmond Reid 2
Bricks & mortals : ten great buildings and the people they made Tom Wilkinson 2
Isms : understanding architecture Jeremy Melvin 2
Introduction to building Derek Osbourn 2
Toward an architecture Le Corbusier 2
Construction and materiality Lorraine Farrelly 2
Design in modular construction R. M. Lawson 2
Adventures in architecture Dan Cruickshank 2
Design and technology in architecture David Guise 2
50 architecture ideas you really need to know Philip Wilkinson 2
The media city : media, architecture and urban space Scott McQuire 2
You have to pay for the public life : selected essays of Charles W. Moore Charles W. Moore 2
Construction : a practical guide to the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 : stages 4, 5 and 6 Phil Holden 2
Spynie Palace Denys Pringle 1
Spatial mobility of migrant workers in Beijing, China Ran Liu 1
Spaces inspired by nature Shirish Beri 1
Sore sites Will Self 1
Sky high : vertical architecture Chris Abel 1
Sketches Alvar Aalto 1
Sharp words : selected essays of Dennis Sharp Dennis Sharp 1
Shopping malls now Jacobo Krauel 1
Service cores Ken Yeang 1
Salvadori's Structure in architecture : the building of buildings Mario Salvadori 1
San Diego : eigenlogiken, widersprüche und hybriditäten in und von "America's finest city" Olaf Kühne 1
Shop design Carles Broto 1
Shetland Anna Ritchie 1
Scotland's traditional houses : from cottage to tower-house Elizabeth Beaton 1
Sensuous architecture : the art of erotic building Christian Werner Thomsen 1
Ruskin on architecture : his thought and influence Kristine Ottesen Garrigan 1
10 architecture principles Ruth Slavid 1
St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol J. H. Bettey 1
Surfaced : the formation of twisted strctures : the work of SYSTEMarchitects Chee Pearlman 1
Tectonic acts of desire and doubt Mark Rakatansky 1
Technological landscapes Richard Rogers 1
Tactical urbanism : short-term action for long-term change Mike Lydon 1
T-studio : city/landscape Guendalina Salimei 1
T-Studio : landscape/city Guendalina Salimei 1
Swindon : the legacy of a railway town John Cattell 1
Sustainable solutions for water resources : policies, planning, design, and implementation James L. Sipes 1
Sustainable neighbourhoods in Australia : city of Sydney urban planning Raymond Charles Rauscher 1
Sustainable housing design guide for Scotland Fionn Stevenson 1
Survival through design Richard Neutra 1
Style in the visual arts Bruce Allsopp 1
Stone monuments decay study 2000 : an assessment of the degree of erosion and degradation of a sample of stone monuments in the Republic of Ireland Sara Pavía 1
Style and creativity in design Chiu-Shui Chan 1
Structures of coastal resilience Catherine Seavitt Nordenson 1
Structure, the essence of architecture Forrest Wilson 1
Structure systems Heinrich Engel 1
Robert Adam, 1728-92 : architect of genius Julius Bryant 1
Structure in architecture : the building of buildings Mario Salvadori 1
Structure for architects : a primer Ramsey Dabby 1
Structural systems Henry J. Cowan 1
Structural fire performance of contemporary post-tensioned concrete construction John Gales 1
Structural design : a practical guide for architects James R. Underwood 1
Rothesay Castle and St Mary's Church Denys Pringle 1
Quality management for building design T. C. Cornick 1
Research commission investigating cleaning of granite buildings : literature review Maureen Young 1
Reconstructing architecture for the twenty-first century : an inquiry into the architect's world Anthony Jackson 1
On architecture : short essays Alexandros N. Tompazēs 1
Off the radar Brian Carter 1
Of buildings : Roger North's writings on architecture Roger North 1
Not-I/thou : the other subject of art and architecture Gavin Keeney 1
New buildings in old cities : the second Gwilym James memorial lecture of the University of Southampton delivered at the University on the 23rd February, 1973 Basil Spence 1
New Abbey Cornmill Doreen Grove 1
Multi-use architecture in the urban context Eberhard H. Zeidler 1
Monumental reputation : Robert Adam & the Emperor's Palace Iain Gordon Brown 1
Modern architecture and other essays Vincent Scully 1
Mitchell's introduction to building Derek Osbourn 1
Metaphor : an exploration of the metaphorical dimensions and potential of architecture Simon Unwin 1
Materials, form and architecture Richard Weston 1
Material design : informing architecture by materiality Thomas Schröpfer 1
Masted structures in architecture James B. Harris 1
Mario Botta Philip Jodidio 1
Manual of structural details for building construction Alonzo Wass 1
Managing interdisciplinary projects : a primer for architecture, engineering and construction Stephen Emmitt 1
Man-made wonders : history's greatest feats of engineering Richard Lacayo 1
Making : anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture Tim Ingold 1
Macdonald and Salter building projects 1982-1986 Christopher Macdonald 1
Lucien Kroll : buildings and projects Lucien Kroll 1
Louis Sullivan : the public papers Louis H. Sullivan 1
Louis Kahn : essential texts Louis I. Kahn 1
On life and architecture David Mackay 1
On the aesthetics of architecture : a psychological approach to the structure and the order of perceived architectural space Ralf Weber 1
PCM-enhanced building components : an application of phase change materials in building envelopes and internal structures Jan Kośny 1
Property development and progressive architecture : the new alliance David Sokol 1
Recombinant urbanism : conceptual modeling in architecture, urban design, and city theory David Grahame Shane 1


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