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There are the 53 books on the Architectural practice subject with a total 63 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Starting a practice : a plan of work Simon Foxell 3
Collaborations in architecture and engineering Clare Olsen 2
Architecture depends Jeremy Till 2
Bleak houses : disappointment and failure in architecture Timothy Brittain-Catlin 2
Design management Dale Sinclair 2
The environment design professions John L. M. Bolton 2
Architectural reflections : studies in the philosophy and practice of architecture Colin St. John Wilson 2
Architecture 3.0 : the disruptive design practice handbook Cliff Moser 2
The architect in practice David Chappell 2
On architecture : short essays Alexandros N. Tompazēs 1
Mastering architecture : becoming a creative innovator in practice Leon van Schaik 1
21 things you won't learn in architecture school Adrian Dobson 1
Precision in architecture : certainty, ambiguity and deviation Mhairi McVicar 1
Managing design : conversations, project controls, and best practices for commercial design and construction projects Michael LeFevre 1
Is it all about image? : how PR works in architecture Laura Iloniemi 1
Integrated strategies in architecture J. M. Zunde 1
Integrated practice in architecture : mastering design-build, fast-track, and building information modeling George Elvin 1
Mapping the global architect of alterity : essays in practice, representation, and education Michael Jenson 1
Research for architectural practice Katharine Martindale 1
Professional practice for architects and project managers David Chappell 1
Project leadership Nick Willars 1
Inclusive design : implementation and evaluation Jordana Maisel 1
Site planning : international practice Gary Hack 1
The architecture chronicle : diary of an architectural practice Jan Kattein 1
The global architect : firms, fame and urban form Donald McNeill 1
The image of the architect Andrew Saint 1
The organisational implications of computer technology for professional work Stephen E. Little 1
Time architecture : selected architectural works by Florian Beigel Architects + Architecture Research Unit, London Metropolitan University Florian Beigel 1
Integrated design and construction : single responsibility : a code of practice Colin Harding 1
Expanding disciplinarity in architectural practice : designing from the room to the city Tom Holbrook 1
Future practice : conversations from the edge of architecture Rory Hyde 1
Autotelic architect : changing world, changing practice Sumita Sinha 1
A guide to successful client relationships Susan Carmichael 1
Adapt as an architect : a mid-career companion Randy Deutsch 1
Affect, architecture and practice : toward a disruptive temporality of practice Akari Nakai Kidd 1
An architect's guide to running a practice David Littlefield 1
Architect's handbook for client briefing Frank Salisbury 1
Architecture : an invitation Paul Oliver 1
Architecture and labor Peggy Deamer 1
Architecture from the inside out : from the body, the senses, the site, and the community Karen A. Franck 1
Atmosphere in urban design : a workplace ethnography of an architecture practice Anette Stenslund 1
BIM and integrated design : strategies for architectural practice Randy Deutsch 1
Four walls and a roof : the complex nature of a simple profession Reinier de Graaf 1
Briefing your architect Frank Salisbury 1
Co-designers : cultures of computer simulation in architecture Yanni A. Loukissas 1
Creating a culture of predictable outcomes : how leadership, collaboration, and decision-making drive architecture and construction Barbara White Bryson 1
Creative ecologies : theorizing the practice of architecture Hélène Frichot 1
Design professionals and the built environment : an introduction Paul L. Knox 1
Design through dialogue : a guide for clients and architects Karen A. Franck 1
Down detour road : an architect in search of practice Eric J. Cesal 1
A guide to sound practice Stanley Cox 1
Experimental architecture : designing the unknown Rachel Armstrong 1
Truth and lies in architecture Richard Francis-Jones 1

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