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Algeria : the fundamentalist challenge James Ciment 1
The Berber identity movement and the challenge to North African states Bruce Maddy-Weitzman 1
Understanding the persistence of competitive authoritarianism in Algeria Dalia Ghanem 1
The war without a name : France in Algeria, 1954-1962 John Talbott 1
The state of Algeria : the politics of a post-colonial legacy Malika Rebai Maamri 1
The lesser gods of the Sahara : social change and contested terrain amongst the Tuareg of Algeria Jeremy Keenan 1
The emergence of classes in Algeria : a study of colonialism and socio-political change Marnia Lazreg 1
The call from Algeria : third worldism, revolution, and the turn to Islam Robert Malley 1
The Islamist challenge in Algeria : a political history Michael J. Willis 1
The FLN in Algeria : party development in a revolutionary society Henry F. Jackson 1
The Algerian war 1954-62 Martin Windrow 1
Algeria: the politics of a socialist revolution David Ottaway 1
Ruling but not governing : the military and political development in Egypt, Algeria, and Turkey Steven A. Cook 1
Revolution and political leadership, Algeria, 1954-1968 William Baver Quandt 1
Northern Ireland and the Algerian analogy : a suitable case for Gaullism? Hugh Roberts 1
Mecca of revolution : Algeria, decolonization, and the Third World order Jeffrey James Byrne 1
Islam and the politics of resistance in Algeria, 1783-1992 Ricardo René Laremont 1
Islam and democracy : the failure of dialogue in Algeria Frédéric Volpi 1
Human rights and reform : changing the face of North African politics Susan Eileen Waltz 1
French colonial fascism : the extreme right in Algeria, 1919-1939 Samuel Kalman 1
Violent modernity : France in Algeria Abdelmajid Hannoum 1

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