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  • Book: Adventure hotel
  • Author: Clifford Lewis
  • Bnb Id: GB5504967
  • Publication Date: 1955
  • Books on this subject: 344
  • Editions on this subject: 347
  • Authors on this subject: 253
  • Books in this series: 10
  • Authors in this series: 10


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There are the 344 books on the Adventure stories subject with a total 347 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Outcast Erin Hunter 2
The genius factor : how to capture an invisible cat Paul Tobin 2
The man behind the glass Greg Howes 2
The awfully angry ogre Suzanne Williams 1
The cave emu Merv Lambert 1
The case of the diamond shadow Sophie Masson 1
The burning bridge John Flanagan 1
The bumble beast Harriet Grey 1
The brokenhearted Amelia Kahaney 1
The brink of darkness Jeff Giles 1
The boy and the boy king George H. Lewis 1
The beholder Anna Bright 1
A confusion of princes Garth Nix 1
The chronicles of Spiderwick : a grand tour of the Enchanted World navigated by Thimbletack : based on the bestselling series Tony DiTerlizzi 1
The Witch of Clatteringshaws Joan Aiken 1
The Voyage of Van Rouge Heather Summers 1
The Turners : camp freakout Mick Elliott 1
The Turners Mick Elliott 1
The Tick-Tock man Kersten Hamilton 1
The Seismic Seven Katie Slivensky 1
The Pompeii disaster Dan Gutman 1
The Picts and the martyrs : or, not welcome at all Arthur Ransome 1
The adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 1
The clocks in this house all tell different times Xan Brooks 1
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries : The Children of January Tim Gambrell 1
The family Hitchcock Mark Levin 1
The history and remarkable life of the truly honourable Col. Jacque (1723) Daniel Defoe 1
The grave robber's apprentice Allan Stratton 1
The golden acorn Catherine Cooper 1
The forgotten warrior Erin Hunter 1
The fires of Calderon Lindsay Cummings 1
The final warning : a Maximum Ride novel James Patterson 1
The final warning James Patterson 1
The enemy closes in Bill Myers 1
The clockwork ghost Laura Ruby 1
The dream machine : three classic adventures Patrick Anderson 1
The dragon warrior Katie Zhao 1
The detective is already dead. 1 mugiko (Mangaka) 1
The deadly curse of Toco-Rey Frank E. Peretti 1
The dark dream Nigel Hinton 1
The cursed sea Lauren DeStefano 1
The collector Sergio Toppi 1
The Malaspiga exit Evelyn Anthony 1
The Gremlin's shoes Ellen Potter 1
The ire of Iron Claw Kersten Hamilton 1
Softly calls the Serengeti Frank Coates 1
Steel pelicans Des Hunt 1
Starfire Jennifer Lynn Alvarez 1
Star fighters : alien attack Max Chase 1
Spirit fighter Jerel Law 1
Soul stealer Martin Booth 1
Sophie makes a splash Gillian Shields 1
Song of the abyss Makiia Lucier 1
Solo leveling. 3 Ch'ugong 1
Skyclan's destiny Erin Hunter 1
The Fyrelit Tragedy Nicholas Lochel 1
Simon Thorn and the Viper's Pit Aimée Carter 1
Silver Rob Kidd 1
Sign of the moon Erin Hunter 1
Sharks of the wasteland Gwendolyn N. Nix 1
Shadow & flame Mindee Arnett 1
Shackleton's endurance : an Antarctic survival story Joanna Grochowicz 1
Secrets of The Fearless Elizabeth Laird 1
Scorpia rising : the final mission Anthony Horowitz 1
Steve and FranDan take on the world Ron Butlin 1
Steve and the sabretooth tiger Dan Anthony 1
Stormbound Jennifer Lynn Alvarez 1
Story's end Marissa Burt 1
The Executioner and her way of life. 1. Thus she is reborn Mato Sato 1
The Endangereds Philippe Cousteau 1
The Elijah project Bill Myers 1
The Edge of Everything Jeff Giles 1
The Diary of young Arthur Conan Doyle : adventures in America, 1883 John G. Raffensperger 1
The Danger Gang and the Isle of Feral Beasts! Stephen Bramucci 1
The Cubit Quest Trevor Leck 1
The Cannibal Islands R. M. Ballantyne 1
The Block Ben Oliver 1
The Arctic code Matthew J. Kirby 1
Tales of the pacific Jack London 1
Taith Ryfeddol a Gwyrthiol Ffredi Yates Jenny Pearson 1
Swallows and Amazons Helen Edmundson 1
Sure fire Jack Higgins 1
Supernatural storybox Cara Louise 1
Sunrise Erin Hunter 1
Suddenly, in the darkness _ a pig whistled : a tale of the late 60's and other times too Nicholas Bridges-Adams 1
The invaders John Flanagan 1
The jealous dandelions Carl Baldwin 1
Saucer Stephen Coonts 1
Those kids next door! : Over the top Alan Stott 1
Typhoon Fury Clive Cussler 1
Two gallant sons of Devon Harry Collingwood 1
Trickster's girl Hilari Bell 1
Treasure hunters James Patterson 1
Trapped by shadows Bill Myers 1
To those who never knew : a Monksblood Bible novel Isabella Anton 1
Time tracers Annabeth Bondor-Stone 1
Tierra del Fuego Francisco Coloane 1
Thornlight Claire Legrand 1
The trap Michael Grant 1
Thisby Thestoop and the Wretched Scrattle Zac Gorman 1


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